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Is It Better To Do Everything At Once Or Progress Slowly?

Hello inspiring people,

so those of you who are reading this blog are probably very motivated people and you want to achieve your goals. And you know you can achieve it because you achieved something before. And other people did it too as a proof.

What´s The Best Way To Achieve Your Goals

But what´s better way to achieve your goal - to do everything at once in the short period of time or to progress slowly. I have experience with both and I can guarantee you that to do everything at once you will fail 80% of the time.

Health And Fitness

Especailly in relation to health and fitness. There is no fast way to health. Imagine how many years you have been eating unhealthy. And now people expect to achieve results in a month if they are strict enough. It is gonna take years and years of consisteny to achieve the results.

Too Much At Once?

Other things too. If you have something that you know you should do to achieve something it rarely works if you do it too much at once. Because then you will only do it good for that one time. And after your energy and motivation will drop because you will just have enough of it for few days if not more. You won´t go back to it because you will think that you have done enough.

Efficiency vs Burn Out

However this strategy is a path to fail, because even if you get to it again it will feel like starting something new again and you won´t be as efficient. Therefore I recommend to do something every single day, but not too much. Just enough so you don´t feel overwhelmed by it and you will still be motivated to do more tomorrow. Maybe 1 hour per day is recommended amount.

You might be asking now, but if something is good for and you are enjoying it, you can do as much of it as you want. Well it´s kind of like with exercise, it´s good for you, but not in excess because you will burn out. You can also burn out on things like writing e-book, doing online business etc. For more information about succesful online business and how to earn lots of money click here.

So take home message is, you will get farther slower, meaning doing little bit every day consistently is better than doing too much and nothing after.

Thanks for reading, 

Health Adventurer.

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