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Entertaining Commentary about LFRV diet XD

     * "Aren't you hungry?" *

             No actually, I probably eat three times the volume that you eat Big Hairy Sir. :)

      * " Wow, is that how your parents raised you?" *

             Nope, they fed me McDonalds my whole life. blehhhh! 

       * "I could never do that. I don't have the will power" *

          Poppycock and hogwash! Do yourself a favor and stop underestimating yourself. You can do anything you damn well please. Your just making excuses to justify (to yourself) your unwillingness to change and experience being uncomfortable in exchange for a kickass, vibrant life!

       * "I pity you. Because your lunch is a bunch of oranges" *

          Pity me not darling! I am stoked to be eating these sweet, juicy Mcjuster oranges!

and my favorite yet to date...

      * "Well, if you start feeling sick, do the right thing and eat some cooked food, sweetie." * 

          Thank you for your concern in my well-being, it is appreciated, truly. But I'm pretty sure eating a bowl of refined grains processed in a factory by worker bees in lab coats isn't going to "cure" my illness, fatigue, indigestion, constipation, or whatever sort of signal my body would send me as a red flag of compromised health.



...and I'm sure the best are yet to come. I'd LOVE to hear any funtastic comments you have recieved about living a LFRV/raw/vegan lifestyle in the comment box below! :))

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Comment by Jenna Nicole on September 20, 2011 at 1:36pm
hahah love this blog post! :D


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