30 Bananas a Day!

Hooked on cinnamon; need cinnamon rehab .../... and my new rash!

All is going rather well, Im stickin to it. Not losing weight since the first week though, so for almost a month that is only 4 lbs lost. shite. need more exercise.
I have eaten too late many times the last week and half too. rats. i eat nanner ice cream at 8 pm. and im hooked on cinnamon. i love it in the ice cream and in my nanner romaine smoothies. UGH! how do i get away from it now? but i feel good though not much good change has come, yet.

i got a "rash" like. its itchy random bumps that look like big mosquito bites. not symmetrical on body. some clustered bumps some alone. it has been about 6 or 7 days and it itches more at night a bit, not maddeningly so for a long time. its just on my arms a few places and in one arm pit. My nurse friend thinks it is candida related.


1030am - 2 grapefruits, 2 oranges
1230am- 4 baby nanners + 6 figs
330 pm -banana, romaine, tat soi, arugula & cinnamon smoothie & 10 fresh squishy barhi dates
7pm - green soup - arugula, tat soi, tomato, red pepp, tiny avo, cucumber, zuccini

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Comment by sonja on October 2, 2009 at 9:19am
Cara, since about two weeks ago I have been scarfing down Heirloom toms. Oh! Giving up tomatoes is gutwrenching to me, but now that you make me think of it I guess I need to try. I am not having cinnamon either and mono-ing each meal too. And you know, I have noticed, if I look up close in the mirror, that there are tiny bumps all over my forhead, not acne and not rash, just bumps that one can not see unless one were to scope me out up close. these are not usual. sounds like yo and I have similar. OH, i looooove tomatoes. Darn. Well, I will give them up until I am all cleaned out and plan to heal so I can eat em again! Does that happen? Are we just gorging on too many? (I eat about 6 small toms for a meal with romaine and cuc and zucc)
Comment by Cara~aka~Meadow on October 2, 2009 at 6:28am
I was wondering about cinnamon, myself. I think I am having sensitivities to it. Since I had gone raw, my complexion cleared up considerably. But about a month ago, my face exploded, but it was like a reaction, and not zits. Well, some, but they are tiny, and many and itchy a bit, and HOT! I have been racking my brain to think of what it could be. Was it the papaya? that would suck. was it the coconut? that would suck, too but its possible, its a common allergen for some folks, and I had been eating a lot of it, more than usual. God, I hope its not the bananas! But I also had cinnamon around then, AND I thought things were finally settling down and getting better, but its back again. I did have cinnamon again recently as well. I have also been eliminating salt, and recently I had some seaweed, was wondering if it had something to do with that. Well, let me know if you think your rash could be cinnamon related. I hope to get to the bottom of this ASAP. For now, I am just eating more mono meals, starting with watermelon in the morning, then bananas or papayas, or just more watermelons. Nothing else. I might have some tomatoes and avocados for dinner. Oh, tomatoes, they are the other one I had in larger quantities both times of the reactions, since they are plentiful right now.
Comment by TheBananaGirl on September 30, 2009 at 5:23pm
It sounds like u are hungry Sonja. Remember to lose the fat sustainably we need to be eating adequate amounts of fruit sugar (to burn fat effectively & safely carbs are needed). Ofcourse we can go the 'starvation route' but u will end up 'fat skinny'( high bodyfat%, low muscle) which I'm sure u aren't aiming for. Eat more through the day & the banana icecream won't be as appealing. At a glance I've estimated your cals here to be under 1000cals...this is a sure way to fall off the wagon.

To get rid of the rash i recommend u get a little stricter with your food combining. Also u may be eating something that is not agreeing with you...possibly cinnamon, try 3-4 days on bananas or your favourite fruit only & see if the rash hangs around.
You may have heard it before, go to nutridiary.com & work out how many cals u need to maintain your current weight & aim for that with sweet juicy fruits, before long u should feel like exercising which will lead to the sustainable fatloss that u are aiming for :))

Nice to read your thoughts X


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