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Day 4 - I'm glowing but argh the stomach bloating?!

Hey guys!

How are we all?

I'm actually doing great.. I woke up this morning and my nose was a little blocked, I have an extremely sore lower back and my body is aching but other then that I feel amazing! I'm guessing my body is still detoxing but hey this is part of the ride right? A few questions on the stomach bloating, does this eventually settle? I feel great but sometimes look like I have a bit of a pregnant belly going on? Did anyone else experience this in the beginning?


I decided to go and suss out a raw cafe I guess you could call it - in Melbourne today! It was actually awesome, I had a Hawaiian Live Pizza and a banana smoothie it was soo good, I also decided to go for the raw chocolate cheese cake.. Uhh amazing! I also met a chick from russia, she has been in australia for a while and was looking for more of us RAW people.. I told her to join up to 30BaD fingers crossed she does, she's been raw for 4months now! She was really lovely!


Anyway that's about it! I won't be on for a few days after tomorrow, I'm going to do a silent retreat.... It's 10 days.. I'm sure this is going to be pretty intense but so well worth it!


Have a great day guys!


Lots of Loveee


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Comment by RawDad on September 9, 2011 at 11:26am
Yes...all normal stuff.   The longer you do it.. the easier it gets....
Comment by Brittany Baxter on September 6, 2011 at 5:53pm
Hey Jenee - Thank you! Yeah Vipassana... looking forward to it! :) Ahh great, yeah I thought it might take a while for my stomach to adapt to this diet!
Comment by Jenee the Fruity Gypsy on September 6, 2011 at 5:51pm

good luck with the meditation retreat - Vipassana I guess? its awesome and will change your life!

the stomach bloat does eventually past once the body has cleansed. (-:


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