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The Many ideas around food and how it effects the body is something that is very fascinating to me.
Some ideas are purely based on theory,
Religious Beleifs,
Trial and Error,
Or Fact upon research and study.

We as Humans have a lot of choice over what goes into our body, digests and is detoxified before becoming our cells and bloodstream.

Every Part of you is made out of the Substances found in a food which can be used as building blocks,
Something valuable and/or necessary to benefit and increase the strength and vitality of you.

Careful Observation and Knowledge of the Substances you select will result in either Destruction or ReConstruction
Of your Miraculous Earthsuit.

If we weigh the Pros and the Cons of Certain Foods hopefully we will find some with little to no Negitive traits that take away from us, vs. Positive qualities which help us and help us grow stronger.

This is what I have learned in my research:

Animal Products
Meat (including fish)
Anything else from another animal.

All are loaded with toxins that are produced within it just like us and passed onto anything that chooses to consume it.
The high Saturated Fat and Protein Content so far exceeds are need that is difficult for our body to handle and must be realeases after the hard work of processing by our digestive system.
If Cooked or heated the bacteria is killed and digestion is still more difficult,
As well as being a Prime Candidate for the Growth of Abnormal anorobic Cancer cells,
the animals products are worked out of the system so slowly that they have the tendency to rot and create a toxic bowel

Which can easily lead to many other issues as all disease starts in the gut.
The Industry of Animal Factories and Slaughterhouses has created a drastic rise in Pollution through methane
Fecal matter and decomposing flesh thrown out daily from the millions of Establishments.
On top of animal product already producing toxic overload when consumed,
Modern practices involving Steroids, Growth Hormones, Antibiotics to combat diseases are Continously shot into the creatures, along with lack of fresh air, sunshine or exercise
If they don't first die of shock and stress, they are brutally shot though the head, run though electric circuits,
Beaten to death, slit at the throat to die of blood loss, and other such torturous procedures.

Animals feel pain and emotion, and the energy of fear and pain is transferred directed into consumers
Abuse is also illegal but it is not shown publicly the way the industry
Allows most employee to take out frustration upon the innocent victims of Meat Suppliers
Who Keeps all Lifeforms captive their entire life in a stall or cage so small it cannot move,
It's offspring are taken and used for another lucrative means while
Only the good ones make it to market, about 2/3 are thrown out in the Landfill
Because they die too early.

Anyway, those are the Cons.
And based on educated information I just cannot seem to find a single Pro.

So Moving on to

Beans or Legumes
Nuts and seeds

They are all pretty similar
As a food source the provide more work to digest than the benefits they provide,
But far easier for the body to handle than animal products.
All are actually seeds that can produce and grow a plant and possibly fruit if they are germinated

Cons: all contain an enzyme inhibitor, or cadmium shell as a natural defense against
The occurrence of being swallowed by an organism, it ensures that the seed will be pooped out and still have a vey good chance at still growing into a plant, thus carrying on.

the High Protein and Starch content of Legumes cause the stomach to emit to different enzymes to digest while creating a lot of gas, they body does not absorb much from the beans unless they are highly processed.
Certain beans can be sprouted and the sprouts are far more edible than the bean itself.

Grains typically have a high Carbohydrate profile, while they can be germinated if unheated they are virtually inedible unless highly processed by cooking.

Nuts and seeds can be germinated to activate the enzymes and make them more digestible,
There are usually very high in fat content and oils.

What about Tubers?

Root vegetables

All very high in starch which must be processed by cooking to become edible, palatable, but this process changes the molecular structure of the substance and produces a potent Carcinogen Called Acrylimide.
The consumption can lead to production of anaerobic cells, which can mutate and cause cancer.

Cooked Food

All living foods like fruits and Vegetables contain Heat Sensitive Oxygen, Enzymes, Water, Minerals, Vitamins,
Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Sugars and other structures that are vital and valuble to Optimal human health.
In the Raw State these are all abundant in plant foods, but not in the right form to be absorbed and used properly in animal products.

When heated above the temperature of 118 F these Enzymes and nutrients vital for digestion as well as assimilation, energy production, reconstruction of the cells, and Healthy Growth, are Destroyed.

They are alive, yet can be killed just like a human.

When food is cooked it also creates an immune response from the body which results almost like a low fever, there is a raise in temperature of the body to combat invaders if necessary.
The body does not recognize it as food, but an attack on its defenses.

Beware of what is accepted as healthy and normal, most habits are more or less harmful depending upon the result of what research finds.

Food is Cooked everywhere, but everywhere you look there is illness and disease.

Now the Food can be eaten, but it is more or less a load of Toxic Substances that the body must work out as soon as it is put in, so this in truth has Many Cons wether it is a Zuchini or a egg yolk.

Fruits and Vegetables

When eaten in their Raw form preferably straight off a tree and at the peak of ripeness,
There is Virtually no Toxins Created in the by Fresh Whole Fruit.
If Organic Especially, As anything covered in Poisonous Spray to kill bugs can also be deadly.

Vegetables can produce more gas in digestion and are slightly more difficult to break down.
They are very high in vitimins, minerals, absorbable amino acids, Fatty acids but not usually High in Sugars
Leaving them very low in Calories.

Fruits are Also very high in Water, vitimins, Minerals though not near as many as vegetables, they can contain a high level of Sugars and/ or Fat such as in
Avacado, Durian, Coconut flesh or Akee
Are the easiest food to digest on the planet. Nutrients can be Absorbed almost instantly,
Naturally the Best Food for Humans in terms of Our intestinal structure.

With all the Nutrients of These, the immune system builds up and becomes strong enough to have literally no cause for illness, disease, colds or flu. Or at least resist them much easier and heal much quicker.

Fresh Fruits contain...

Everything we need, Nothing we don't.

This is a very Vague overview of a few simple reasons why A Raw Fruitbased diet has Proven Optimal for Creating and Maintaining Peak Health, Fitness and Performance.

Along with the addition of adequate

Fresh Air
Hours of Sleep
Exercise and Circulation
Love and Connection
A Passionate Purpose

The Life Of Anyone

Who Chooses to Eat Organic, Whole , Fresh, Ripe, Raw Fruits and Vegetables
Is only Increased in Vitality.

Compared to anything else which can be chosen to consume as sustenance.

Fruit is Perfect Food for Humans!

In a Harmonious effort to Co-Create

A World that is Healthy, Happy, Wealthy and Wise for all Beings.


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