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Crohn's log 2 - Transition to 80/10/10 - part of what I wrote in IBD Group

Its my pleasure to share my experiences with you as only someone who understands the pain, fatigue and depression can truly appreciate how awful it is to be trapped in your own body. I have reached the point that I know drugs will only keep the symptoms depressed. As brutal as it has been I spent several years bed ridden and at that point I did almost an Atkins style of eating as it kept the digestive symptoms at bay but my health and energy levels kept deteriorating so in essence I was using food to control the symptoms just as doctors were using drugs before that.

I have read David Klein's book as well as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Elaine Gottschall and I did a conversion diet as I could not tolerate eating so much fruit at first after so much internal damage. I have been studying for 20 years both in school and I research and have used myself as a guinea pig. I would eat fist fulls of dirt if it would make me feel better.

I agree with much of what David Klein discusses in his book but personally I could not even tolerate bananas at first I was so ill, read further down and I will share in detail. My case was/is very severe and in trying just fruit I dropped 20 lbs and was still suffering and simply have no more healthy weight to give as I have gone from the photos you can all see me in with my daughter, where I was 195 to 175 just 8 weeks later. While I looked better externally, I was still suffering from terrible bleeding even though I was blending up bananas and water.

What I have come to understand is the following, we all know that fruits and veggies are what nature intended for us to eat in abundance. When we eat diets with meats, grains, sugars, processed foods we increase the microforms in our lower intestines and if we continue to do so the excessive bacteria, virus, and yeasts flourish in the large intestine make there way into the small intestine and damage the ileum and possibly the rest of the small intestines (Crohn's Dis-ease). We now cannot absorb nutrients very well and we have "leaky gut" which allows large protein molecules such as Gluten and Casein (in milk) and other proteins to pass into the blood stream wreaking havoc creating the "auto-Immune response" which is all caused by unhealthy flora and not enough healthy flora in your bowels damaging the small intestines where absorption is supposed to occur. I also hypothesize that the damaged small intestine and slowing or stopage of the food there may be a major cause of Reflux or GERD. This was exacerbated by switching to purely fruit too quickly as I had no reflux pain before eating just fruit and green juices. One of many reasons I realized I needed to transition despite the fact I no longer wanted to be eating any meats.

I first had to cut out anything starchy which includes all grains, none of them are good as carbohydrates reaching the lower intestines will feed the bacteria, viral particles and yeasts. If you have read 80/10/10 Dr. Graham covers the other reasons we aren't biologically equiped to eat grains and starches. I would also like to add that any food we need to cover up with sauces like pasta, potatoes, grains which are all so bland by themselves, plus we can easily overeat as it takes so long for them to digest cannot possibly be good for us, forgetting about their ability to feed unhealhy microforms. The only meats I ate were fish as while not as healthy as not eating any meats, the cold blooded fish oils remain in liquid form once digested unlike other animals meats where the fats are solid when ingested. Fish takes far longer to putrify which is the bacterial process of decomposition. Putrefication is the very reason that humans were not meant to eat meats as it creates a negative bacterial environment of species specifically designed in nature to break down animal flesh including ours when we die!!! (Can't be good for us either)

Here is what I did eat to transition-Please note before anyone comments that I did this diet to live, not because I believe it to be be optimal but it was the best I could formulate based on a lifetime of Crohn's suffering.

Stage 1- Realize I could not tolerate fruits at all here
Fish-calories, protein needed plus healthier fats-preferably very fresh sashimi since we haven't cooked it although this one source of healthier meat is only being used to transition for emergency health reasons
Steamed Veggies-fiber needed but not harsh to digestion like raw veggies-do not eat protein with no fiber as it will just sit in your digestive tract and putrefy. Eating no Fiber is just as bad as too much since your digestive tract needs to be used just like a heart attack sufferer does better when they are forced out of bed even after the most invasive surgery. I personally question the efficacy of fasting as we need to use our bodies and minds. We should be getting a daily fast between our last meal of the night and the morning, break-fast.
Avocados-calories needed with fats proteins and still water rich
Nut butters-raw only!!! Never from dry roasted nuts (they are coated with starches) healthier source of calories-fats proteins
Greens juices-Nutrient dense for needed vitamins, minerals, but not enough calories to sustain us

I tried all fruit and became so ill I should have gone to the hospital 3 times but instead stayed home in agony as i knew they had no answers for me after over 35 hospitalizations. Fruit did not cause my problem but as sick as my body was, the sugars that normally would make great fuel for me were feeding the deadly microforms. While it helped my candida after initially making it worse, it clearly made other issues(microforms) downright worse-bleeding, mucous, etc... despite drinking 1 1/2 gallons of water and eating just bananas blended with water.

