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Is It Dangerous To Eat JUST Fruits and Vegetables?

Hello fruitbats,

today I welcome you to another exciting reading that will empower your knowledge and consciousness about this lifestyle. The more you know that it´s the right thing to do, the less you will be influenced by other people who will tell you that it´s dangerous.

And that´s why I am writing this blog.  

What Do People Think About It?

 Yes there is a  number of people that understand that eating meat is bad for your health, but will still tell you that you need to eat dairy and eggs.  This groups is known as vegetarians.                                                                                          Yes there is also a number of people that understand that eating meat, dairy and eggs is bad for your health, but will tell you to eat all the grains, tubers, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. This group is called vegans.

Mainstream Is Not Supporting You

However there is not yet a considerable number of people that understand that eating all cooked food is not optimal for your health. Also on the internet you can find lots fo information about raw food diet, in mainstream society if you tell anyone you eat just raw fruits and vegetables, they will think you are totally crazy.

That´s why I am here to empower you that it is perfectly safe, and not only that, it is the optimal diet that you should be following. However this diet as any other diet should be done correctly in order to be successful, otherwise you will fail epicly and go back to eating animal products.

What Would We Do In Nature

First of all you need to look what would you need if you were in nature. And not just any nature. In nature where you can be born and don´t need any additional clothing, no heating all year round. This area is called tropics and is around equator where we evolved as humans. This area is still optimal for us to live in as it provides steady temperature and steady supply of various tropical fruits and vegetables all year long.

Is Eating Animals Natural?

So let´s say you are walking around naked in tropical forest and you are hungry. What do you do? Spend your energy on creating weapons from wood and HOPING that you will catch something? If you don´t catch anything you will starve to death. There MIGHT be some sick animals that you could catch, but then you probably wouldn´t eat it raw cause that´s just disguising. For cooking you need fire and it´s not as easy to make fire without matches and lighter as you think.

What Would You Eat?

And then you would feel sick and without energy cause you didn´t get any carbohydrates in you, our primarily source of energy.  So what else would you eat, the leaves from the trees, the roots? No they taste pretty bad, have no calories to fill you up and roots you need to cook in order to eat.

Fruits And Veggies Are The Most Appealing

So what´s left is ripe fruits and vegetables that are easy to digest without cooking. When you go naked through the forest your eyes would be naturally attracted to various colorful fruits – yellow, orange, red, purple, brown, pink, blue, black and pretty much anything that is not green anymore. That´s how you tell when the most fruit is ripe.

One Fruit At A Time

You would climb the tree to get the fruit and eat that one kind of fruit from that tree until you are satisfied – let´s say a papaya tree. Than you would have fun with other humans such as running races, creating things, acrobatics, exploring and then when you hungry again you would find another tree – a mango tree for example and eat until you have enough.

Green Leafy Veggies

Together with fruits you would also crave something salty especially in the evening. Here comes the vegetables to place. And not all kind of vegetables, mainly young leafy green vegetables such as romaine lettuce, spinach, lambs lettuce, wild rocket, baby greens etc.

Nuts And Seeds

And nuts and seeds are only available once a year for few weeks and they don´t even taste that good if you are fully carbed up on fruit. There is nothing in nuts and seeds there is not in fruits and veggies.

Why All Raw Can Be Dangerous?

So eating all fruits and vegetables diet is the most natural as it can get. However many people today can´t eat this way and fail because they forget about some principles that we would naturally follow in nature.

Fruit Is Usually Low Quality

First of all the fruit these days is very bad quality and often unripe even if it looks ripe (pesticides) Therefore it´s not sweet, juicy and very tasty as it would be in nature. 99% of the fruits in supermarkets are not very eatable in the quantities we would eat in nature.

Calories DO Matter

That´s why I recommend eating lots of bananas and dates because you can get your calories from them easier than from other fruits. CALORIES is the number one reason why people fail on eating fruits and vegetables. You can undereat for few weeks but eventually it will catch up and you would go back to eating animal products after.

Bananas And Dates

That´s why you need to do the best you can to get your bananas and dates and add some sugar to them if they are not tasty and sweet. Got to cronometer.com and track down everything you eat and make sure you hit your calorie intake goal. If you don´t manage to eat enough calories from fruit don´t just undereat, but eat some cooked starches for dinner such as potatoes and rice with some steam veggies, with no salt or spices of course. 

Don´t Forget About Other Health Aspects

The second reason people fail in this lifestyle is that they neglect the other 4 commitments of this lifestyle. They don´t go to bed before 9 p.m., they don´t always drink enough to pee clear, they don´t go outside on the sun and they don´t move in activity that they would enjoy. And then they blame it all on fruit and starches.

Social Disapproval

And finally, even though they feel amazing, even though they know inside it´s the right thing to do, they fall under the status quo opinion and listen to their friends and family about the protein intake and how crazy and dangerous eating only fruits and vegetables is. EVERYONE becomes an expert when it comes to nutrition. 

The Perfect Solutions

The perfect solution to this is to always educate yourself more on this lifestyle by reading articles like this, watching videos etc. to build up your conviction so nobody can influence you even if they are genuine and friendly with wrong advice. The more knowledge you have the more empowered you will become.

Another solution to live this lifestyle 100% without any compromise is move to tropics such as Thailand, Costa Rica or Hawaii and find a group of fruitarians and live with them. If money is an issue and you wanna create passive income, take a look at this video and start building up your online business TODAY.

I hoped this info helped, don´t get discouraged by people who are not achieving the resuts you want and only listen to those who are living the lifestyle you wanna live.

Have a nice day,

Raw Vegan Adventurer.

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