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I started 811rv in April, after I relapsed for the 10000th time and binged. I had enough of the depression, was sick and tired from feeling sick and tired, wanted to be healthy and most of all, wanted to be happy. I wanted to be the best me I could possible be, and to finally start treating my body the way it deserves to be treated. No more abuse, no more pain, no more destructive thinking. So I started studying health and how humans are supposed to eat. I read about Paleo, but it didn't feel right to me. Then I read about fruitarianism, and me, as a fruit lover, was kinda drawn to this way of living. I bought the 801010 book, that really got me hooked, I read the entire book in about a day, and started looking up some more info about this on the internet, wanting to meet other 811 people. Then I randomly found Freelee's video, where she listed all the different fruits she would eat in one day. That is how I found this website and a ton of information! I went fruit shopping the next day and started my 811 lifestyle. Had one slip up when my grandmother passed away, but that only lasted 3 days, until I realized how sick cooked food makes me feel, and I never looked back. I know this is the right way to live for me.

I have always eaten more fruit than the average person, and hardly any meat. Ever since I watched Earthlings last month, giving up meat and dairy was a very easy thing to do. I don't miss it at all, even the opposite, it makes me feel sick watching other people eat meat or smelling cheese or meat. I work in a retirement home so the meal times are a bit difficult for me to handle, but I won't show, gotta stay professional. Earthlings really moved something inside of me, made me feel aggressive, sad and very ashamed to be human. I will save up money every month now and will donate to various animal protection organizations. I just feel this strong need to do something, I will no longer sit back and let the human race destroy Mother Earth. I have been studying a lot about this and am now a member in a local environment protection group.

My friends and family didn't have a hard time accepting my new lifestyle, cause they thought I was crazy before, because I have always been "weird" (in their opinion) about food. Mostly eating fruit, hardly any meat most of my life... they are used to me eating a pile of apples when they are eating cake at a birthday party, or when we go to a restaurant I only grab a full plate of the salad buffet. At first, they thought it was "just a phase"... but it isn't. This is the right way to live for me, I just know it, I feel it. I have never felt better, healthier... I no longer binge, I no longer eat with guilt, I no longer hide my food in secret places, no longer mind that other people watch me eat. I no longer starve myself or feel the need to restrict my calories. I just eat what I want and when I want - always 811rv, of course.

I used to have painful periods - gone
I used to have a bloated belly ALL the friggin' time - gone
I used to have constipation - DEFINATELY gone! "all those bananas you are eating... Aren't you suffering terribly from constipation???" Ha! If only they knew I have to sometimes poop up to 3 times a day! (in case YOU didn't want to know... sorry!)
Had acne - prolly a detox reaction - when I was on 811rv for almost a month, that is now gone too.

I stopped using makeup, stopped using shampoo, stopped using soap. (of course I have to use soap at work, for security and hygiene reasons, but only on my hands and forearms). My skin smells good and my hair has never been softer. I used to dislike myself without makeup, now I am loving my natural look and glow. This lifestyle is expensive? Ehh, no. I no longer need expensive medicine for my painful periods and I am sure I will soon no longer need my allergy (hayfever) pills either. No expensive cosmetics, I will give all of my old lotions and cremes to my sister or friends if they want them, my bathroom shelves will be empty! All I use is a toothbrush. I will save so much money, all to spend on food and the environment! I don't need so much anymore now, my urge to go shopping is gone, I am happy with the little things. I have turned into a very optimistic person! Smiling always, and making other people smile with it!

I am a runner for 2 years now, and since I went raw, I have more energy, can run faster and longer. Sometimes I even want to run twice or more a day. I am so energetic now, even after a tough day at work!

Note that this is only a month and my body is still adjusting. Lots of changes are still to come and I can't wait!

Just wondering though, I eat 90-5-5 on average (according to FitDay), is that alright? And do I have to eat vegetables every day, I am often just not in the mood for veggies, just fruits but I eat the greens anyway just to get enough minerals and vitamins in...

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Comment by Nerada on May 31, 2012 at 2:21am

Thanks everyone for your replies! :)

ORGANIC811LFRV - I seem to be doing alright then :) Thanks for clearing that up! I was worried about not getting enough fat and protein.
Janna Bannanna - I hope that I will start craving greens, and will start looking forward to my big salad at the end of the day. Right now, I just eat it cause I have to. Not that I don't enjoy it, but veggies are nothing like the delicious fruits I eat earlier in the day!
Amber M. Gligor - Thank you! This really is a great lifestyle and I am looking forward to even more positive changes!
Franga - Isn't that THE best feeling?! Wished I had done this sooner! Every morning, when I look into the mirror, I see my skin getting healthier and clearer.

Comment by ORGANIC811LFRV on May 29, 2012 at 9:11pm

Franga, I think the most liberating I've ever done as a woman is to get a buzz cut!  That was an ultimate experience. 

Comment by Amber Michelle on May 29, 2012 at 2:54pm

Very inspirational! I've been noticing a lot of these effects starting to take place whenever I stay raw, too. Thanks for the reminder of how great this lifestyle is.

Comment by Janna Bannanna on May 29, 2012 at 6:38am
You'll eventually crave veggies and greens.

Thanks for sharing, keep us posted :)
Comment by ORGANIC811LFRV on May 29, 2012 at 2:54am

Of course that is alright!!  In fact it is commendable and applaudable!  You are doing fantastic and are a model 80/10/10'r.  The equasion stands for MINIMUM 80% of our calories from fruits, MAX 10% fat and MAX 10% protein all from raw vegies and fruits.


You RAWk darling! 


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