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I'm definitely not eating enough but it's so very difficult for me to continuously eat more calories while I'm gaining weight and my skin is so horrible.    I'm still 100% lfrv and I don't want to stop eating this way but now it's becoming this scary tight rope walk.    I definitely don't get enough exercise and this bugs me because when I was eating 80/10/10 before, I felt amazing without the exercise (I was eating more fats).   I also don't have very much energy anymore.    This is all very frustrating!    I'm going to post my calorie totals for this month along with the notes (if there were any) I made for how I felt that day.  Any imput would be helpful to my survival on this lifestyle.

            Calories             Notes

Day 1  1855

Day 2  1401

Day 3  1341

Day 4  3319   "Feeling really great despite the kale salad with cashew dressing at raw food place"

Day 5  2600   "Feeling really good so far today but I only seem to want to eat dates. I was hoping I would eat more oranges or grapes (I brought them to where I'm staying out of town) but I just keep buying more dates!"

Day 6  2800

Day 7  1800  "I'm feeling a little scared because I seem to be gaining weight so fast"

Day 8  2660  "I woke up at first feeling how much "fleshier" I felt but then I looked in the mirror and even though I did still feel like maybe there was a little more to me, my shape was beautiful! It made it easy for me to do my morning naked yoga! My body is a temple! I need to drink more water also!"

Day 9  2657  "Happy and proud to be a fruit cake again"

Day 10  2538  " My shape is back!!!! (upon waking) When did I run out of fruit?? (upon breakfasting)"

Day 11  2838  "I seem to be gaining weight again and my energy is down.   My eyes and skin look really bright though."

Day 12  2602  "Woke up with a flat stomach and good shape again this morning. I was really worried when I went to sleep because I had eaten SO MUCH yesterday."

Day 13  1743  "Did not wake up today with the same slimness but I had a lot of dried fruit last night and I think that probably has something to do with it. Throughout the day I noticed I was noticeably puffier."

Day 14 1700  " Woke up with a flat stomach again this morning but I can still tell overall that I've gained weight since I started (equally throughout my body). I'm going to get more exercise today and perhaps I'll start to feel better about this!"

Day 15 2350  "Woke up feeling slim again! Still can feel the weight that needs to come off but I don't feel bloated. Also it seems I'm getting my period for the first time in 6 months."

Day 16 2337  "Still worried about the weight, trying not to be.   Breaking out a lot now."

Day 17 2550  "It drives me crazy recording these calories."

Day 18 1486  " I got such a bad stomach ache after I ate the salad for lunch. Something seems to have changed with my digestion (this feeling carries on throughout tomorrow too)."

Day 19  2498 "Ate 1498 calories then had a late night fruit binge.  So tired, going to bed early."

Day 20  1147  " I feel more spring in my step today! I wasn't hungry though. I've been getting so much painful gas (not today---yet, anyway) and I'd like that to stop! I think oranges for breakfast is the perfect meal- I felt amazingly energetic."

Day 21 2150  " I've been getting the worst gas ever. I just don't know what to do. It makes my stomach enormous and it's painful."

Day 22 1587 

Day 23 1986  "I felt pretty good this morning. I really do think eating lots of oranges in the morning makes me feel the best. I felt "full" after only 3 oranges for breakfast today though and I ended up having a binge of canned vegetables later in the day, leaving me feeling terrible. I know the calories still aren't enough, which is probably why I ate the tinned vegetables. I ran out of dates (my shipment is late) and I think I panicked."

Day 24 1600 "I am enormous and my skin is tremendously bad."

Day 25 _________  (day isn't over yet.)

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Comment by Nora Barnard on December 27, 2012 at 6:35pm

One day you wake up feeling like you've gained weight, and the next morning you feel skinny.  Like a cycle.  Doesn't sound like it's really actually happening- it's impossible to gain much fat over a day, especially if you're eating fruit, which rarely even gets stored as fat.  It's probably just water retention.  When you wake up and feel like you've gained weight, you're feeding into a mental cycle.  Give your body permission to be whatever shape it decides to be that morning, and when you've stopped needing it to be otherwise, it'll be absolutely perfect.  

Comment by michael on December 26, 2012 at 1:06pm

This might sound boring a slow to zero in on the issue but this is how you can truly flush out what thing or things are key for you.


1) build a diet for a day that has enough variety that you get all your requirements for your micro nutrients.


2) Eat the same each day's worth of meals and monitor how you feal everyday. Make sure it is the SAME meals and same calories each day. Also, whatever activity level you have keep that the same as well.


3) Journal how you feel.


4) Change only 1 part of your daily meals based on what you end up craving after a few days. Whatever change you make, and make only 1, journal and monitor how you feel. Keep activity the same as the start.


5) Review your eating and how you feel after a few more days. If you still have a particular craving then adjust with one more food, but keep your calorie count the same as you started with.


6) Repeat 3, 4, 5 until you get to a place that leaves you feeling good. When you get to that point you will have a much better idea of the foods that work for you. Now you can adjust your calories up and down from here. Monitor calorie intake for a week or two and then play around with just eating when you feel like it.


Eventually add in some exercise but like before journal a little while you exercise so you can zero in on what exercises make you feel the best.


From the data you did list your calories are all over the place, varying by up to 1700 calories.


Your comments seemed to be more positive when you were around 2,500 calories so I think that when you are able to narrow down what foods are most positive for you then your calories will probably be more stable and you won't have to worry about recording them anymore.


For me, I know that I over and under eat all too often so when I make my smoothies I make those nearly the same (caloricly) everytime. I vary the types of fruits now and again but I did spend a little time researching how much weight in cherries is equal to 100 grams of blueberries. Same with blackberries and raspberries. I end up making my smoothies (depending on the fruit that I use in addition to bananas) of around 2 pounds of fruits, 4 ounces of greens (kale, chard, etc). Now, when I am a good boy, my meals and snacks are almost the same content and I also get hungry around the same times each day. Since I have narrowed my food selection quite a bit I am able to eat the same things at home each meal. It can be a bit boring but I try to look at the food as utility. When I go out I will play around a bit and be more opportunistic.


I hope that I helped in someway or another.


Good luck!


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