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APRIL 8, 2012



1 hour on elliptical

2 easy arm weight exercises

30 crunches on ab machine

leisurely walk around the park – 1.6 miles


BREAKFAST: 560 calories

3 large bananas – 360 calories

100 green grapes – 200 calories


LUNCH: 580 calories

3 large bananas – 360 calories

1 large pear – 120 calories

2 dried Turkish figs - 100


DINNER:  1040 calories

1 ear raw corn – 100 calories

20 grape tomatoes – 60 calories

2 bananas – 220 calories

2 dried Turkish dates – 100 calories

1 baby apple – 80 calories

4 medjool dates – 280 calories

1 large mango – 200 calories


+ 3 liters of water throughout the day


Total calories for day = 2,180 calories

Thoughts on the day...

-Didn't meet the calorie goal of 2,500 calories because I am still afraid of gaining weight. This is so frustrating.

-Feel cramps in my lower abdomen and bloated after dinner since it was so large and definitely not mono.

-Having lots of anxiety after dinner about gaining weight and looking and not being able to fend of cravings in the future, and fears of being viewed as socially "weird" for eating this way. Having to constantly fight of thoughts about wanting to go back to my comfortable SAD way of eating where I count calories and keep them between 1800-2000 so that I know my weight will not fluctuate.

-Worried about tomorrow and if I will be able to have another day of HCRV. Worried about the anxieties I will have tomorrow that will try to talk me out of sticking with this lifestyle.

-Wanting to start eating all mono to help with digestion and healing, but am worried that it might be too hard in the beginning to be so limited at each meal on top of limiting myself to just fruits and vegetables.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this? Should I jump right in to mono eating at each meal?

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Comment by Greenmama on April 10, 2012 at 2:59am

You are off to a really good start.  Cramps and bloating are likely due to the corn.  I don't recommend corn unless you are picking it directly off the plant and eating it immediately.  


Comment by kimberley pineapple princess on April 9, 2012 at 11:14pm

Also when we are fearful we are thinking from the lower self this is another sign of being under carbed? cals from fruit. it dissolves mental confusion. so does hydration. x

Comment by kimberley pineapple princess on April 9, 2012 at 11:13pm

I would aim for more cals in the day when needed smoothies are great i go for 8 bananas + for a meal 800 cals at least to keep you fueled and satisfied!! add dates or berries or greens to change it up. great way to get enough cals to sustain u and give u enough fuel for focus and play time :0) lloks like by evening u were needing more to make up with the low cals from the day as well as what we use up mentally and physically. feed the body and brain cells to get more done!

Comment by Helen on April 9, 2012 at 8:08pm


I recommend you to have just mono meal breakfasts. And try to make them the biggest meal of the day. Try adding more bananas every day until you reach at least 10 of them. It's very easy to hit your calorie-goal when you're at 1000 kcals in the morning.

Don't worry about your weight. Important is your health, happiness and fitness level. I used to calorie restrict myself a lot, I felt fat all the time even if I was very underweight. I started to have health problems- my period stopped, my hair was falling like crazy, my nails were weak, I was sad and depressed and also very shy and unsociable. Now I'm 10kgs heavier and finally look better. I'm at my ideal weight, my period came back and I'm emotionally stable.

Start to focus on good things about this diet and maybe try writing list of pleasures of the day instead of just negative thoughts.

Comment by Jessica on April 9, 2012 at 1:14pm

I will try to start working on the mono meals tomorrow. I don't mean to talk this lifestyle down. I think it is the best lifestyle out there for sure. I was just voicing the fears and doubts that come into my head. I am working on pushing those thoughts out and filling them will the many many wonderful things about this lifestyle. I want to live this lifestyle so badly and I am determined to succeed!

Comment by Jessie James on April 9, 2012 at 1:04pm

Yes, start mono meals, or at least pair up food properly so it doesn't rot in your stomach. Stop talking this lifestyle down and focus on the amazing benefits!! :) SAD diets are comfortable until you have cancer or a heart problem and then it can be terrifying. Gaining a few temporary pounds or having heart disease, cancer, diabetes...your choice. And eating meat and dairy supports the industries that have unethical business practices. 


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