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Is It Better To Do More Or Less Exercise?

Hello fruitarians, 

today I would like to explore the topic of exercise even more by suggesting whether is better to do more or less exercise.

The More The Better?

In my experience the more carbohydrates you eat the better, the more sleep you get the better, the more water you drink the better, the more time spent outside in nature the better, but...

But the more exercise is not necessarily better. As you know I always like to follow nature and what would happen if we were naturally living in the tropical environmen wih plenty of fruit trees around. 

What Would We Do In Natural Environment?

Well we pretty much wouldn´t do anything we wouldn´t have to. We wouldn´t know the term exercise because there would be no reason to exercise. Everyone would be naturally slim eating all the fruit they want. Nobody would be exercising every morning just to get slimmer even if they don´t like the activity itself. 

Play And Fun Is Natural

However the PLAY would be much more popular. We would probably play games simillar to today´s kids games such as hide and seek or just simple chasing, climbing trees and doing running races.

Society Got It Wrong

But we wouldn´t do any unnecessary activity like today hard jobs on the field or on the construction work, or the opposite sitting on one chair pretty much all day. It would be something in the middle. We would climb the trees to get the fruit, walk to find new fruit trees and maybe sometimes sprint quickly or climb quickly the tree to escape the predator.

What Are Other Animals Doing?

Same with all the other herbivores. All they do all they is eating or looking for food, sleeping and having sex. They would also play and occasionally run for their life to escape predator. You never see an animal in nature just running for no reason. They are ALWAYS saving the energy for when they need it.

Rest Is Less Important Than Exercise?

However in todays society everyone is so sick and overweight that exercising got very popular when it comes to getting leaner. But is it really the best way how to get lean. Nobody talks about rest and sleep everyone just talks about exercising more and eating less to loose weight.

Easy To Overtrain On This Lifestyle?

When you are new to sport it´s very easy to overtrain yourself, especially on this lifestyle. But why is it so easy to overtrain if thi lifstyle is so perfect? Well it´s because your energy will be naturally so high that it would be hard to tell when you have enough exercise and activity for the day.

Basic Exercise Recommendations

In my previous blog posts I mentioned that some endurance activity is essential for healthy lifestyle, specifically at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes of continous endurance activity. Your heart rate should be around 50-60 % of your maximum heart rate or in other words the pace where you are able to talk normally.

If You Can´t Talk You Are Going Too Fast

As soon as you can´t talk normally and you can´t catch your breath you should slow down. The above recommended amount is I believe a minimum amount of activity we would do every day in nature. Some naural strength training like climbing trees, picking up heavy objects like rocks and wood, other exercises like plank, squats, jump squats, ab exercises, some acrobatics like hand stands are also benefitial, however they should be also done only for short time few times a week. 

These are basic recommendations anyone can follow regardless of fitness level. If you are beginner or elite these recommendations are gonna be benefitial for you without putting you in overtrained state. I talked about overtraining before too. You wanna avoid it at all costs because it can simply ruin your healthy routine with an blink of an eye.

What About High Intensity Training Then?

What about high intensity interval training to get fitter to the next level. Well high intensity training means that you heart rate is higher than 60% and you are pretty much unable to talk normally. These exercises are indeed benefitial, but only when you built 2-3 years of consistently doing the chosen activity. Otherwise your body won´t be able to recover and you won´t be motivated to do the activity every again - trust me I am an expert of overtraining and high intensity exercise because I failed so many times.

Don´t Risk The Injury

You also risk the injury. I had back problems and lowered immunity when I was overtraining consistently. And it sucks. You know you like the activity and you wanna be faster, fitter, better, but you just can´t get it. It´s the same like with healing your body from diseases. It will take years and years until your body adapts to lifestyle and start improving your fitness level.

Increase Only 10% Each Week To Get Better

So if you are new to fitness follow the basic recommendation of 3 times a week for 30 minutes of continous talkative pace. Increase this for no more than 10% each week. Include high intensity exercise only after 2-3 of solid base and even then keep it only at about 10 % of your total training. And remember always do something that you really enjoy.

Are You Gonna Loose Your Fitness If You Do Less?

So there you go. And are you gonna loose your fitness if you don´t do as much as last week? No, I tested this, I was doing pretty much only basic recommendation for about 2 weeks and my fitness level was almost the same. I am also fairly experienced in fitness (18 min. for 5k PB) However 2 weeks at base level will not change my fitness level. Fitness level also fluctuates in a year little bit as weight does.

So follow this recommendation and only do some activity if you really feel like it and you have the motivation which you will have 100% if you follow this lifestyle. I hoped this helped, carb up, sleep up, hydrate up, go vegan and I will catch up with you soon.

Vegan Adventurer.

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Comment by Jani M on November 6, 2013 at 2:05pm

Lots of good information here, thank you. I'm going to use these tips --  I thought high intensity was good for me, so I was doing more of it. 

I have so much energy & am craving activity -- spending entire weekends hiking. Hiking faster and farther than ever, and at home I run on the treadmill, and other things & at some point I am realizing I needed to relax a bit.  Now I'm going to add gentle exercises & maybe a slower more meditative walk. It's hard to slow down when you feel so energetic. Plus it's getting cold here, and that makes me want to run a little to stay warm outside. It's something I will have to work on. 


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