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Is Eating Less Calories Better For Weight Loss, Aging and Energy?

Hello raw food enthusiasts, 

today´s topic is again about calorie as I believe calories are one of the key aspects of this lifestyle together with sleep, water, sun and sport.

Believes In Society

First of all in society there is a belief that with eating less calories you will loose weight. Many health experts and nutritionist believe in this process. There are only few  people on the planet that promote eating more calories for weight loss. And they are largly following this lifestyle.

Nobody will tell you to eat as much meat as you want. All thoe fad diets have one thing in common. To restrict your calories. And this indeed does work, but only temporarily.

Eating Wrong Calories

Of course eating wrong type of foods such as fatty animal products will make you fat UNLESS you restrict your calories. However what´s gonna happen after some time of calorie retriction is that your body will eventually crave those calories you didn´t provide it.

Calorie Debt

And then of course you will naturally go to the most calorie dense food like animal products and oily greasy stuff. Then your body will store everything as fat because it knows from past that it´s not gonna get more food for some time. That´s why people who fast put on some weight after fast.

Eating Sufficient Good Calories

And on the other hand if you provide your body with ENOUGH calories each day for YEARS from sugary fruits, sugary juices and starches it will know that there is no need to store additional fat to provide calorie in case of starvation and will burn down everything by dietary thermogeneis.

Different Backgrounds Experiences On Calories

Those people who were calorie restricting before are gonna put on some weight when starting this lifestyle however after few years their methabolism will be more efficients and burn down all the excess calories. And if somebody was eating enough calories each day, but from wrong sources such as animal products and oils it will start burning down the exces fat from the day one on this lifestyle. 

Eat More To Be More Efficient Burner

Therefore I don´t ever recommend eating les calories but rather more because then your bdy won´t crave the fatty fods that make you fat. All the excess calories will be burned down and wasted out of your body. What O noticed myself is when I eat more than enough my methabolism is even more efficient and I always wake up with flat stomach.


Eat Less To Live Longer?

Aging is another interesting aspect linked with calories. It´s popular in society to eat less to live longer. And that´s again true ONLY if you are eating fatty animal products and oily foods. It puts some much pressure on your body organs that they are exhausted and have no time to recover. 

Less Pressure More Healing

However if you are eating sweet fruits they take minimum presure upon your digestion and are actually good for your digestive track unlike fatty foods that are overworking digestive system. And fruit is usually out of your body in about 2-3 hours unless there is some other food blocking its way. 

Digestion Is The Key To Young Body

So digestion is the main reason why your body has no time to heal and recover and therefore age faster if you eat fatty foods. However if you eat clean foods like fruit and carbs you need to again eat enough so you can actually sleep at night and recover properly. Eating less calories doesn´t produce enough serotonin hormone that helps you to fall asleep.

Sleep Connection

And when you sleep you produce human growth hormone that makes you age slower and look younger. Without sufficient calories you are up late at night and can´t sleep properly.

Eat Less To Have More Energy?

Energy is probably the most obvious one, but people still tell you : I eat less recently and I feel so light and energetic. Again this is only because they are not putting insane amount of energy into digestings bricks of animal products and fatty oily greasy things. 

No Carbs  = No Energy

That way they feel lighter because they can spend that energy they have into other things. However this is again a recipe for disaster because if you don´t get enough calories EACH day from hiogh carb sources there won´t be enough glycogen in your muscles to provide quick energy. 

Fat Will Slow You Down

If you load up on fat, your body is very ineffcient in turning fat into energy. You will feel slugish and without energy all day. And if you get restricted amounts of carbs you will also eat restricted life in doing only so much as you gave your body calories.

Slim And Eating Less?

And again long-term restriction leads to calories debt which your body will deal with by craving fatty foods later on. All those slim teenage girls who are restricting their calories are able to do it now because of stimulants like cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, drugs, but eventually it will catch up and they will get berweight later on in their lifwe together with other health problems associated with calorie restriction. 

Eat More To Live More

Therefore the bottom line is eat as much carbohydrate calories from sugary fruits, sugary juices and starches for dinner as you want to live the high energy, passionate, healthy and vibrat lifestyle. Always make sure you eat ENOUGH by tracking down your food in Cronometer.com. Excess will be always burned down and excreeded by the body. Period. 

Always follow the results of people you desire WITHOUT any stimulants and drugs. For information about making money by blogging, you can visit this link and start making your online passive income while laying on the beach and enjoying your favourite fruit. 

Thanks for reading, 

Healthy Adventurer.

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