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I'm trying so hard to eat only raw - I don't find eating the food or the quantity a problem but every single time I get either 100% or a very high % raw I get the same problem - Brain Splitting MIGRAINES.

I'm not talking about a bad headache here but really debilitating migraines - so bad it feels like my head is going to split open or bulge out through my eyes, I usually end up wanting to vomit - although last night all my fruit had digested so I was just retching.  I can't see properly and have to lie down in a dark room and try to sleep but that's impossible as the pain is so severe - I have gone through natural painkiller free childbirth and the migraines are worse and I feel rough for a couple of days afterwards.  I drank loads of water yesterday hoping it might help but it didn't and the migraine still hit.

I have had migraines all my adult life and the only thing that eases them is a prescription drug called Zomig.  My dilemma is this - do I continue eating all raw but take the medication to get through the detox migraines and hope that as my body becomes stronger due to all the good food they will ease and perhaps disappear or do I purposely include cooked food into my diet - taking into account that I would almost certainly eat whatever my family have and that won't even be vegetarian let alone vegan most days.

You might say well don't eat meat but I know my strengths and weaknesses, I can eat 100% LFRV and not look at other cooked food but until I started eating this way I wasn't vegan or veggie and I know that if I say I'm going to eat cooked it will be whatever I'm cooking for the rest of the family and they ain't veggie.   I'm a foster  carer so my job is to stay at home caring for a child so it isn't right to ask my husband to come home from work and cook for them when I'm here all day.

How would you get through this dilemma - which is the best choice to make.  I know instinctively that this is how I should be eating, I'm prepared for detox symptoms and feeling unwell and yesterday drank loads of water and included lots of greens but it didn't help and the pain was so unbearable I ended up taking the medication which I really didn't want to do :-(

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Comment by Sunluvva on February 12, 2012 at 12:45am

Thanks Greenmamma - I can feel the migraine coming on now but won't take the medication and no cooked food either!

Comment by Greenmama on February 11, 2012 at 10:13pm

Good luck, I'm rootin' for you!

Comment by Sunluvva on February 11, 2012 at 3:47am

Thanks Greenmamma - I've come to that conclusion too - just bite the bullet and go for it!

Comment by Greenmama on February 11, 2012 at 2:26am

Hi Sunluvva,

Thanks for clarifying; I misunderstood your original post!  So glad you have support from your dear husband.  I really think it would be better to get it over with.  You know, it's like when you were a kid and you tried really, really hard not to vomit.  And you could hold it back for maybe an hour.  But then once you threw up, you felt so much better!  These symptoms will be terrible for a short time and then you can move on to much higher levels of health and energy.

Comment by ednshell on February 10, 2012 at 11:42am

You still get the headaches on cooked?  Then I would do hcrv 100%.  What is the longest you have gone 100% hcrv and how many headaches did you get compared to normal and how long did they last compared to normal?  Is  there a possibility to go to a medically supervised fasting retreat like true north health center?  Just some questions to ask yourself.  If you keep eating the same you will get sicker, so I would do something different for sure.

Many people have reported their migraines going away eating hcrv!  Here are a couple of threads on the topic:



Comment by Mary on February 10, 2012 at 9:40am

If it is difficult as a homemaker to preprare meat dishes for your spouse, here is what I've done:  during meal preparation first, surround yourself with bowls of cut up mangoes, bowls of blueberries, washed grapes, anything ready to go.  Also, eat a huge banana smoothie before you start cooking.  After a while the food will not appeal to you but while it still does and you are confronted with it on a regular basis, just surround yourself with all your favorite fruits.  Have them at the ready.

As for the migraines, I don't know.  I used to have them so bad they would knock me out for 3 days.  I totally can relate to the misery, but honestly, since eating 811 I've never had one.  Even before that I had eliminated caffeine and white sugar and that had helped reduce their frequency.

