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Well I just had one of the worst experiences of my life yesterday afternoon/last night.  On day 3 of re-feeding at just before 1:30pm I had the sudden need for my first bowel movement since the first day of the fast so naturally went to have it.  Everything wanted to work the way it always had except it just would not come out.  I was coming up to my next meal in half an hour so wanted to get it over with but two and a half hours later I was still on the toilet and by this time was in quite a bit of pain from trying to push it out alternating between sitting and squatting on the toilet.  My body eventually turned some of it into a dark brown stinky sludge which came out but I could still feel the majority of it there wanting expulsion.  I got out a few small hard bits eventually but I was in pain and exhausted so managed to take a shower in lots of discomfort and make it to bed.  During that toilet stint the staff came and found me as I did not come to my meal when they told me it was ready and Loren was called in to talk me through it which was a relief.  He assured me it would eventually come out and the only other option was an enema which he does not recommend and I was determined not to have to go down that path either.

I ended up eating my next meal half an hour later at 4:30pm hoping that may shift some things and that brought on the second innings.  Oh God if I thought the first was bad this totally redefined pain for me!  Another 2 hours on the toilet and I was a wreck but had managed to get a couple of larger bits out but still felt I was nowhere near done.  I felt nauseous and had gone into a sort of fever state where I just couldn’t get warm no matter what I did.  I also was starting to need to urinate but could not.  I went back to bed rugged up and was brought warmer bedding.  I decided to have my final meal for the night which was at 7pm and then went straight back to bed and slept.

I awoke with a bladder that was begging for relief and tried to go again which starting the 3rd and worst innings of all at about 8:30pm.  The worst pain and frustrated emotional anguish I’d ever experienced.  It was pure hell!  I managed to get another couple of bits out but still not to completion over the next 2 hours or so.  I still couldn’t urinate though but did manage to get a few trickles out during that time which gave me slight relief.  I did not have any energy left and couldn’t bare anymore pain that I had no choice but to try and go back to bed.  I was also shivering and needed to try and get warm.  Luckily I managed to sleep again from pure exhaustion.

I awoke again around 1am to an even more pressing need to urinate so had no choice but to try again even though I knew I didn’t have the energy or could bare anymore pain.  I’m not religious but did plead to whatever may be out there for at least for some bladder relief.  So I gave it my all and got something shifted that allowed at least some urination to occur over an hour.  Such a relief!  I went back to bed still uncomfortable and in pain but feeling gratitude and fell asleep again.

Woke up again needing to urinate at 5am and was really dreading the hour long process and pain.  Much to my relief things seemed to flow a lot easier although still very slowly and within 20 minutes I was relieved and back to bed.  Something shifted in my bowels whilst lying there and the intense need to have a bowel movement subsided and the pain eased.  Lots of movement occurred over the next couple of hours and a bit of gas later I was feeling like it could be over for now.  Fell asleep until breakfast at 9am.

Well it's 1pm now I’m exhausted and sore but am so grateful my body did not persist with its attempt to eliminate.  Hopefully the watermelon I’ve been eating will start being enough to form some of the next bowel movement so I don’t have to go through that again.  It does feel good to have that out of my system though as it looked and smelled highly toxic (very dark brown and smelt like a combination of meat and chocolate...not pleasant!) and definitely was not from anything I’ve eaten since I’ve been raw.  Wish I had not have had to have gone through it but in the end it was the majority of my bad choices that put it there in the first place, especially since I’ve known what the optimal diet is for the last 13 years and didn’t stick to it.  Just glad it’s over for now!

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Comment by Stephen on March 3, 2011 at 12:43pm

Hi Kris, I had some avocado the night before the fast along with pineapple and romaine.

Overt fats are not part of the re-feeding even after a long fast.  

Water varied depending on the day but I drunk as much as I could stomach and had excellent hydration to begin with (76%).  Was usually around 3 litres of sipped water.



