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Hello everyone!!

I have been eating a whole lot of bananas for the past eight days. attempting to do a full out banana island. with all of the bloating (and I mean massive ugly bloating), I have decided to jump islands... banana island during the day and HCLFV island at night (cooked). since island jumping, I have noticed a lot less bloating. Don't know why that is? My dinners have been staying the same: rice noodles, 1/2 head of lettuce, mixed steamed veggies and occasionally beans. all mixed in one bowl. when I do this, I wake up less bloated than if I do banana island all day including dinner. funny. 

So I have to say that a full out banana island travel is not where I want to be... I'm thankful that I had the experience with it and know what to expect with it. 

My diet of choice is RT4. I feel my very best with this lifestyle. my energy levels have been through the roof which is not normal for me. I crave daily naps and have been diagnosed with hyper adrenals... I am curious to know if this amazing lifestyle has aided in correcting the hyper adrenals??? I wouldn't doubt it!! 

I started a new challenge ~ Bikram ~ :D It's been three years since I have been in the torture chamber and since starting on the HCLFV diet, I have had a pull to get the yoga mat back out! yesterday was my first day back and OMG let me tell you!! I felt at home the moment I inhaled that hot humid air!! Lol... no joke!! I loved it!! I will say that I had some uncomfortable belly time during the class... while doing the floor poses, my tummy was super sensitive and I think it was because of the bloating I carry with me and the waste that decided to stay in for the day and a half. all in all though, this is home to me and I'm happy to be back! 

Love and Light!!!

Cherish your body!!

She Fit Vegan

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Comment by LouLou Luvv on September 13, 2014 at 5:38am

I hear ya and totally agree!

I keep reading about how bloating is "normal" on banana island or on the RT4 plan for beginners... or that weight gain is normal.. but both don't make me feel comfortable at all. I've been having great success on the RT4 plan :) it's definitely the way to go for me. an easy lifestyle I can keep for sure!!


Comment by Meadow Flower on September 12, 2014 at 5:46pm

SFV.Yeah,I feel it is very imp to aim for as good digestion as possible and quieting problems in that area.I've read somewhere that the stomach is our 2nd brain.Thus bloating is a big no-no to happiness in my opinion.I aim to choose carefully what I eat and consider what feels right.

Glad that after the week or so of banana island I feel better to be able to discriminate between good (for me) and bad foods,having a kind of a 'clean slate' to work with.I was really bad at observations of that sort  earlier.So I'm glad I did go to banana island for a while.

Likewise cheers to healthy life!


Comment by LouLou Luvv on September 12, 2014 at 5:45am

Meadow Flower ~ Yeah I'm not 100% banana island right now... the bloating was no fun. once I added a cooked meal, the bloating lessened. So my plan is to stick to RT4. still enjoying the banana milks and the datorades but not limiting myself to just a banana island... my body didn't seem to want that :)

cheers to health and love!!


Comment by LouLou Luvv on September 12, 2014 at 5:43am

Hi Maggie ~ yes my bananas are deifinitely spotty :) I have been adding powdered coconut for additional electrolytes plus the coconut water in my banana milk. I LOVE bikram and just after two days this week back on my practice, I already feel at home and back into the swing of things!! 


Comment by Meadow Flower on September 11, 2014 at 4:24am

Ok.Monday I had a smoothie with celery.Yest a tangerine supper.Today watermelon breakfast.

After 8 days I'm off the island mainly because the last few days I was able to eat only ab 2000 cals/day.I'm not really crazy ab bananas and it's starting to get extremely hot here.I'm craving for juicy fruits of which we have watermelon or citrus avail at the moment.I also want cool salads.

Better luck next time.

Comment by Maggie on September 10, 2014 at 12:28pm

Are your bananas really ripe and spotty?  Your stomach may be adjusting to the fiber.  I love Bikram too, but found w all the sweating I crave salty foods.  It's hard for me to replenish all the electrolytes raw, so I only do it once a week.


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