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Today i woke up and really just wanted to sleep a little longer....but i couldnt.....had to get ready for school.  I tried doing the "no poo" thing with hair washing....tried baking soda and apple cider vinegar....fail.....then i tried clay....UBER fail.  That clay stuck in my hair for about a week and a half, no matter how hard i tried to get it off of my scalp, it wouldnt all get out.  I now use this for shampoo, and this for conditioner.  They both smell amazing, and have no sulfates or chemicals :).  It gets my hair not oily/greasy, and its helping the damage that my cousin caused to my hair with that bleaching by the conditioner helping.  

I think the weather definitely affected my mood today.  It was very cold and rainy ALLLL day.  When i got to the library to read and drink my breakfast, right after i finished my breakfast, i was dozing off.  It could also do with the fact that i had been sitting for 45 mins in a comfy chair reading....but i also think it was the icky weather.  I think i actually dozed off for 10 minutes, i made sure to set my phone alarm to vibrate on me so i would wake up to walk to class.  Everyone was falling asleep in class because all we did was listen to the teacher talk about something, and then listen to a few recordings on something.  I stayed awake, but kept looking around and seeing more and more people putting their heads down.  The lights in our room are also funky, so it was quite dark, adding to sleepy time feelings.  I seemed to wake up some in my last class, and then i had to drive an hour straight to get my poor tooth fixed.  On the way, i think i honestly felt the true hunger feeling in my throat area, that achey feeling.  I knew i needed something atleast, and i stopped at a store in the town i work in that i know has organic produce.  I was able to get some ripe bananas, but i knew i needed to get some to be able to have some for my first meal of the day smoothies.  I ended up getting organic dried figs, i know i know.....dried fruits arent a whole food....and they arent technically in the 80/10/10 way...but it was that or not eat anything and pass out from nerves at the dentist.  They tasted like a fig newton....and of course i wouldve rather had fresh figs.  It satisfied my need, but wouldnt do it again.

I get to the dentists, and then get the news from the nurse after taking a look that they will need to drill again.  I instantly had tears well up in my eyes, lip started quivering.  I tried to calm down, but then the tears just flooded.  The dentist is honestly my biggest fear, because last time i went, i had a VERY unpleasant, and traumatizing to say the least, experience with the other dentist there.  The other dentist performed the first filling on the tooth that needed to be fixed, because that filling thing popped off while i was flossing last wednesday.  The dentist gave me novacane of course, but then started working on my tooth and i could still feel twinges of pain.  So he had given me this little clicker thing to click if i felt pain.  Well, i kept clicking it, because he obviously didnt numb my tooth enough.  He proceeded to basically scold me for clicking the clicker...dude....what am i supposed to do?!?  He then kept working, and after a few more clicks, because i was STILL feleling pain, he stops and says "Alright im stopping here."  He literally was going to stop and leave the hole in my tooth unless i stopped clicking or something. i said "UMM...no youre finishing."  What kind of dentist says he's going to stop IN THE MIDDLE of a filling....talk about traumatizing.  I literally left when i was finished and got in the car and started balling and told my mom the whole situation, she was furious, i was traumatized for ever, and so this time going in and hearing i had to get drilled on again, all of that fear and pain came right back up.  I have the most sensitive teeth on top of it all because i clench and grind at night, but i wear a bite plane to prevent wearing away my teeth.  

So, after i started crying, the dentist comes in, and it was the other one.  I would NOT let that other dentist ever come near my mouth again.  I tell him how much excrutiating pain im in, and he thought it was so odd because it had already been filled.  He then said the other dentist must have been "too afraid" to go in any deeper, because of my clicking im suppose.  SO GREAT, that other dumb dentist didnt even do his job, leading to more pain and stress for me.  This time they made sure that i couldnt feel anything on my tooth.  I get 2 shots of novacane (i think what i got last time) and then the helper nurse touched it with a pointy pricker, OW!  The dentist was surprised, and then i end up getting 2 more shots in my mouth, after that, i finally didnt feel anything.  As long as i couldnt feel pain on that tooth area, i wasnt so freaked out and could stop crying.  I was so afraid to feel more pain on that tooth.  They then re-drill and refill my tooth, the dentist was so nice and talked to me the whole time, and the helper let me squeeze her hand.  I had to be reminded to breath a few times, because of course when he was drilling, i was anticipating a pain and tensing up, luckily, no pain this time.  My face stayed numb for HOURS....cant believe how sensitive my teeth actually are

