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After a long time on 100% raw and 100% organic, I fell into some major financial issues. Fortunately, I have a wonderful family who was willing to help me out with feeding myself and my son. Unfortunately, they can barely afford food for themselves, so we have had to settle for less than optimal food choices (always vegan, always gluten free, always natural and homemade, no junk!). After just a few days of eating conventional produce instead of the usual local organic, I am now sick for the first time in a very long while (since I had a tb test closer to the beginning of my raw journey, which made me incredibly ill) and have had a headache for four days straight! (I was exposed to a sick kid, but I usually don't catch anything). After eating cooked potatoes, I don't feel my usual vibrant self, but instead feel tired and sluggish.

This experience has truly been a blessing in disguise. When we feel so wonderful all of the time, we tend to forget what it feels like to feel anything other than great. I ate a jack fruit the next day and felt AMAZING :) I had more energy than ever and I was actually able to really appreciate it because I had again experienced what it felt like to NOT feel as great as I am used to.

This is a reminder to everyone who struggles to stay raw or can't afford it or has a slip up every now and again. Don't beat yourself up, LEARN from your experiences, LISTEN to your body, and make your next meal a meal that makes your body feel great! Without the downs, there are no ups, so every time you trip, stumble or fall, just pick yourself back up and keep climbing. Use it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and allow it to remind yourself just how beautiful the view is from the top of the mountain.


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Comment by Windlord on April 27, 2013 at 3:48pm

That is a horror story and half! X(

I'm glad you've both recovered as best you can.  You help Damien live so well, hopefully he'll continue to work through whatever might still be impacting him.  

Comment by Tasha Frost on April 27, 2013 at 3:31pm
Unfortunately, I don't have internet at home so I can't post much!

I was working at an organic daycare in phoenix called Natural Choice Academy for about 6 months last year. I was raw for about 5-6 months at the time, but hadn't discovered low fat yet. I was feeling amazing nonetheless. I REALLY wanted the job there, because not only did it align with my passions (health, environment, organic, children! etc) but I would be able to bring my son to work with me!

Apparently its a requirement for ALL teachers to get the skin test. I tried to get out of it. I tried to get the blood test. They reassured me that it was just on the skin and it wouldn't have any side effects on me or my son who is breastfeeding. I googled and couldnt find anything bad about it at the time and like i said, i really wanted this job so i went for it. I couldnt even start my job for over two weeks later because I was puking all day for a week! I couldn't hold anything inside of me and I had a very high temperature. I literally could not get off of the couch I was so sick. I wasn't able to stand up. I actually ended up in the hospital because of it. My son threw up in the waiting room because obviously he was ingesting it through my breast milk and we were both checked in. Luckily my dad was with me so I had him stay with Damien since they took him into a different room and wouldnt let me see him so matter how many times I asked. The nurses harassed me about my choice not to vaccinate my son and they told me that he was going to get a urinary tract infection because I did not circumcise him. They forcefully retracted his foreskin to insert a catheter (COMPLETELY unnecessary). They told me I was supposed to be retracting his foreskin at every diaper change. They tried to give my son formula after I asked them over and over and over if I could breastfeed him. Luckily my dad was there with him and made them come into the room and ask me before they gave him the formula, and I said NO. I was still puking and had a temp of like 106 at this time and so did Damien. They gave him motrin or something like that. It was the worst experience of my life. When my sons father arrived at the hospital soon after, he told those nurses off.

Well, I googled my symptoms of the TB test after I had experienced them and what do you know, other people have experienced the same symptoms. My sons health has NOT been the same since that happened. That was the first time he EVER was sick, and now he occasionally gets pink eye, and has suffered some tooth decay. I have read a lot of information about antibiotics (which I was given) being related to poorly formed enamel in developing teeth. I believe my son is suffering because of this :(

Other than the teeth issues, he is thriving! He has more energy than any two year old i know (many days he doesnt even take naps!) He loves raw broccoli and every single raw fruit. He is in great health and he is ahead developmentally and in the 80 - 90th percentile for both his weight and his height. I am so glad my dad was able to be in the room with him when they took him from me, otherwise I am sure they would have done something way worse.

I will not go to another hospital unless I am absolutely DYING. I was traumatized by the way I was treated especially in the condition I was in :(
Comment by Windlord on April 27, 2013 at 3:02pm

Beautifully expressed, Tasha.  

That's interesting what you say about the TB test.  You mean the one where they inject you with something?  What symptoms did you experience?

I tested a while back, but there was no way in San Jose I was going to permit anything invasive, so I searched for a blood reading.  I believe it's called Quantiferon Gold if you ever need to test again.  

Please keep checking in with us.  We're here to support you and your baby boy.  

Take care


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