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Health Tip # 01 - way we will try to nourish ourselves at the Raw Vegan Community / College in Tropics

Health Tip # 01 - way we will try to nourish ourselves at the Raw Vegan Community / College in Tropics

Never consume water in such a way that it can mix with your food in your stomach.  This is critical information for anyone interested in very good digestion and nutrition.  When U combine water with your food you change / dilute the digestive environment which is created by the food and the stomach.  you see the food you eat has its own digestive enzymes and its own specific chemistry when you drink water with it it will dilute the delicate symphany of nutrients and cause indigestion which leads to formation of many toxic byproducts.  Fermentation and putrefaction takes place.  Water also has incredibly fast digestive speed or transit time and will compromise your foods digestive timing.  Another negative is that any digestive fluids which the stomach creates will also be diluted in the water and food mixture.

If anyone teaches you to blend your food with water or consume it with water it is evident that they are very health wise human health researchers, nor do they listen to their body closely, they might be long term raw vegans as I met many just don't be fooled by the duration of their practices since one can be wondering in the desert for decades searching for wisdom and closeness with themselves/nature and not find it. 

To make sure water does not mix with your food within your stomach it is necessary to not drink water at least 5 minutes prior to eating, and also not consuming water for 20 minutes after the consumption of very high water content fruits(>90%), 40 min. high water content fruits (80-90%), 1 hr for low water content fruits (<80%) fatty fruits and germinated nuts (2-3 hrs).

When you consume fatty foods they will stay in your stomach many times longer than a water melon would, in fact even in the first part of your intestine there is heavy digestion taking place.  If you drink water you will absolutely compromise the proper digestion of your fatty foods as they need a minimum 2 hour head start before anything is consumed if one desires great digestion, healthy digestive system and supercharged health.

Do a test, eat some nuts and seeds (say soaked/germinated) drink water say half hour after eating and watch how you will feel and how much your will fart.  Hear the noises your system will make.

Super wisdom: Listen to your body, especially when it comes to its water needs / cravings.  When thirsty my advice is to drink clean living mountain water or filtered water.  If you feel thirsty and hungry then choose very high or high water content foods such as papayas, oranges, coconut juice, melons etc.  When you are thirsty and very hungry drink a couple glasses of water wait 5 - 10 minutes and then load up on high carbohydrate dense foods like bananas, persimmons, mangos, figs.

Never consume fatty foods even thirsty even a little bit or when hungry.  To satiate hunger you need glucose and fructose Not some fat which will sit in your digestive track for a million years.  To satiate your thirst you need only one thing "water" of course so choose high water content foods >80% wc

I once had a half of a seeded water melon the natural kind not the seedless junk. I had it on top of a mountain in a desert after a brisk and tireing hike.  I was amazed how rapidly it regenerated my hydration and fuel level.  Within 15 minutes I was rehydrated and refueled like a formula one after its 9 second pit stop.  Same goes for coconut juice from freshly harvested coconuts of there correct maturity.  

This and many other health secrets we will be living this winter and BEYOND in the tropics of Mexico and Central America.  The RAw VEgaN house / community / college is ReOpening as of November 2013 and will get the ball started in an amazing climate of San Carlos - mexico.  Tropical temperatures 18 - 32 deg C in desert climate where the ocean meets the desert and gorgeous mountains, where the sunshine is guaranteed, where it is super safe and full of gorgeous houses and friendly people.  During mid fall and mid spring months this climate is perfect for comfort.  That is why we will enjoy a month and a half here in this amazing climate while waiting for the southern tropics to shake the rainy season off after which we will enjoy the tropical sunshine and vegetation escaping te winter and its cold fronts.

I have researched the climates of Mexico and Central America and let me tell you we are going to be in some healthy pleasant climates and environments.  Why be in the heavy tropical season when you can escape it and live in sunny still warm still bit rainy climate.  Why stay at any one given place and suffer the poor side of the climate of that region.  The secret is you got to chase the nice climates since they move about do to the movement of the sun and other factors.

So if you want to be with us in the raw house / community from the beginning then start saving for an amazing winter escape vacation with some amazing cool and healthy raw vegans.  We are going to vacation like only raw vegans ever could.  Many have been in the same regions as I have but they have not perceived the surrounding like a rew vegan and so they experienced a different reality different vacation.  eg. instead of just looking at a coconut palm, I as a raw vegan would climb it have some exercise and enjoy dozens of drinks from it, tie a hammock to it and maybe even build a nest in it and enjoy a night like few humans have even dreamed of. 

Live is what you make it.

Lukas / HealthSupercharger

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Comment by Amanda Leigh Nama on June 5, 2013 at 9:02am

So I may , or may not, be coming there this winter. It's all up in the air but i KNOW I will be in the tropics this winter! haha

Comment by Lukas Ircha on June 4, 2013 at 6:38pm

Supercharge your health with supercharged health lifestyle habits. This is one of several hundred health supercharging habits.  ARE U READY for the raw vegan college? To learn the rest of the several hundred health habits or pieces of the health puzzle?  This is the whole objective to strengthen the raw vegan community by strengthening the wisdom and habits of as many raw vegans as possible.  To sit home freezing in the cold winter for 5 months of the year is not the best way to learn or to improve ones health.  That is a message I am trying to communicate to as many health conscious people as I can.


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