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So a few days ago I found out that one of my friends has cancer: Hodgkin's lymphoma.

I felt the need to tell her to increase her intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, and she replied that she has done this and has a new outlook on food all together.

I also just finished watching Healing Cancer from Inside Out, and thought it was a great documentary.

I relayed this video to her, and told her if she was interested she could borrow it from me.

She has not responded yet, but I am hopeful that she watches it!

I also know of another young girl, a friend of a friend, who is struggling with breast cancer.
I do not know her well at all, but I feel the urge to relay this documentary to her, as well as to another young girl I know who had Hodgkin's lymphoma 2 years ago, and went through chemotherapy and survived, just incase the cancer comes back, and for prevention.

The only reason I am struggling with giving them this information is that I do not want them to feel as if I am being rude or I am getting to involved into their lives. I also do not want to scare them, as they are both meat and dairy consumers.

Just wondering if you guys have any ideas on how to give them this information in an approachable way?

I don't ever see these girls, but I am friends with them on facebook, so I was thinking I could send them a message or something about the documentary?

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Comment by juicyfruity on May 28, 2010 at 1:20pm
Thats a very good way to look at it, and that is what I did.
I sent her an email with a few links, and some information.
It makes me feel better that I sent her that, because if I didn't I feel like I knew all this wonderful information, but I kept it to myself.

Its not about what you have learned, but what you have taught!
Comment by Sarah on May 28, 2010 at 11:38am
I know how you feel, you want to help and get the word out!
Any time I hear of someone I know going through health problems all I do is send them an email with links, info, videos etc. I feel like this is all I can do, like Lei said after that its up to them. We have no control over what other people do.
I always ask myself, what if they would have read the email.. would it make a difference.. ?
It could!


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