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How Can Distractions Make You Depressed And Put You Further From Your Goal?

Hello everyone,

today I will talk about distractions and how they can make your life much harder.

The purpose of distractions is temporarily relief from real issues in your life and they can perfectly mask them and make you forgot about them for short period of time.

However once you get back into reality it will hit you harder than ever if you put your problems away and just distract yourself with meaningless BS.

Most Common Distractions

The most common distractions these days are food, tv, movies, shows, porn, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, shopping, parties, sex, video and computer games, gambling and pretty much anything that´s addictive and can distract you from real issues in life.


Each one of this can be very good escape from reality and different people prefer different distractions. Probably the worst are drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and food because they directly affect your health and make you more addictive and dependent on them.


All Distractions Are Leading To Failure

However all distractions can ruin your life and make you depressed because they make it possible for many people to live the life they are living now. If there were no distractions people would have nothing to live for. Pretty much most people today live just for distractions and they have no life purpose.

Most people work in a job they hate or attend meaningless degree and then at the end of the day they do various kinds of things to distract themselves. Even the people who don´t smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs have addictions. Everyone likes shopping for meaningless crap like expensive cars, cloth, shoes or watch TV shows, play computer games and indulge on foods to numb their mind so they stop thinking about the real life issues.

Why People Don´t Get Out Of It

For many people it´s too uncomfortable to stop the distractions and start focusing on building a better future, be it financially, health wise, socially etc. And when you start moving in direction for the better future which is in alignment with your life purpose, which should be to spread vegan message in your favorite way, you won´t need any more distractions and will actually enjoy the reality in present moment.


Real Life Can Be Interesting

When you live with alignment of your life purpose and know exactly what your future goals are, the reality will seem much more interesting. However in my opinion it´s very hard to live your life purpose when you are not very healthy and don´t have energy and motivation to do the things that you love.

First You Need To Get Healthy

Therefore you need to take care of the 5 core commitments first which are sleep, water, sugar, sun and sport and then you will have much greater participation of your daily reality. Then you will be able to deal with upcoming issues such as finances, relationships etc. and have a clear mind about what you need to do next and have the energy to actually take the action.

Eat Healthy See Clearly

When you eating very healthy foods such as fruits and cooked starches without any spices, salt, oil etc. it´s very hard to numb yourself with those foods. Therefore by eating this way you will see reality as it is, the flows, the scams, the lies and start focusing on what´s important to do next. You will see that your goal is to spread the vegan message in the way that you like the best. You will see clearly the steps that you need to take next and it will be almost impossible to not take any action and stay in your comfort zone.

To eat healthy you need to invest lots of money, especially if you are serious about getting the best quality produce and do this lifestyle 100%. This way you can generate quite a big income online, of course you gotta be serious about it too, like you are serious about being healthy. So check out the video here.


What Will Happen When You Remove All Distractions?

When you remove all distractions, staying in your comfort zone will become uncomfortable. You will take daily actions to achieve what you wanna achieve especially if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables . It will become impossible to sit at home and distract yourself with distractions mentioned above.

You will be naturally drawn to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Nature will be your only distraction that can help you. Nature always know the best. Anything else is just distraction that doesn´t lead anywhere.


Thanks for reading,

Healthy Adventurer.

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