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How To Stay Positive If You Don´t See The Results?

Hello vegan friends, 

today I would like to talk about what to do in the case of keeping doing some routine for some preiod of time and not seeing the results you desired.

Health Is Guaranteed

I am not talking about achieving clear skin or reversing other health problems and gaining superior health and vitality. That has been proven so many times on this lifestyle that there is no point convincing you about it. I am the living proof and you can either believe me or not. (Being 3 years on this)

Finances And Relationships

So I want to talk about the other things that you are doing and not seeing the results. Specifically relationship and finances. These 2 I find to be 2nd and 3rd most important after health. Before I talked about how you can´t be really 100% healthy if you don´t have the money to afford all the high quality fruits and vegeatables and live in an area that supports this lifestyle.

Also you want to have a partner that is living the same or very simillar lifestyle, or have at least friends around you that share the same values and lifestyle habits. So how to achieve all these and how much time is it gonna take?

It´s Different Than Achieving Health

Well finances and relationships are different in time than health. Health you have to build up every day and be consistent and you know 100% that you will achieve the results if you are doing it right in the curse of 1 to 3 years. Depending on how bad your previous health habits were.

I Don´t Know How Long It Will Take You

But with finances and relationships I don´t have specific answers to tell you how long exactly is it gonna take . If you are consistent in putting yourself out there on the internet in the form of videos, blogs, facebook posts you are increasing the chances that somebody will see your work and your personality.

The More Effort The More Chance Of Success

But even then it could happen or not. But of course the more popular you are the more chance you will find somebody. So kind of you can compare it to building up your health. Because eventually somebody will find you and you will be interesting enough for him or her. Or you will convince somebody that your business and what you do is benefittial enough for that person and you will make more money.

My Experience With Relationships

However I can´t tell you exactly when it´s gonna happen. I was looking for vegan girlfriend long time without success. It took me 2 and a half years to find one. I was consistent in looking, but at the end I was loosing hope. Because I just didn´t know when it´s gonna happen.

My Experience With Money

The same with money and it still is. I don´t know when I will make lots of money online or find a job that I would like and make good money at the same time. Sure it will happen sometimes and I would have more chance of succeeding if I put myself more online CONSISTENTLY or just look CONSISTENTLY for the jobs I would like to do.

It´s More About Luck

But even then it´s more about luck, whether right people are gonna visit your website or blog, whether the employers are interested enough in your CV etc. Of course there are some tips to make yourself more famous  quicker by paying google or youtube to put your content upfront.

But at the end of the day you never know. It can happen or not . It´s like a lottery in my opinion. However the more times you try the more chance there will be that you gonna win. But again it doesn´t mean that it is gonna happen anytime soon, but it also can happen.

Stay Positive

So my advise is to STAY positive and just roll with your healthy lifestyle and also put consistent effort into things that you wanna accomplish like finances and relationships that I found to be the most important. Good tip is to remind yourself how far you have gone in the past year or two.

If You Are Not Succeeding Long Term Change The Strategy

If you haven´t accomplished what you wanted or are not close to it at all, and you have been consistent, it is probably better to change the strategy. If you haven´t found your match in 2 years and you have been really looking you probably need to change the strategy you are contacting the persons. Maybe you should start making youtube videos if you are not making already or write blogs daily.

Same applies to making money. If you haven´t made enough money doing what you are doing right now in 1 year or if you don´t see any results AT ALL after 3 months it is probably better to change the strategy and do different business. If you are looking for jobs and you haven´t found anything after 3 months of consitent application, maybe you should try to lower you standards and try to apply for different jobs or do more courses to increase your chance.

Potential In Empower Network

I am still trying to make money online here on empower network. I see the potential in it in making consistent passive income vs selling some things that you may or may not sell and it gives you money only once. With empower network you can make consistent income each month by people subscribing to you. It is very big opportunity, however it´s up to you if you will make it work and put effort into it. But again I am probably the only one who will tell you this - you may make some money or not, nothing is 100% guaranteed.

So I hope this helped you and let me know your feedback with what particular subject are you struggling with and we can contact and maybe help each other out.

Thanks for reading and I will see you next time.

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