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Evolution may not be happening fast enough.

Beauty is nothing if it is not Perceived. Love is nothing unless it is Felt. Art is nothing unless it is Created. Humankind has developed into beings capable of a depth of conciousness and level of ability far surpassing what seems to be nature's intended design. Yet, granted this ability, we have yet to overcome the primal guidelines which dictate our behaviors. We must push beyond the simple emotional array of self-preservation and invoke an era of superior emotional dedication to global preservation. Most are unaware that this time is upon us thanks to the diligant work of our Government and Media. My frustration spawns from the sarcastic tone others take when casually discussing these topics. This is graveyard humor... and we're all standing on our potential grave. Only we can save ourselves.

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Comment by Daniel in Bolivia on October 26, 2011 at 8:10am

Do you think it was "nature's intended design" that sent humans across the earth (the only primate not living under the tropics). I see humans as mere copycats of insect/plague mainly ants. They gather in huge "cities", devastate overnight huge fields, they work, they are soldier almost mechanized, they invade, multiply and colonize.... and we became them! On the other hand, you have the perfect example of a more intelligent specie within the primates: the bonobos. They maintained their lifestyle, mainly frugivorous, they of course do not work they only gather their food and develop into peaceful small tribes never altering their natural ecosystem. They spend their days eating and having sex. What an unevolved primate... stayed the same through time. We evolved into a plague and are about to destroy the environment that sustains our lives, now, that's evolution! And you think there a chance to save ourselves? When you are just are suggesting a fruit diet to people or tell them you follow one, it almost create complete chaos... and you think there's a chance people will achieve a sudden greater conscientiousness and understand it's time to radically change their lifestyle and move to a frugivore hobbit commune (By the way, I want to start one of those!)? It will be a long shot but if you have a plan of action I'm all ears!  

Comment by Jack on October 23, 2011 at 12:51am

I don't personally think that any other species are innately more sustainable than us; they simply lack the tools to achieve the level of unsustainability that we can achieve. There are plenty of examples of local catastrophies where a species overexploits its local ecological niche and self-determinates as a result, though this usually only happens during sudden introductions of a species to a new environment (either a species is suddenly introduced to a new environment or the environment itself suddenly changes). A group of sheep introduced to a Pacific island ate all the vegetation on the island and promptly starved to death as winds blew all the soil to the sea as there was no vegetation left to bind the soil to the island. A group of deer found an island and overexploited it to such a degree that only few remained, in very poor health. They would do it on a global scale as well, they simply don't have the faculties required for it. We do.


What remains to be seen is if we also possess (or can develop) the faculties to limit and channel our exploitation in such a way that we can live sustainably within the global ecosystem. Of course, our species will disappear at some point, as will the planet we live on, and it will more likely than not happen violently, but there is a big difference between causing it ourselves and doing everything we can to avoid it. To me, the only logical choice is to believe we can do so since what I believe in determines my actions.

Comment by Jules on October 22, 2011 at 9:21pm
Comment by Hannah Day on October 22, 2011 at 7:32pm
I am right there with ya. I have felt the burgeoning of the earth's--the universe's--pains for the past year or so, then started to hear confirmations of these sentiments within my yoga community and began to feel anticipatory...but in a good way. We may be seeing something radical in the next couple years, and i feel so truly that it is what must happen, what our earth needs, so it could only be beautiful. It is so interesting because i am taking two religious studies courses right now in school and as we are reading all these messianic expectation-type texts i am looking around the room going "does anyone else feel like we are living this right now?!" of course, i don't think they do...
Comment by Jacob Hauptmann on October 22, 2011 at 1:47pm
A closer look at all other species provides evidence that there is a built in script that drives them to function harmoniously with nature. We have some basic instincts that drive our actions but we are far from compatible with nature. Jerermy Rifkin suggests that we are on a path of a new era of enlightenment. This enlightenment is know as the empathic era. In his book, "The Empathic Civilization", he reviews past evolution enlightenment periods of humankind. This book contains evidence showing our rate of consumption is not sustainable by the Earth. We need to be doing better.
Comment by Kevin Ferrier on October 22, 2011 at 1:15pm
Hey man, very insightful comments. Do you really think we are going beyond natures design? I do agree with you that we are coming into a place of higher consciousness and greater evolution. But I think that most people are doing their best, and that we simply have to become conscious individually through the spread of awareness, thought, and discussion.


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