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day 9 - i may be 811rv but I AM NOT A PACIFIST

today i ate: 6 pears, 3 apples, 4 kiwi fruit, 7 bananas and a quarter pound of greens. lots of water. hot again :-) still feeling good, no cravings.

i wrote this this morning after reading some of the stuff about DR

I am not a pacifist

this doesn't mean i am a violent, unthinking, thug

of course, i would prefer issues and conflicts to be settled peacefully

but... in the face of overwhelming violence and destruction i choose to fight on my terms

yes i want to live a life of positivity. But i also choose not to live a life of denial.

Derrick Jensen is an author who has really influenced me in this matter. I would really recommend books such as Endgame 1 and 11, A Language Older Than Words, or As the World Burns.

He says that violence down a power hierarchy is unspokenly accepted in our society. An example would be: Shell are trying to build a gas refinery in unspoilt countryside in the remote west of Ireland. The local people really don't want it. They have campaigned tirelessly for over 7 years, but got nowhere. Shell are building. Often without planning permission. The police there are hired thugs for Shell, nothing else. When Shell are breaking the law (often!) they turn a blind eye. When the locals put their bodies in the way of diggers to save their beautiful coastline and livelihoods, they are beaten, repeatedly, brought to court on spurious charges, harrassed by unmarked cars, sent hate mail, etc. Put in prison. This has been going on for years. While it is only the locals who are getting physically beaten by the police, so far, it is only the locals who have been prosecuted for assaulting the police. So violence down the hierarchy, from shell and the government and the judiciary and the police is allowed to occur with impunity, when the locals even deign to try and stop illegal building through peaceful means they are beaten, imprisoned, etc.

what would you do?

there are so many examples of this, once you start looking.

I can think as many positive thoughts as possible, eat lovely food, and be kind and compassionate to all, but at some point, a 'Shell' could just come along and destroy all i have built up. They don't care. They aren't compassionate. They don't play fair. This is happening every day.

so... you may say that something about my energy attracted this negativity into my life, and i'm just not being positive enough. Say that to the Ogoni tribe in the Niger delta, who again have had serious ongoing issues with oil production in the area. They started out trying to protest peacefully... and their leaders (including Ken Saro-Wiwa) were arrested, and hanged (the Ogoni 9). So now they have resorted to what can only be described as warfare. Civilisation came to their lands, polluted them with oil spills and gas flares, made it so their children grow up sick, so they cant grow their food, so oil companies dominate their economy and they have no control.

What would you do?

Their actions are starting to have some effect, but honestly, it is only by taking power back into our own hands that it is even possible to open a dialogue with these people.

So yes, in the face of catastrophic climate chaos, pollution, the spread of big business across the globe, continuing torture of animals for our 'beauty' (what?!?!?), and our 'food', etc etc etc ad nauseaum.... i choose to fight. I also choose to try and maintain my sanity, and little pockets of positivity. But if i don't fight these corporations raping our beautiful planet, who will? I choose to fight because it is positive! I don't want my children growing up in this world.

So no, I am not a pacifist. Though sometimes non-violence can be a useful tool. Look at nature, and other primates. If their groups are attacked, what do they do? I know that they fight, or hide, or something else appropriate to that situation. By denying the possibility of fighting back, we are severely limiting our options.

We are social beings, yet most of us have been brought up in a world that divides us, Big Power (tm) doesn't want us to come together, because then we are more powerful, more of a threat. This is a conscious tactic on their part. Do you want to let them get away with what they are doing?

Inaction is not an option. Sitting in our lovely little bubble is not an option.

What will you do?

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Comment by seaweed on June 2, 2009 at 9:52am
I love those books- Jensen really lays down. Pacifism isn't natural, and the concept of violence needs to be broken down and identified as it takes many forms on a daily basis on an institutional level to a more overt one.
Comment by catalyst on June 2, 2009 at 8:25am
sorry hun :-((((
insert another random baddie !!!!
shells are great!
Comment by Shell on June 2, 2009 at 8:21am
Makes me want to change my screen name... lol.
Comment by pradtf on June 2, 2009 at 7:06am
from someone who was definitely not a pacifist:
"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people."
(martin luther king)

inaction is never an option.

in friendship,


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