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Lets talk about food...

This is my food diary so far:

Breakfast - 2 large bananas blended with about 32 oz of water.

Breakfast 2.0 (around 10AM) - a whole 60 oz jug of organic OJ

Lunch - about 1.5 boiled russett potatoes with minimal salt and 0.5 head iceberg lettuce.

This has been pretty much the norm for the last few weeks. I have been switching back and forth between a 400-500 calorie banana milk breakfast or 800 calories of OJ. Lunch is either potatoes/rice or about 200 calories of sweet peppers followed by a tomato and cucumber salad (about 200 calories). Dinner number 1 is normally some type of fruit. Last night I ate two cartons of strawberries when I got home from work around 5PM. Dinner 2 is normally potatoes (again) or pasta with minimal salt and fresh tomato marinara.

I can sit here and tell you all the things I am doing wrong and I think I have a good idea how to fix it, but it is hard going from small 200 calorie meals to big 1000 calorie meals. Its taking me time to get used to it. 

This past week I have been restless. I think its because I have not been consistent with my food intake, (read: I still haven't given up coffee. I NEED HELP GUYS COFFEE IS SO HARD TO LET GO).

This past week I have also, though, been very happy. Despite my groggy state, I have been slower to anger, more patient, and gratuitous.

Anyway, the purpose of these food diaries is for support/idea/suggestions!! 

What do you all do to keep a successful food intake while at a 9-5 office job? I find that some of my most difficult moments are when I have to pack a lunch for work.

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Comment by Gone Bananas on August 9, 2014 at 5:26am
Awesome! I'm going to give this a try next week. I probably should find a nice looking soft cooler instead of the blaring red and white igloo I have though.
Comment by Emily Cahill on August 9, 2014 at 3:46am

Cooler. Is. Perfect! I brought my usual smoothie in this morning, the rest was easier than normal. I just threw my mono-meal of strawberries in a large glass pyrex with a lid, and put it in a soft cooler and surrounded it with those blue ice packs. It has sat nicely under my desk so far today, and I just pulled it out to eat my strawberries and they are still cold! When I get home tonight all I have to do is rinse out the pyrex, wipe out the cooler, and prep my meal for tomorrow! How easy!

Comment by Gone Bananas on August 8, 2014 at 12:07am

We have a lot of the same experiences!  I drink brown banana smoothies for lunch sometimes too...haha!  I found a 64oz glass mason jar at target and that's what I drink my smoothies out of.  It also earns me lots of funny looks.


I get ribbed pretty hard if I get caught with 'normal' food too.  My company provides breakfast on Fridays and if I get caught with a biscuit...'HEY, THAT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A BANANA!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!'


Let me know how the cooler works out!

Comment by Emily Cahill on August 7, 2014 at 7:41am

Gone Bananas - I think the cooler idea is great! I've been reverting to potatoes at work because its smaller and more "normal" looking. I need to just get over it and bring what I want to bring. I'm already the girl with the "weird looking smoothies" (I don't necessarily drink my banana milk that fast so sometimes its gets a little brown before I finish it). So whats one more thing? 

I will say that it is nice being that girl - it holds me accountable. If I ever brought in a fast food breakfast or anything people would comment and ask where my bananas were! (its happened - although the fast food wasn't for me but my coworker for her birthday). 

Either way, I love your cooler idea. I'm going to try it tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

Comment by Gone Bananas on August 7, 2014 at 7:10am

I feel ya on the lunch issue.  I work 7-5 and drive a desk all day, so I know the struggle.  My co-workers poke fun at me for all the fruit at my desk, or the size of my salad, but it's all good.  You just have to brush it off and do what you do.  We have a shared fridge (read: limited space) so I try not to take too many things that require refrigeration.  I've been seriously considering just bringing a big cooler with ice so I don't have to try to pack several huge tupperwares in with everyone else's lunch.  I ride my bike to work sometimes and feel guilty loading up the fridge with 2 days worth of food (ie. a whole watermelon, a dozen peaches, and a huge salad).  The cooler might be the solution...


