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Its amazing what the 811 lifestyle does to the body. Im new, i´ve only been doing this since november 17th last year. 
I was sick, for 3 months, it turned out it was from fungus under the floor of my old place .. i moved out and got better, but i never turned back from raw vegan.

Before i got into raw i was a meat eater, i was training for fitness and ate a lot of chicken, i also ate beans for protein, lots of dairy products for protein, canned tuna and eggs.
I was under the impression that you needed all that protein to gain muscle mass and get into fitness. (Competitions)

I was a smoker, drinker, party girl all the way!

To start with, i have allergies, to animals and pollin ... i have asthma to.

This mixed with my lifestyle and SMOKING was a total downfall.
And i could feel it.

One night after partying and drinking, me and my best friend walked home, we couldnt get a ride back.
In the night i couldnt sleep well, i was lying on my back and i couldnt get enough air in. I felt like i was chocking.
It wasnt a matter of question.... the day after i quit smoking.
I did have one day downfall on halloween night, after that though no more.
That was the 29th of october, that was also the last time i tasted alcohol.

I am 19 years old, 20 in march and i´ve always been "skinny contious" i would like to say health aware but it is not true. I would do just about anything to get to the low fat % i wanted. And it didnt matter if i took fat burning pills or caffine pills, this or that !
I´ve been a calorie/diet restricter since i was about 13 i would say.
Thats about 7 years of abusing my body.

So its been about 2 and a half months since i started... and i was wondering, well why am in not losing tonns of weight? why am i getting more asthma attacks since i started? why are my allergies acting up more? is is because im eating spinach or something? pollin on it?

It´s ALL detox...

I know that.. and i have finally come to the terms with just giving in. When i get asthma attacks i know why, some cleaning is going on in my body.
I do take my astma inhaler when it happens, and maby its not doing me any good because it works against the purpuse? but i dont feel safe going to sleep with out being able to breath easily.

After quiting smoking i wanted to go raw ... i did it, in a day cold turkey ! 17th of november was the first day.

I havent slipped once, its the same as with the smoking, its not a matter of wanting the food or craving it... its just not going into my mouth. EVER AGAIN.

I tried a raw place near by last weekend, i´ve tried it once before i had a raw pesto pizza, they did use some oils for it, olive i think .. so that is not really my thing. But i desided to "treat" myself.... OH BOY was that a treat ! :D haha
The first time it was fine, i felt fine after.... this time i had the same dish .... FELT HORRID !
I was sick to my stomach wanting to throw up for about 5 hours after lying in my bed wanting to sleep but couldnt.

I dont know if it was the huge amount of nuts or the fact that it was dehydrated or both .... !

I am never going back there. PERIOD.

Since then i´ve been doing high sweet fruits .. and lots of salads, i cannot get enough of them.
I did have some avocado today. I like it, its so creamy. I do feel like im cheating when i have it though... but thats just a part of my perfectionalism... having to have the perfect 90/5/5 ratios that i think look good... its about numbers still..
I use cronometer to keep track .. maby i should, maby i shouldnt, try listening to my body?

I´ve been feeling like i need less calories lately since i started sleeping more. I´ve been going to bed at 9 .. falling asleep finally after an hour or hour and a half.. waking up at 6 in the morning. SO usually its about 8 hours. 
I know that is not enough in the whole, but it def beats the 5-6 i was getting EVERY NIGHT, if even that.
PLUS the more i sleep the more i crave it, its 8 now, i dont have school until after noon tomorrow but im already in bed :D

Well... i have my 80 10 10 book next to me and i want to read it, but i feel like sleeping more.
Its weird, i have been craaaaving getting the book to read it in like a day or two .. but its taken me like a month to even get past the first pages.
Its like im afraid of something.... :/ or maby i think i know what it says....

Dont know ! :)

Hugs everyone

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Comment by Helen on January 31, 2012 at 3:21pm

You're doing great:)

Keep eating lots of fruit, drinking lots of water and getting more sleep and you will kick asthma and allergies out of your body!

Comment by Daniela on January 31, 2012 at 8:00am

Hugs to you too dear!!

You´ve done great changes and have a strong will!!! Respect!

Listen to your body, she can always exactly tell you what she needs :)

Way to go girl!! Keep it up!


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