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I have a confession to make. I don't exercise like I should. Of course, the reason I am posting this is because I need to and have decided to start.

I am going to become a workout junky, and this is why I know it can happen. 

Before I was raw, I loved my junk food. Mac and Cheese was my meal of choice, if I didn't have a coca cola before 2 pm, I was exceedingly grumpy, and we ate out nearly every day. It was a bit ridiculous! 


Now everyone I know refers to me as a "health nut." If I am hanging out with friends and we go into a grocery store, they always say things like, "I shop so much healthier when I am with you because you are loading your cart with bananas, or you get so excited when you see cherries!" And its true! I am genuinely excited! 


People will see me munching on veggies, and then say, "oh, I hate vegetables, how can you eat that?" and other friends will say things like, "Don't say that around her, she will freak out," or "oh no, don't get her started on the topic of nutrition, she will go on for hours!" 


These examples are a far cry from the mac and cheese addiction and coke cravings I had before. And how did I become such a health nut? I educated myself on nutrition and moved towards eating whole foods verses processed foods, something I had never even thought about before. I began eating foods like baked or grilled chicken, whole grains, and vegetables. I incorporated things like wheat grass juicing and other things. Then I discovered a raw food diet. As I learned more and more, without even being raw, people would tell me that I ate more fruit and veggies than anyone they had ever seen. 


So to get back on topic... 

In high school, I was a dancer. I danced several hours a day while eating literally anything and as much as I wanted. After stopping dance, I began to pack on the pounds. Little by little, every year, I gained weight. I would start an exercise program and stop. 

Fitness just wasn't fun anymore. 

Well now, I want people to think of me as a health food AND fitness junky. I have never been a fan of exercising outdoors. After all, I live in Southern New Mexico, and its brutally hot and not my brand of scenic. 

Yesterday I bought a treadmill. I plan to jog/walk on it for 30 minutes 7 days a week. If some days I need a rest, I will walk the whole thing. If I am feeling strong, I will run. But either way, I am spending one half hour of my life on the treadmill every single day until I feel that I can run steadily on it for 30 minutes straight. Then I will increase my speed/time/etc. 

In addition to running, I am taking tango lessons and choreographing a tango that I will perform in 7 weeks. I also signed up for a weekly ballet class. 

These things should get me started to becoming a workout junkie. Hopefully someday soon I will be known for it. Hopefully I will be fit enough to run in a sports bra and shorts and look athletic! I know exercise is a missing ingredient in my life and that my body fat percentage is still way too high.


So far in 2 days of jogging and tango, I feel great! I am very sore, but I know after I get used to it I will be great. Not to mention that eating a fruit diet is helping me recover more quickly and work through the soreness. 

I will be updating soon on my fitness level and see where I am.




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