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Day 457 - And the Start of my 16th Month!

Today is officially the start of Month 16 on this lifestyle.  Lately I have been doing lots of research on water, dehydration, and digestion and its longterm effects.  Since coming to this lifestyle, I have tried 2,500 calories, 4,000 calories (and stabilizing around 3,300 calories), less water, more water, exercise before eating, then after eating.  But what always remains a constant is weight gain and more importantly BLOAT!  I actually had one of my worst days in the last week and honestly, I feel it should be improving by now.  I know miracles do not happen overnight, nor am I expecting that, but I really feel like the bloat is just progressively getting worse.  There is SOMETHING that my body is struggling with.  After doing a few days additional study on the importance of water on the digestion (well, the total body actually), I have decided to take my calories back down to 2,500.  I am only doing this for a few days because I am going to try and focus on proper hydration to see if I can get my bloat moving.  Since one of my staples has been bananas since day 1, and they require a larger intake of water, I feel that maybe my body is still in a state of drought and cannot get the digestion thing healed.  If at any time I feel hungry, I will not deprive my body of any nutrients.  This is not a fast of any kind.  I just want to bring the volume down a bit so I can get extra water flowing through. 

It is summer where I am at and it has been humid lately.  I have increased my water intake for that as well as more water in general and I can still see dryness on my skin.  I have been experiencing some achiness in my joints as well, which a definite indicator of dehydration. 

Another symptom that has been with me since the beginning is ringing ears and it is also a symptom of dehydration as the hair-like particles in the ear need water to keep things working.  It very well could be that my body is just dried out inside. 

I am going to give this an honest try for a few days, then begin to add my calories back in to achieve 3,300 or possibly more if I can.  I really think my body needs closer to 4,000 calories, but with the bloat, I can only achieve this amount once a week because I am so puffy and uncomfortable.  I really hope I am on to something here.  I will report back soon!  :) 

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Comment by Fruity Fitness on July 8, 2014 at 11:36pm
Sheena - Funny, I actually read something on this recently too! When I drink my water, I have to pee within 10-20 minutes. Apparently you areto be able to hold urine for proper hydration and I cannot, nor have I been able to at any time since starting 30bad. I cannot increase my greens due to bloat. :/
Comment by Fruity Fitness on July 8, 2014 at 11:34pm
Gayle - the bloat is improving but I am still gaining weight on less calories. BUT, I am feeling better on the hydration which is my goal. Needing to get the calories increased now and see if the bloat resumes.
Comment by Keegan O'Loughlin on July 7, 2014 at 1:46pm

Im sure you will find the right balance sooner rather than later...You've done well so far

Comment by Msbunny on July 5, 2014 at 9:07am
Another thumbs up! :D I've been following your posts as well and know someday soon you will see weight loss and digestion improvement. Hang in there! We're all rooting for ya, :)
Comment by CarrieAnn on July 5, 2014 at 8:57am

"It's awesome seeing that you didn't "drop out" of this lifestyle just because you didn't lose weight, big inspiration for me and probably everyone else in here. Big thumbs up for you!!"


Hang in there Fruity! You are doing great!  I have been reading your posts fo a while now and I am rooting for you. Keep up the good work/research and I look forward to reading your next post!  :)

Comment by Fruity Fitness on July 5, 2014 at 3:20am

Keegan, I am actually increasing my water intake, not decreasing it at the moment.  I was eating a high volume of food, but was seeing indicators of dehydration.  Since I am extremely bloated this far into the lifestyle, I am going to try to decrease my cals a bit, but increase my water intake significantly.  It may work out to be around 4.5 liters.  I started trying out slight increases in water yesterday and woke up much less bloated.  But, I also brought down my volume of food slightly, and I do not like doing that.  I love my food, but I cannot eat 3,300-4,000 calories while still bloated AND drinking that much water.  It really hurts bad. 

Comment by Fruity Fitness on July 5, 2014 at 3:17am

Mary - I have never been much of a swimmer, but am thinking it might be a good addition to my lifestyle.  Ironically, I stumbled across hydrotherapy yesterday when digging into a question I had about dehydration.  Thank you for sharing your idea!  :)

Comment by Fruity Fitness on July 5, 2014 at 3:15am

Ricardo - Thank you for the kudos.  It has been a long journey!  My average water intake was around 3 liters, give or take dependent on workout volume (I just recently started working on regularly - did not have enough endurance or strength before), temperature/humidity, etc.  Never, ever less than 2 liters.  I am hoping to see some results from the changes I am making! 

Comment by Keegan O'Loughlin on July 5, 2014 at 1:37am

I'm curious...what was the result of a Decrease in water?

Comment by Mary on July 4, 2014 at 12:38pm

I know we're not supposed to recommend therapies etc but have you ever looked at hydrotherapy?  I know that swimming (and the earthing it involves) feels so good and it seems like surrounding oneself in water is therapeutic.  Just a thought as I read your post.


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