TOOTHPASTE TALK:  Of course the dentist asked about the toothpaste i was using, i told him i stopped and only use baking soda, he said i need fluoride to remineralize my teeth and prevent more decay and problems.  He said baking soda is pretty abrasive.  I didnt want to buy fluoride toothpaste JUST yet, i bought PerioBrite natural toothpaste/mouthwash.  They look like good alternatives to baking soda, and if they help my teeth without fluoride and sulfates, i'll be happy.  My teeth have gotten extremely more noticably sensitive since stopping toothpaste and mouthwash with fluoride, and with my already sensitive teeth issue, i cant have any more issues pop up.  I will see how these two things work.  The toothpaste has no preservatives, alcohol, synthetic solvents, sodium-lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners, or colors and dyes.  The mouthwash has no alcohol, synthetic solvents, sds, or sweeteners and preservatives.  I will update in future blogs how my teeth are feeling.  I wish i could keep using just baking soda, but my teeth are telling me (and showing) otherwise.  

DURIAN!!! omgosh, i was on my way home from whole foods, and thought that maybe they have frozen durian and this world food market on the way back home i had never gone into.  I asked the man behind the counter if they had any durian and he points me to the back freezer section.  I got SO excited, all of this tlak about it on here, and now i was finally going to be able to try some!  They had actual full durians in the freezer, pod and all, to buy.  They were from thailand, and they had the pieces u eat frozen as well in packs.  I posted a picture of the pack i bought on here earlier.  As soon as it thawed, i cut that package open with eager anticipation.  HOLY SMELL! Instantly got hit with onion/garlic/foul smell.  I then take a bite.....it tastes like creamy onion/sweet/garlic.  I love the taste.  I also found out that it should taste more like almond custard, and that it must be a little over ripe.  What can u expect from frozen durian, i hope to try some fresh perfectly ripe some day...hopefully at the next woodstock fruit festival!!! I still think it tastes yummy with that onion garlic taste...but im sure it tastes even better when its almondy custard flavor ).  When i was at whole foods i also bought a dragon fruit, a persimmon, and another asian pear because i loved that one i tried the other day.  I split the dragon fruit with my dad because he's always wanted to try it.  We both thought it tasted like a black kiwi, i was hoping for a more BAM flavor, but it was mild.  Still a beautiful fruit :) i need to let the persimmon ripen alot.  Its a hachiya, so i believe that means i can eat it hard or squishy? i definitely think it needs to ripen a little more.  My 2nd meal smoothie tonight was frozen mangos and dark sweey cherries.  It was sooooo delicious.  Of course i wouldve rather had fresh of those, but there werent ripe, and no cherries around.  My bananas are still ripening, so im resorting to frozen fruit.  I wouldnt go to cooked food if i didnt have fresh fruit, i go frozen.  

