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Hey 30 badders!

I need help BADLY. I have tried 811HCRV OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, only to fall off and back into my old ways (overweight and VEGAN but NOT healthy vegan)

The problem being, when i am doing HCRV, i feel FANTASTIC, but i get SO burnt out on sweet foods. Fruit is delicious, i will admit that, but i feel that i start gagging after like .. day 5? Its like.. i don't know. I might possibly have diabetes (all symptoms) but when i eat bananas and dates, i feel like i need something salty (maybe thats addiction to salt?) I ALWAYS say "JUST STICK TO IT" but i end up giving in and eating a cooked potato, and i say "ONLY ONCE A WEEK!" which turns into twice a week, then twice a day, and before i know it, i am eating salty french fries and veggie burgers..

PLEASE tell me how to avoid this. I was eating enough calories. .. i have a hard time eating more than 2,000 because i have to train my stomach to eat the volume of food required to reach the 2,000 calorie capacity. But i was getting about 2,000 per day and sometimes more.

tell me how long it took for you to feel "not crazy" eating only fruit. I have a SEVERE addiction to cooked food and salt. Salt is the big one.

PLEASE HELP ME! i want to try HCRV one more time and ACTUALLY succeed!! EVERYTHING in my life is riding on this. My weight, my fertility (i have none) my libido (i have NONE) my self esteem, curing disease i have, EVERYTHING. please help me 

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Comment by Liam G on May 18, 2012 at 2:55pm

Sodium yes. Another possibility. Vegans can sometimes suffer Iodine deficiency. Table Salt is supplemented with Iodine I think. So cutting that out further increases chance of deficiency. Seaweed is a good source. Well grown food should have enough but poor quality soils are often deficient in it.

Like Lara said. There are lots of other fruits out there. It's best to have some variety I believe.

Comment by fruitsandnumbers on May 10, 2012 at 2:36pm

make yourself a lasagna! it's delicious and you deserve it! 

Comment by Kristi McKee on May 10, 2012 at 2:29pm

Thank you all SOOO much!! you are right. I have been watching the Fruitarians videos all day today and now i feel better. Its about just doing it. pack it in, eat it, eat your greens, exercise, sleep. All the things that i already know, i just need to stick to it LONGER. i can't expect perfection overnight. Thanks everyone. I really REALLY appreciate it!

Comment by Juleve on May 10, 2012 at 9:36am

i also think that you should try to eat more greens and see if it helps you.
and just an idea; before you eat french fries or burgers because your craving for salt is so strong, stop thinking in black and white and just add sea salt to your salad.
maybe this would help you not to be dissapointed and stressed so much.
i´m sure you can stay on hcrv, just take your time and don´t be too hard to yourself!
i send you a hug! :)

Comment by ORGANIC811LFRV on May 10, 2012 at 8:46am

Get some greens into you gal!  Salty cravings mean you need greens and natural sodium.  YOU cannot pre-determine how many calories you need on this program.  It is NOT a calorie restrictive diet.  It is a FAT and PROTEIN restrictive diet.  Diabetes, and insulin/glucose issues are caused from too much FAT in your system.  Feeding the fat and the phood addictions is NOT the answer and you know this.  Greens my dear. Greens.  Add some leafy greens to your fruit.  Wrap the banana up in leaves and eat them.  It will cut the sweet and give you the nutrition.  Add a big salad each day and strive for a pound of greens per day.  Build up slowly.  Rotate your greens - not the same kind daily.  Look up: Green Smoothies and make one each day.  Stop counting calories.  Use cronometer to do the 80/10/10 caloronutrient ratio on your food. 


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