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Is 80/10/10 Fruitarian Raw Vegan Diet Gonna Solve All Your Problems?

Hello bananiacs,

today I will talk about what kind of issues and problems you can expect to reverse on this diet and what kind of problems and issues are not reversable or not related to this lifestyle.

Health Is Number One Priority

First of all people come to this lifestyle with intensions to reverse their health issues. That' s the number one reason. People feel generally bad eating what society tells them to eat and that' s why they are experimenting with all kinds of diets.

My Accomplishments

I have been on high fruit low fat vegan diet for 3 years now and I have succesfully reversed my acne conditions to the point where I have only very few almost non-visible pimples maybe once per month. I also feel much more energized and motivated to do more activities throughout the day, more motivated to get outside, my depression is gone, it is much easier to deal with upcoming issues you need to deal with, easier to know exactly what you wanna do in your life as your life purpose.

I am more motivated to improve myself in various areas, my mental clarity is excellent and I can see things exactly how they are, I am emotionally stable, it' s very hard to distract myself with meannignless BS, I am always motivated to stay more on this lifestyle because anytime I slip up even slightly I feel a much negative effect ...

Other People´s Accomplishments

I have heard about people reversing very serious health issues such as heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, brain tumor, artherosclerosis, obesity, anorexia, smaller health problems like acne, indigestation, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, low blood pressure and pretty much anything you can thing off except off ...

teeth issues, type 1 diabetes and other diseases that are very developed in the later stages and person has only few weeks or months to live.

Teeth Issues

Teeth issues are not very documentated to be reversed as it takes decades to remineralize your teeth. Again this could be done if you have minor cavities, but if you already have a big cavity forming, it' s very inlikely you will reverse it even if you are folowing this lifestyle 100%. Teeth is complicated issue because you can' t really see the issue unless you do an X-Ray. That' s when you objectively know whether you had an issue before starting this lifestyle or not.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is also reported to not be reversable because it' s a genetic issue. I don' t have farther information and expertise about this, but if you like to know I can provide some references.

Later Stages Diseases

Also diseases that are already in their later stages are very hard to reverse because there has been too much damage done and body cannot heal itself properly.

Food Is Not Healing

All you have to remember is that it is not the FOOD or the lifestyle itself that it' s healing, but the ability of your body. You are just creating the optimal conditions and not slowering the healing process by eating unhealthy food, not sleeping drinking enough, not getting the sunlight and moving your body.

It Is What You Don´t Eat

Many people have misconception that when they eat specific food they would heal all their health issue. Of course you need to get all your vitamins and minerals from the food for proper functioning, however it' s your body that is dealing with the issues not the food. So it' s more what you are NOT putting in your body that' s helping the process.

Eat Enough Cals First

And if you don' t wanna be putting garbage in your body you gotta first eat ENOUGH calories from ripe fruits like bananas and dates, juices with sugar and some starches for dinner if you can' t access the fruit.

Psychological Issues

And what about the psychological issue. Well depression is 100% curable, even if it seems unlikely for many people, getting your body what it needs will pretty much resurect your mental state. Your view upon the world will be much different, you will see the flows, the reality exactly how it is without being influenced by people who just have no clue.

World Around Will Stay The Same

However important thing to point out is that by you switching your lifestyle doesn' t necessarily means that everything around you will change. The world will stay in the same crab as it is now only your perception on it will change. People will pretty much have the same attitude towards you as before.

You Can´t Change Anybody

You can' t change anybody, but what you can change is yourself. Some people say that switching lifestyle to this one actually opened their eyes and it was not a pleasant sight because they saw all the mistakes and unjustements in the world.

You Will See Things How They Are

When you are not distracting yourself anymore with various things, you will see reality exactly how it is. And the only thing you can do about it is to be an example, make youtube videos and spread this message in any way possible you can.

What To Do About Making Money?

Many people also upon starting this diet don' t know how to earn their living, because they simply don' t see a point in working a job that don' t support their life purspose which is spreading the vegan message. When you don' t live your life purpose your motivation to do anythings dropps down dramatically and soon you will be fired or just quit a job.

Developing Online Business

Many fruitarains end up therefore developing their own online business, with their webisite, videos and selling e-books, retreats and vitamixes blenders. However they also have years of online experience, or have somebody to do this stuff for them. To succeed on youtube and make some serious money takes years of consistency and creativeness to bring something new and exciting to watch.

So what can YOU do with no real online experience. I have a suggestion here, where you can blog for 25$ per month and promote the same link in your blog or videos as I am doin right now. It is very smart and you can promote veganism and healthy living at the same time.

Other Jobs Options

If you are not into typying or making videos, but would rather do something more practical hands-on approach you can apply for some job that supports your interests. Usually fruitarians are pretty outdoorsy so working as outdoor activity instructor is a good start, or maybe working in a health food, sport or fitness store.

My Opinion On College or University

Studying in my opinion is a bad idea as experience is more valued by employers than education. If you wanna invest in education do some outdoor activity course. Fitness, windsurfing, climbing instructor are just few examples. And even if you finish some university most of the time you don' t have a placement secured and are left alone to look again for a job.

Start sending at least 2 applications per day and so far live on social support. And at the same time you can give a try to the online business I proposed earlier.

I hope this helped you, if you need more help contact me on stepita.m@gmail.com and I look forward hearing from you,

thanks for reading

Fruity Vegan Adventurer.

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