I wish i had more time to relax at home today, but i had things to do.  I also went to see my sisters new condo for the first time.  It was nice.  I also got a comment from her, shocking to me how uninformed she is, "Where do u get your protein? but when you work out how do u get all of that extra protein you need to keep going?"  i responded with where do gorillas and horses get their protein, surprisingly to me she said "I dont know."  I said all gorillas eat are fruits and greens....for her to not realize what a gorilla even eats is beyond me....and also to her thinking you need loads of protein to fuel your energy for a workout.  I said that carbs are your main energy source...i cant believe she didnt know that either.....of course, all she eats is white breads/pastas, cheese, meats, literally no veggies, and maybe juice.  My mom tonight on the way started asking me about if i could go on "another vegan diet because its hard for you to always have ripe fruit" because i was stressing to her that its costing me unnecessary money because my bananas arent ripe and i hate it.  I instantly said there IS no other vegan diet that is healthy, i started explaining about the too much fat issue around some raw food, then about cooking your food in general, and everything else.  I told her that she needs to read 811 and then she can talk to me about my diet, once she learns that its what u should be doing.  I hate arguing with my mom, but she really does not stop nagging about things...when we got to my sisters, she wouldnt stop asking questions until my sister finally had to tell her to stop because she just doesnt.....it really causes a lot of stress, its hard to just listen when its coming at u non stop over and over....i told her she really needs to just stop asking so many questions and relax.  I dont know what drives her to be that way, but i have a really big feeling its her mom, she acts that way whenever they come over to her husband.  I think she just worries to much over stuff....she takes on too many things at once sometimes, and i think its all the stress, coupled with her not eating enough.  She told me tonight in the car that she was so hungry for dinner.  I asked her what she ate today.  2 eggo waffles for breakfast, snack was a piece of toast, lunch was a slice of veggie pizza.  I was 8 pm.  I told her she is not eating nearly enough calories to function.  She stressed she always has a big salad "i pig out"  i instantly said salads have very little calories, unless u top them with crap like they do at most restaurants.  She told me i could analyze her diet for her because she has no idea how many calories shes getting.  She also asked what i advised she eat.  I asked if that was a serious question...because of course its FRUIT.  Tonight as i eat my squash pasta w/ tomato sauce, she puts a cheese broccoli and chicken covered thick flatbread thing by stouffers in the microwave.  I just sigh, and then when shes eating it next to me i say it smells gross.  She said now were even because she had to smell my durian, lol.  She then proceeded to tell me she doesnt have the "luxury" of eating like me.  I told her its far from luxury, its (usually) so cheap.  The only big-ish expense is dates, but bananas are nothin!  Of course when i have to resort to frozen once in a while, thats when it gets expensive.  I wish she would start eating better, she seems to want to try, but doesnt think she can, and she's addicted to spice teas, cheese, breads, all of that.  I just wish i could flick a switch in my mom, dad, and sisters brains, that would make them start eating like me.  My dad comes down every night for TUMS....he eats just typical SAD...loveees meat, beans, nuts, martinis, fries, just probably the worst things to love.  Alright ive been typing up a storm for this blog, i'll be surprised if someone reads it all LOL


YES...this is very long, i felt like i had a lot to say about today haha.  

Night Nectarines!

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Comment by Dot Wren on October 25, 2011 at 9:33am
I read it all! I'm right there with ya...I want to try durian so bad, but fresh is best. I'm afriad if I get some frozen I'll hate it and wont ever want to try it again. How did you ever find 80-10-10?? I'm curious because it seems like everything around you is working against you, whatever made you want to change and find another way of living?
Comment by Windlord on October 21, 2011 at 8:08am

So sorry about your tooth quack troubles.  Do you feel they deserve to be reported? 

That's one way my family checks out worthy docs, is to check their record of complaints.  None is a good start. 

I hope you are able to find one who is both knowledgeable and gentle. 


Oh, and the hachiya must be ultra squishy to be palatable and not to upset the tum.

Comment by Ashley Whitaker on October 21, 2011 at 6:55am
I know how it feels to live at home with a pretty much SAD family.... (or standard canadian?) They really stopped bugging me when I showed them facts, my blood test. Showing my potassium(and everything) was normal, hahaha.
Comment by Mike Rawsome Grant on October 21, 2011 at 6:48am

I definitely read a solid 3/4's of it. That was the great wall of text girl. lol

I am glad I've never had problems with my teeth yet (knock on wood), the idea of drills and all those other pointy tools would cause me some night terrors. Day 47 though, congrats and keep it up becasue you are doing awesome otherwise. =)


Take care friend.

Comment by Elisa Oras on October 20, 2011 at 7:38pm
Yes..I red it all :D 47 days! - good for you!


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