30 Bananas a Day!

How good can you feel on a low fat raw vegan diet?

I can't get over how good I've been feeling recently. Much more so and for a much longer period without any downers at all! This evening I had a 2.5 hour workout (a 70 minute hard cardio run, and did weights, a core workout and a swim, plus a jacuzzi and steam room sweat out). I was well chilled out afterwards! I finished off with a bunch of celery and 9 giant bananas. I feel totally amazing, as though I'm in heaven! The joy is incredible. I've been getting like this pretty much every day for several weeks now!

What am I doing differently?

I'm being very strict and avoiding cheating. ie eating loads of fruit and greens and that's it!
I've cut out all overt fats.
I've joined the gym and doing intense exercise for at least 10 hours a week.
I had several sessions in the sauna or steam room each week.
I've been much stricter with the amount of greens I eat, at least 2 pounds a day in giant salads.
I've taken supplements to address other issues, in particular B12 and D3(5000iu) have helped.

I just love the exercising so much, I wish I could do it more! I'm recovering almost immediately. After eating, I feel I want to go back to the gym, and do the whole lot all over again! Wow how good can this get?!!!!

Kind regards, Stuart

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Comment by Stuart Porter on December 2, 2010 at 7:13pm
Hi iLuvGR33N !
Sorry about deleting your pretty picture. I thought it was one of those robot virus spam message things that when you click on it, it sends to others on your contacts or infects your PC.

I once had something like that on one of my websites after it was hacked. Anyone who clicked on it got a virus. I had to keep deleting it to stop others being infected. I then reloaded my whole website, changed my passwords, then it stopped.

I never click on links when there is no message to indicate that it originated from a human being, even then I'm always cautious of links. In emails for example, I'll always cut and paste a link to visit a website.

Some of my closest friends send me stuff that I never look at because me being super cautious! If someone sends me a link without adding a message so that it obviuosly came from them (eg, "hi stuart.....rdgs, fred", or it's obviuosly from them), then I'm so cautious of any potential viruses and spamming robots.

Even on my own website blog I made it so that you need to register in order to leave comments. I love receiving comments, and receive about a quarter of what I used to because of this. However prior to this, some spamming robot found out about my site and I was receiving about 100 spam messages for every genuine message.

From two comments and your lack of a smiley face symbol :( !!!
I can see that you are a human after all and that you posted the message!!!

What does your very pretty eye catching picture do when you click on it? I like everyone to be happy :-) ! and I like smiley face symbols :) ;-) :-) :o) !!!! So feel free to post it again!

Take care,
Stuart :-)
Comment by Stuart Porter on December 2, 2010 at 10:59am
Hi katrina,
I was born in 1965 and I've stopped counting! My profile picture is 18 months out of date. I've become a lot leaner and fitter since then. My hairs gone a bit wild though, as I'm trying to grow it for a bit of a hippy look! Check my videos to see me recently. :-)
Comment by Hannah Day on December 2, 2010 at 5:12am
i got my blood levels done after being on 811rv for a couple months and my D and B12 levels were through the roof (along with calcium, and iron--eliminating my anemia!)
Comment by Mango-Man on December 2, 2010 at 4:59am
How good can you feel?

As good as your weakest link the health chain :-) So, for example you mentioned addressing the issues of b12 and vitamin D - virtually everyone living a modern life is deficient in vitamin, I'd bet money on that anyday. We require hours of daily tropical sunshine to ensure sufficient levels of Vitamin D. I'm in the U.K so I do good to get 1-2 hours or even more when It's warm enough (roughly 4 months of the year). Any other time its warm enough to get some I'll get some. But from Nov-Mid March, it's just far too cold so my overall health shows a noticable decline.

Hopefully in the not too distant future I'll be sitting in the tropics, topless for 12 months of the year :-)

If I train strength and have fruit within 30-40 minutes after, as I did this morning, the muscles are more or less 90% recovered within an hour. By tomorrow morning they have fully recovered, despite me training very heavy, 3-5 reps until failure.

Almost everyone I know also undersleeps, even the 811ers. It appears that with your energy and levels of motivation to train, you are getting the balance just right.

Greens are also a key factor if you are training heavily. I consume around 500-600g of greens on average per day. Yesterday I had 1KG of lettuce. I love every bite!

This is inspirational to see. Thank you for reminding me the importance of health!

Show the world what can be achieved when we take care of ourselves - All the best my friend

Comment by Jamil on December 2, 2010 at 4:11am
I love the enthusiasm on your blog and in your videos. Keep up the great work! It's truly inspiring.
Comment by Stuart Porter on December 2, 2010 at 3:47am
Hi Michelle,
I'd love to take you up on your kind proposal, however I think it might upset my wife and children :-) !
Comment by Stuart Porter on December 2, 2010 at 3:33am
Hi JP,
I had 7 or 8 months of improving my diet (eg cutting our dairy, eating more veg, no tea/coffee. etc), then,

15 months on the 'anything goes' raw diet (that sucks!), then

I saw a video of Doug Graham explain about the problems with consuming fats. I was rather ill with stomach issues at the time (caused by consuming too much fat). I did a fast, a couple of enemas and went straight onto consuming loads of fruit.

Depression vanished, chronic fatigue stopped, IBS cleared up (For a whole month, I rejoiced every time on exiting the bathroom!). Three weeks later I had incredible energy. Many other issues cleared up too, or massively reduced. A long time ago I was diagnosed with spondylitis, for years every day I had chronic back ache and could not sit in a couch or on the floor, this has totally gone with low fat raw food. There is nothing I can't do that any other average person can do. I would challenge an average person to do what I can do now!

I've never been strictly raw, or vegan, but I have always held that ratio of fat, protein and carb's dear to my heart. In actual fact I find the 10% fat calories too much, I aim for less. I've been doing that since October 2008.

I do have occasional cheat meals, and I also experiment to see the effect of different food on me. I actually find this beneficial, it gives me to knowledge and incentive to keep going. I've also found it really helpful for helping others. There is only a very small minority of people who can come even close to what you or I do. I occasionally write blog posts about things like healthier cooked food options, ways to transition etc. If I can get the masses to come half way, then I'll be a happy man. It breaks my heart to see people suffering needlessly.

My skin was improving all the time even on high fat raw. But the major improvements came on low fat raw, plus I supplemented with zinc. About a year into low fat raw I started getting compliments about my skin. About 18 months into it, the last skin issues cleared up. One issue was badly chapped hands, up until then I used coconut oil with great success to calm it down. Acne scarring has also reduced, although it's still very noticeable on my back. About the time my chapped hands cleared up, really bad dandruff disappeared too. My psoriasis cleared up a couple of years previously on high fat raw. The very last thing to improve was my hair (shortly after the other things). Although it's still grey, it feels soft and smooth, neither greasy or dry.
Comment by Dezi on December 2, 2010 at 3:25am
listening to people do well and feel great on here is a real inspiration to me!
Comment by michelle on December 2, 2010 at 3:09am
I love your energy. So inspiring.

Marry me.
Comment by JP on December 2, 2010 at 2:30am
Hi Stuart,
Thanks for the personal story - I love hearing about the possibility of such happiness.

How long have you been strictly 80/10/10? How long did it take for your skin to clear?



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