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I feel terrible today- yesterday I messed up and ate cooked foods. It all started when I was doing some research about my hormone imbalance issues on the internet- I must have read information for ab…

I feel terrible today- yesterday I messed up and ate cooked foods. It all started when I was doing some research about my hormone imbalance issues on the internet- I must have read information for about 3 hours and was so sick of reading. Everything they said was different, your body needs dairy, your body needs organic meats, I even read that the raw diet causes the hormones to be more out of whack, which I do not believe to be true at all. Anyway, my health this year has really been going downhill, I have alot of stress on me with the house remodel and family issues/drama- something has got to change- sometimes I just want to leave everyone and everything behind, but I know that is not the right thing to do. I feel terrible and I'm pretty sure I have estrogen dominance and my skin looks bad- I feel like I'm aging fast, I feel so ugly- I used to be such a beautiful girl, I am still bloated, heavy, I am irritable and moody, depressed most of the time- it's like I'm a totally different person from last year- this morning I didn't even see a point to waking up-it's like what's the use? I am also stressed because I have no job, no money, no friends close-by, family doesn't call me- no one does, everything that I am going through and I feel so alone- I haven't shared with anyone the things I am going through because to me it's embarassing- why am I going through these hormone issues when I am so young? I am going to have to take very drastic measures to get myself better- the first thing I am going to do is pray today- I have been out of touch with God for a while now and that has really hurt me alot as well. I don't have enough fruits today to eat lots of fruits, but I am going to work with what I have. I just want to be MYSELF Again!!! Which is a happy, upbeat, outgoing, slim girl who loves being around people- right now I am turning into a recluse...I realize too that I need to quit talking about how I don't have any friends, a job, etc. because it just brings me down- I need to focus on the positive!

Here is my new plan of action:

Mono-meals of Fruit, Greens
Sauna/dry skin brushing
Think Positive- push out all negative
No salt
No sugar- use Stevia packets instead
Deep Breathing
Start calling people-talk to my family about what i am going through so I won't feel so alone..

And to focus on the Positive...

I have an awesome husband who has stuck by me through all of this craziness!! He's def. a keeper!
My husband is starting to look at our future house plans- getting ready to start designing our house!
The electricity part is finished in the bath remodel
The sunshine is peeking out today- I am going to go outside and do some deep breathing and soak up the sunshine!

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Comment by TamaraBanana on February 20, 2014 at 4:27pm
I guess ishould rather write a personal message to ask how she isdoing now. But i m on the phone and even this is a mission. Just wanted to bring this topic up again and see if she s still around
Comment by christopoher on March 13, 2010 at 10:57am
Dont you think LFRV would help with some of your physical problems? Or do you think it caused some of them? Most LFRV are not estrogen dominant or have PCOS, in fact just the opposite I would believe.
Comment by Joy on December 31, 2009 at 7:28pm
Comment by Melinda on December 31, 2009 at 4:33am
Hi Janet, I might try that, I would much rather take an herb than a medicine to help with my imbalances. But like you said, mostly, I want to see if 811 will help. I have added ginseng and saw palmetto back in and for some reason it has seemed to help me not be depressed, I also drink St. John's wort tea to help. Thanks Janet, I am already feeling a little better and all of the advice and support has truly made a huge difference in my mood- I definitely have more hope now! :)
Comment by Melinda on December 31, 2009 at 4:26am
Hi Diane, I really am hoping 811 will help me- I just got the book for Christmas and I am going to try to finish reading it today! I just sat outside and got some fresh air and hopefully I can take a nice walk later, I do need to work on thinking more positively-trying not to let things overwhelm me as well. Thanks :)
Comment by Janet on December 31, 2009 at 4:10am
Hi Melinda,

I have also had hormone issues for a while - very bad pre-menstrual symptoms, etc. Truly horrible bad moods. I started taking a herb called Agnus Castus in capsule form and I really believe it helped me. You could give it a go. However I did find that my moods got a lot better after I started 80/10/10. I too fall off the wagon, especially at Christmas, but I'm back on track now and I know I feel so much better when I stick to 811. I hope you feel better and more positive soon.
Comment by diane west on December 31, 2009 at 3:38am
I use to have all sorts of hormone issues over the years, but nothing ever helped me as much as 811, I noticed that the less ovrts I had the better my moods were, the more exercise i could do, the more fresh air i had the better i felt, the more grateful i was to have what I did, the easiler everything got for me, i started to focus on other peoples problems instead of how lonely I might have felt or how ridiculouly I picked on my looks,i instead told myself how young and healthy I was , Thoughts are definetly things and Gods foods(fruit& herbs) feed the cells, so you can think happy thoughts, Its all good, and tommorrows a new day,just reprogram the old picture. love and peace
Comment by Melinda on December 31, 2009 at 3:28am
Okay, I will have to see about getting another laundry detergent, I may buy some baking soda in the meantime. I will check my beauty stash as well. I had tried the maca for like a week but really didn't stick with it to really notice any difference. Thanks for all of your advice- I am definitely going to put it to use! :)
Comment by fruit loves me on December 31, 2009 at 3:13am
Yeah, I would worry about the soy-based fabric softener. I also think I heard rosemary might be problematic. I would check anything you put on your skin for parabens. Even mainstream thinks they are bad... you see 'paraben-free' lots of places now. Definitely diet and exercise helped me lose weight. I never tried maca. Some hormone balancers might make things worse. I was offered raspberry leaf, cramp bark, etc. to help with cramps, but they never helped. Later I learned that while they can help with some women's cramps, if you have cramps due to estrogen dominance they can make them worse!
Comment by Melinda on December 31, 2009 at 2:59am
Okay, I checked the ECOS ingredients-Plant (coconut) based surfactant, soap bark, chamomile, horsetail (plant), lavender, rosemary, soy based fabric softener, essential oils of magnolias and lilies, water. I do use cosmetics and skin creams- all organic, I do use skin creams on a daily basis, but cosmetics I only use for when I go out and I'm usually home all week.

I also have developed the pear shaped body this year- where I gained weight in my hips and thighs and even my stomach some. What helped you lose the weight finally? I'm hoping 811 will help me with losing weight and getting my hormones balanced. Also, have you ever used Maca to help with your hormones- I've heard that it helps, but I haven't tried it on a very long basis to know or not.


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