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Day 2 and feeling a little under the weather!! Is this normal?



So this is my second day of going RAW!! Woo, but unfortunately I'm feeling a little crappy! I keep coughing up crap from my lungs, I have had a bad headache, but I think thats the detox from coffee considering I was drinking like 5 cups per day! And now I have a temperature! I'm really hoping this is normal and I start to feel a little better soon!

I also feel a little hrmm how can I say it "depressed" I know I experienced the same feelings from being a meat eater to vegan, but I didn't realize I would be feeling like this again.. Anyway I think I just need to go through the motions.. My bod is doing something so I think I just need to sit back, listen and go with the ride!!

Today I've also noticed that I don't really feel like eating a whole lot.. Yesterday I was eating ALL day, fruit,nuts, salads and green smoothies and nothing seemed to leave me full! Today though, I attempted to eat my huge fruit salad but couldn't seem to stomach it? I guess I'll just have to keep forcing the food down!


Well this is just a little update as to where I am at!


Lots of loveee!!



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Comment by Brittany Baxter on September 4, 2011 at 12:48pm

Wow - 3 Litres of water.. That's a lot but if it speeds up the process I'm going to do it! I know this will be totally worth it once the "detox" is all over! I can't say I've ever detoxed quite like this before! But I am excited and totally can't wait till I feel like everyone else does on here!This site is totally awesome! SOO good to see a whole bunch of like minded people!

Hehe yeah - I'm loving my beautiful bod now.. I treated it pretty badly in the past and now I just want the best for it! You only have one!! It's my temple and needs to be looked after! :) Yayy!

Comment by Dylan Rawgasms on September 4, 2011 at 12:26pm

it all depends on what level you were on before. you will be alright i think. definitely less than 14 days. think very soon. to take detox up to a high level (faster!) make sure you're getting at least 3, if not 6 litres H2O a day. you can back off when it's over but that's probably what you want right now.

my guess is that all the sudden your body is spending energy detoxing and focusing on getting toxins out, and it doesn't want to spend energy digesting. just follow your feelings, if you think you might get cranky, then eat. 

get SUPER psyched about pineapple, write about it and think about it and laugh and smile about it. do the same for peeing... and feel how you will feel when detox is over.

you love your body so much, that's awesome!!!

Comment by Brittany Baxter on September 4, 2011 at 12:20pm
Thanks Dylan!! I'm interested in knowing what is causing the lack of interest in food.. I will take your advise and I think I might go with pineapple today! Yumm! How long does the detox period usually last.. I've read about 7 days to 14 days.. I hope it's not 14 days! Argh!
Comment by Dylan Rawgasms on September 4, 2011 at 12:10pm

things are getting stirred up inside as the detox begins. think of cleaning a house... big dust clouds in the air, etc. 

i would suggest picking a favorite fruit and just eating that all day. eat a ton of it! if you're not hungry, wait a couple minutes and then eat more. make sure to get lots and lots of water.

soon you will acclimate and positivity will start flowing.

you got this grrl ;)


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