Comment by Esmée La Fleur on February 15, 2011 at 7:52am
If you really want that, you can probably arrange for it, but they do not cater to it. I left after only 5 days of re-feeding because they put a lot of spices (no salt, but pepper, garlic, etc.) in many of their dishes, and they were not willing to let me make my own food in my apartment which had a kitchen. I am lucky because I live only 30 minutes from TNH, so coming home to do re-feeding on my own was no big deal. I wrote about this in great detail on my blog if you want to read about it. http://fastingandfaith.blogspot.com 
Comment by Stephen on February 15, 2011 at 7:30am
So do they offer fruit exclusively  as an option to re-feed on?
Comment by Esmée La Fleur on February 15, 2011 at 7:26am
I was referring to the fast I just completed (Jan. 2nd - 26th). I have a lot of food sensitivities, and there are many fruits I cannot eat, so I personally feel much better eating some well-chosen cooked foods.
Comment by Stephen on February 15, 2011 at 7:13am

Hey Esmee!

Oh no good!  Yeah my bowels are all back to normal now and I'm on my final week of re-feeding.  Took a couple of weeks to get all the old stuff out but now it's pretty much fruit.  Must have had a huge amount in there!  So when you talk about coming off the fast on steamed veggies are you referring to this fast or a previous one?

Comment by Esmée La Fleur on February 15, 2011 at 5:11am
I had a horrible bowel movement at the end of my first week (on a 25 day fast) that was much like your experience (only much shorter lived) and I nearly passed out from the pain. But when I came off the fast on steamed vegies, lettuce, and tomatoes (no fruit), I had no problems at all. I had a BM the very next day after beginning re-feeding, and all as worked smoothly ever since.
Comment by Stephen on January 29, 2011 at 2:53am

Hey Harley!

If I had felt absolutely no progress at all I would have had one done but something in me just willed me through it and now it's all but a memory.  I also pushed through a pain barrier which in it's self was quite an experience.  It's another thing that will keep me on this path!



Comment by DURIANRIDER on January 28, 2011 at 8:06am

What does a constipated mathematician do? They work it out with a pencil.


I would have done a light enema. All the muscles in the bowel are so weak from inactivity. Its a bit like using a handrail to get down some stairs if you have been bed riden for a few weeks. Its not natural but neither is forcing a fast.


Great to hear it all went smooth. Thats what matters in the end.

Comment by Stephen on January 28, 2011 at 6:45am

Hey thanks everyone!

I'm through the ordeal now and feeling pretty good!  Day 4 I didn't attempt to get the rest out and then around 11am on day 5 it came knocking again and I gave it my all for 10 minutes and the rest finally came out much to my relief even though with almost as much pain!

Adam - No out of the ordinary bowel problems in my life, since being LFRV (100% for over 2 years) they've matched the quantities of meals for the day and were always well hydrated and loose.  Last days meals were;

Breakfast - Watermelon and then a couple hours later papaya

Lunch - Bananas

Dinner - Pineapple, avo, romaine.

As for the enema I knew it was there as an option but I was determined to get through it naturally.


Carrie - Enemas go the wrong way in as far as I'm concerned.


Jaime - Yep, it's all I had for 35 days!  Drunk as much as I could stomach throughout the fast and had excellent hydration levels to begin with.


el bo - Cheers for that, I love southpark and haven't seen that one so am looking forward to watching it when I have a better connection!




Comment by Adam on January 26, 2011 at 4:37am

Hey Stephen


Wow, sorry to hear that. Were you having bowel problems before you fasted? How many BMs did you have a day normally prior to fasting? What was the quality like? What were the last few meals before you fasted? Any fats? vegetables?


It seems there is a lot of variance with fasting in terms of bowel response. I had several BM's per day for the first few days of my fast and felt so empty after the third day that my bowels felt inverted they were so empty. Yet I had literally liquid BM's with occassional solids on the 8-9th day and the 19-24th day. I am really grateful actually that I didn't have any problems with BM's when refeeding.


For the most part, I think it makes sense not to use enemas and colonics, in general and in fasting. But I think it is important not to rule it out. On Dougs retreat that I attended, 3 of the fasters had to have enemas after they didnt have BMs for more than a week after refeeding and were in a lot of pain. I know that True North Health do have colonics on hand for emergency cases, though they usually report that they are normally used for people who didnt follow the pre-fasting diet recommended.


Take care


Adam x


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