30 Bananas a Day!

Breakfast: delicious smoothie of bananas and cinnamon

post-breakfast-snack (just because I was craving one): 1 grapefruit

lunch: 1/2 banana smoothie + zucchinetti/raw marinara

dinner: banana smoothie I think probably...

I'm eating mostly bananas for my calorie intake and today I was feeling a little lethargic I think partially because I've been feeling a little emotional. I watched the documentary Earthlings today and if any of you 30BaD'ers have not seen it I highly recommend it... It's terrible and true and something everyone should have to watch. I balled my eyes out for the entirety of it.

Nothing like reaffirming your values when beginning a cleaner and happier lifestyle. You can hide from the truth but its akin to covering your eyes and pretending the world really disappears. Suffering is happening and change begins with us.

I'm a little curious about :

How can we bring this raw veganism into our lives every day? I know that the change needs to begin with me- that I obviously need to stick to a vegan diet... But what can I do (short of tying someone to a chair and making them watch this documentary) to convince them to try and partake in this diet with me? Even to CONSIDER this diet or attempting it in general?

I work in a vegetarian restaurant and I'm one of the only two vegetarians on staff there. They promote the lifestyle and we try to incorporate it into people's lives but it seems that they aren't practicing what they are preaching and if I try to ask them why they say : well I just crave meat. What am I suppose to counter that with? How to I approach a subject that means so much to me without ruining my relationships with my meat-eating friends and colleagues?

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Comment by Carrie Allen on April 5, 2012 at 4:19am

There's not a lot you can say... I mean, you found this lifestyle for a reason, right? Everyone is on a path, that doesn't mean the other path is wrong. It may be wrong for you, but it's right for them. Eventually, we all make it where we're suppose to ( I believe), even if it takes some a couple of lifetimes. :-)  Just show by good example.  And, generally best NOT to bring things up while eating at a restaurant. Food is a very emotional thing... for everyone.  Even if they don't wanna admit it, if you point out how horrible something is while they are eating it, they think about it, then get angry, then defensive. That will just shut the door to them. We don't want that.  Send them love, it's contagious. ❤❤❤

Comment by danny noon on April 4, 2012 at 9:13pm

i couldnt take the whole thing, earthlings that is. the first part is a must but i got the extent of the genocide about half way through

Comment by Macuilxochitl on April 4, 2012 at 11:23am

Look, I'll be honest: your friends are your friends, and your vegan friends are your vegan friends (you can have plenty of these on here I'd figure). Saying "I like you, but I'd like you more if you were vegan" is obviously no option. So you gotta take them for who they are if you value them for their friendship.
And you know what they say: you don't change people through words, you change them through example.


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