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high carb family scandals x( battle between anorexic mindsets(parents) and HCLFV mentality (me)

all of us have parrents and families. They can be really frustraiting and opinionated in a bad way. Well...my parents are not an exception and i feel like i need to rant about it. (Btw my parents know that i'm vegan, my mom is one too)

I gotta tell something about myself first.

I am 21 years old. I am still living in my parrents house. I love my parents but they frustrate me immensely sometimes, especially my out shape step-father (who is generaly a very smart man, but an absolute nutritional moron), who btw is out of shape, fat, and recovering from gall bladder operation (he had 2 golf ball sized gall stones in there). I don't go to school, i simply don't have the money for it. I used to go to Eastern Michigan University, but i failed epicly and got kicked out after my first year. Back then i was still a SAD eater, i went to college not truely realized of my purpose in life, wanting to be a dentist or a doctor for wrong reasons (aka money). I was always a streight A student is High school, but in college, the amount of crap food escalated, i was eating terrible foods, was fatigued all the time, running on coffee and energy drinks and eventyally every semester i inevitably crashed into failing most classes and falling into deep depression and ended up moving back home with my falks.

Year and a half later, after multiple jobs and community college (trying to improve my GPA) i discovered veganism, which long before i thought that i would never be one, because "vegans are hippies and weaklings who eat just salads all day" (...yeah i used to be that biased). Right now i think that it's the best thing ever.

Anyways, still having my college debt hanging over me, and having two step-sisters who needed support with college loans, my parents told me that their will be no new loans for me.

Some people will probably disapprove, but i have desided to go to military, Navy to be exact. I am recrueting right now. I have already took the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test and did really well (like...my recruiter was "jumping out of his pants" happy, and just incase nobody knows, recruiters get more money for smarter recruits). The only obsticle between me and signing the contract was my body parameters, my body fat% that is. They measured me in for 27% body fat and i needed 25% or less. Let me clarify something, i was actually 21% if you use caliper measuring. But anyways, i knew in general that i had some weight to loose, so i started consistently training. Everyday or every other day i would burn at least a 1k calories doing cardio in the gym plus i would swim everyday in the evening. Nutritionally, people tryed to put sticks in my wheels (aka suggesting low carb, fatkins, low calories, eating less), but hey!! F@CK those suggestion, i desided to follow Harley's and Freelee's advice like never before. I cut down on salt completely, no fat, plenty of sleep, at least a galon of water a day plus, and i'm smashing carbs like nobody's business (and i mean 4k to 5k calories a day). And you know what?.. it worked! In couple of months i got down to 25% body fat by navy's measurments. So in reality i am like 19% body fat and still going. 

What really annoys me though, is my freaken overwheight parents still telling me that i eat too much... if i wanted their anorexic (eat less to lose weight ultimately binging out on some sh!t in the end and remain being fat) mindset to give me some advice, i'd ask for it... but you know what...i take advice from people that get the results i desire and it aint 'your' fat ass...

It's funny, but my parents really haven't seen me smash dow carbs for real. Most they have seen me eat is "OMFG an entire vegie pizza" lol. Today after the whole day of shopping for Christmas gifts, whole day of walking around, when we came back home i cooked a pack of whole grain pasta (like 12-15oz of it or something) with 4 cups of corn, a can of olives and a low sodium vegan tomatoe dressing, in a giant bowl of high carb goodness. When they saw me putting this thing together (for the first time), they lost their sh!t. "WTF OMG MAXIM, THAT IS WAY TO MUCH FOOD FOR ANYBODY" 

Lol may be for a couch potatoe, or a 15 year old girl or anorexic it is too much...


Ohhhh, f#ck off, seriously!

You know sometimes i wonder if it IS too much, yet as i am finishing this blog, i have just finished smashing this bad boy down, AND drank  litter of water beforehand. Thanks for teaching us how to stay properly hydrated, Harley! It rocks. You and freelee are da best!

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Comment by Maxim Evsikov on December 24, 2013 at 11:15am

I'm hoping i'll be able to stay high carb vegan through bootcamp, even if it takes eating stale potatoes with no sauce. Unfortunately i'm in the position that i don't really have much choice. Once i am through bootcamp i'll be able to eat whatever i want, unless i work on the ship or aircraft carrier which means back to starches. But i can live with that.

Comment by Loane on December 23, 2013 at 8:57pm

Yeah...I actually know what you mean. It can be very frustrating when you explain things several times and people still don´t get it, and worse, they become aggressive and look at you as if you were crazy. And saying you are making yourself sick or it´s your fault if you are sick. I know....I have had this experience with a friend, and it is EXTREMELY annoying and frustrating. She thought I was crazy because she saw me eating 2 fruits before the meal that she cooked for us !

Comment by Maxim Evsikov on December 23, 2013 at 10:34am

Nah, i see how eating a lot of olives consistently would be not so good since they are a litte high on fat and on sodium, but honestly i don't really eat a lot of that often. Plus for that day they fit under 10% of calories comming from fat. Thanks for concern though.

Thanks for support guys. I know that my falks think that they are just looking out for me, but i have made myself clear and tryed to explain my point so many times that this last outburst from them really frustraited me. I guess if they see me smash carbs more often it'll be more common an  they'll understand.

Comment by Ra(w)nia on December 23, 2013 at 5:06am
Good for you for having the right attitude and carbing the F up!
But aren't you worried about the olives hindering your results?
Comment by Loane on December 22, 2013 at 10:03pm

Ahah, you made me laugh :-). 

they care about you, that´s why they were concerned that you were eating too much. They don´realize that as long as you don´t eat fat with the carbs, it´s fine, you can eat that much. Don´t worry, they will see that you are fine and it will be all good :-).


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