Comment by Meadow Flower on August 3, 2014 at 5:07am

Emily.If I were you I would follow 30 bad and learn much and it will certainly be eye opening experience to you.I'm sorry I cannot answer your lunch question though.I would suggest a strong glass jar frozen (green) smoothie,that melts by lunchtime.Or in thermos with ice blocks.Big fruit salad is always good in glass ware (with lemon juice to preserve from oxidation).Some do a brown paper bag of washed greens in suitable bite sizes plus cherry tomatoes and fresh orange or other fruit juice.

I like the way Cyril talks ab the changing attitudes of prejudice,haughtiness and malice,which can easily turned into joy,righteousness and freedom and freely given on both sides.This is the direct cumulative effect of this lifestyle.

I believe this happens on a cellular level and the effects are VERY noticeable.It would be impossible to achieve on diet that was heavy in quality.

One becomes REAL.

When one sees the good thing,one gets hooked on goodness and starts seeing it everywhere (or rather one becomes oblivious to 'it's opposite' if it even exists in that state of mind).There will be too many examples of total changes in oneself and one's interactions with oneself ,and simultaneously with others,although others 'fade' much into back round as one's thoughts are getting more and more in focus in the moment,so that one is mostly aware of one's thoughts,RATHER THAN THINKING ABOUT WHAT ONESELF OR OTHERS ARE DOING, eventually to have any further doubts about what caused it to happen.One simply does not have 'any space'to think badly of anyone else and if so,compassion or reason will come to rescue and block out such nonsense.So mind is freed to fly.

By the way,it has other kind of results.Others do not bother one or argue with one as they can see one is far out of that kind of mentality.It may even look 'dumb' to some argumentatives,but it's really a way forward and upwards on one's life journey.Kind of passive resistance to put a label to it.

For me the core from where everything starts on this lifestyle is the feeling of being well nourished by species specific diet and the 30 bad blog where one learns like nowhere else the basic body requirements without any frills,easy and simple.For others it is exercise as much as the diet.But we all look for balanced sleep and living habits where body is given the best possible condition for it to thrive .Most had a chaotic sense about their body before ,of which fact I am grateful now,as I would not have looked for this kind way of eating otherwise.So I was searching for a cure for certain bodily ailments but am receiving additional results for a balanced existence as a bonus.

Comment by Cyril on August 2, 2014 at 9:50am

you are most welcome Emily. your attentiveness towards others' opinion is natural, - we are social animal after all, striving for inclusion and avoiding ostracization, - but we are such in many other aspects, most of which we recognize as not particularly optimal in human society. so, even though our lifestyle is not yet recognized as one of the most, if not the most, the only, optimal for humans not only biologically, but also environmentally, ethically, culturally, we ourselves do know that. you do know that! so, considering that, as an adult, you know you are to love yourself first before others, and you are not in the wrong here, fortify yourself mentally and do it with joy and sense of right, rather than nervousness or, worst yet, embarrassment or shame, as any, or at least, most of us would instinctively. you may be amazed (I have been) how "people" sense this attitude of joy, righteousness, freedom, and get disarmed from prejudice, haughtiness, malice they would otherwise, also instinctively, react.

and, on practical level, you can always conceal "big bins" (haha) or bags with little effort. you will get over it, eventually. may take longer in your case, considering your conditions,.. but that's another (even if related) matter...  

Comment by Emily Cahill on August 1, 2014 at 8:20am

thank you for the suggestions Cyril! I think maybe part of my problem is I am nervous people will think I'm weird for having a big bin of fruit or something at my desk. Maybe I should just get over it!

Comment by Cyril on August 1, 2014 at 7:31am

"the norm" sounds horrible to (almost) fruitarian. naturally, each one is built differently, so individual experience doesn't always apply, but, since you asked, - i bring large bags of different fruits, nuts/seeds, greens, some veggies, and eat what i want, and store what i don't in frig or, if not quickly perishable, in my cube/cabinet. also, constant movement towards ideal, if not capable of notable leaps, is absolutely essential, otherwise, it may become stagnation streched over years and years, - speaking from my experience.


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