And you said it yourself YOU KNOW which way you should be eating.  Do your best to make it easy for yourself, set yourself up for success.  Another thing that has helped me with late day cravings is an afternoon workout.  I don't go to the gym, but strength train at home for about 20 min to half hour every other day.  In the afternoons it gives a nice boost to my outlook when caring for kids.

Comment by Sunluvva on February 10, 2012 at 1:14am

Thanks for your replies

Greenmamma - thanks for the friends request too :-)

Just to clarify - my husband is very supportive and helpful and will often cook dinner for himself and my foster daughter when I'm unwell (I have crohn's disease) - what I meant was do I deliberately include a daily cooked meal in the day to prevent the migraines in the first place - that meal would be dinner and frequently non vegan/veggie and I would normally cook it -( I do cook for them now but don't eat it), or should I stay totally raw and take the medication when I get the migraines.  Either way hubby is very supportive and helpful :-)

The migraines are THE most painful and distressing things and I have tried not to take the medication but I honestly feel like my brain is going to burst open and end up taking them :-(

I guess what everyone is saying is grit my teeth - lie down in a dark room and try to sweat/vomit it out..............

Sam, the main pain is at the front and it actually hurts to press on my forehead even really lightly - I will just have to get through this if I want to succeed.

Comment by Greenmama on February 9, 2012 at 2:42pm

And whaddya mean "it isn't right for me to ask my husband..."?  So if you're sick, it's not o.k. to ask him for help?  Are you sure he agrees with that?  :)  

Sure it's inconvenient and stressful, but when your spouse is sick, most husbands and wives try to be supportive.  

Comment by Greenmama on February 9, 2012 at 2:38pm

I have had one really bad migraine.  I know what you're talking about.  I have done 4 natural childbirths and they were no big deal.  Migraines are the worst!

If I were you... I would NOT take the medication.  It is so poisonous it immediately stops any detox.  Then you just repeat the cycle over and over again with the same stuck toxins + the toxins from the meds.  Same with the meat.

I would ask someone for help.  I would ask someone to come and look after your child(ren) while you detox.  The best thing you can do is drink water and lie down with your eyes closed until the headache passes.  Avoid t.v. and computer especially while you have a headache.

Comment by Natalia In NL on February 9, 2012 at 10:41am

maybe you'll find this info helpful: 

source: http://www.rawfoodexplained.com/symptoms-during-dietary-transition/...

"What are the symptoms or signs which become evident when we first begin to omit the lower-grade foods and instead introduce superior foods—those which are more alive, more natural than we are accustomed to? When the use of a toxic stimulant such as coffee, tea, chocolate or cocoa is suddenly stopped, headaches are common and a letdown occurs. This is due to the discard by the body of the toxins called caffeine and theobromine which are removed from the tissues and transported through the bloodstream to the eliminating organs. When the blood coagulates through the brain during its many bodily rounds before the noxious agents reach their final destination for elimination, these irritants register in our consciousness as pain—in other words, headache. The letdown is due to the ower action of the heart—the resting phase which follows the stimulation or more rapid heart action forced upon the body by certain poisons called stimulants. The more rapid heart beat (or pulse) produces a feeling of exhilaration and the slower action produces a depressed state of mind. Usually, within three days, the symptoms vanish and we feel stronger due to the recuperation which follows. To a lesser extent, the same process occurs when we abandon lower-quality foods and replace them with better foods. Lower-quality foods have undergone more reparation. Spices, salt and other ingredients have been added and they tend to be more stimulating than less-prepared and more-natural foods. Animal foods such as meat, fowl and fish are more stimulating than cheese, nuts and vegetable proteins. Consequently, the withdrawal of stimulation which follows the abandonment of animal food produces a slower heart action—a resting base—which registers in the mind as relaxation or a decrease in energy. This initial letdown lasts about ten days or slightly longer and is followed by an increase of strength, a feeling of diminishing stress and greater well-being."


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