You can stick to fish and steamed veggies until the loose stools stop

Stage 2 transition
Fish, steamed veggies slowly working in raw veggies since the fiber was too much initially, Nut butters, Egg whites, watery fruits like water melon as the starchier fruits like bananas allowed sugars that weren't completely absorbed instantly to feed the microforms and literally stopped my digestion and narrowed my intestines as I could tell when it took days to use the restroom and mucous and blood formed with narrow stools much as if I had eaten grains or other starches. Honey helped me for energy in small amounts as without fiber it is quickly absorbed even in the damaged intestines. Even as severe as my Crohn's was for years it improved rapidly once I stopped feading the bacteria, virus's and yeasts. Once the diarrhea stops which it did in 7-14 days (10 in my case), then you can slowly introduce small amounts of honey and fruit into your diet , and test out veggies slowly. Use common sense and test things out one at a time to see what works best as it took a few months before bananas and other sugar and dense starchier fruits were ok for me. Crohn's diagnosis differs from Ulcerative colitis in that it shows damage in the ileum (lower part of the small intestine) and depending on how advanced can lead all the way up to the mouth as it did with me. The damage all started in my lower intestines and like a garbage chute that gets clogged at the bottom the damaging microforms kept backing up in my body reaching higher and higher affecting more of my digestion until my mouth even showed damage.

We are meant to run off simple sugars like those in fruits but once we have damaged our systems as I have, we cannot just start doing things like other people instantly, as we are teaming with these microforms in our digestive tract and our bloodstream and they are literally eating the foods we ingest. We can starve the bad sugar eating microforms other than candida which will go away once we are able to cut our fat intake and eat fruits the way we were intended as Dr. Graham discusses at length both in his book as well as during numerous interviews you can see on youtube.

If you look at our closest biological relatives, Bonobo Chimps, they eat fruits, greens leaves, use the leaves to scoop up some water, and eat some protein 5% from bugs, freshly killed meat left over by carnivores and if they are hungry enough even will eat one of there own but never cooked meats of course. We are definitely supposed to eat fruits and veggies primarily with very small amounts of nuts, seeds, and rare protein meals just as all apes do. While primarily herbivores, all apes, chimps etc... are omnivores eating very small amounts of protein foods-aprox 5%. Dr. Shinya has done thousands of colonoscopies and the digetive tract of Bonobo Chimps are identical tho humans to the point he could not tell the difference when scoping them!!

I would recommend combining the following books-Breaking the Viscous Cycle-Elaine Gotschall
David Klein's book, and there are two books by Hiromi Shinya-Cheif of Surgical Endoscopy-Beth Israel Medical Center, and Clinical Professor of Surgery-Albert Einstein College of Medicine-He created the modern day colonoscope and his mentor was one of the three doctors that discovered Crohn's!!! He has had a zero rate of recurrence of Cancer, ZERO!!! In all patiens who did not have end stage cancer when they have come to him. The only part of his diet that I know doesn;t work for Crohn's is his suggestion of eating grains. He states that he agrees that eating raw fruits and vegetables is the healthiest diet. His first book is titled "The Enzyme factor", the second is called "the Microbe Factor".

Of course I most closely prescribe to Dr. Graham's approach or I wouldn't be on here. I only believe that we need to learn what the 5% that bonobo chimps eat should be replaced with for optimum health as we as supposedly highly evolved beings seemed to have lost the instinctual eating patterns of so many of the supposed lower animals.

The biggest issue and fault I see with even the 80/10/10 diet is I believe it is 95% correct other than the fact that we do need small amounts of alternate foods as seen with apes, monkees, etc... and of the greatest relevance is the fact that does not give a roadmap for people who's diet has already damaged their system so badly to get from where they are today to being able to eat 80/10/10.

I welcome feed back on any front but I know that suppressing your immune system with drugs is the wrong direction and is only another form of suppressing symptoms which are your bodies cries for help. I am not going to recommend you just come off cold but if you do a transition diet combining the Specific Carbohydrate diet which I modified to take out all dairy and meats other than fish, you will see amazing results and it doesn't take months to improve as the intestine's are fortunately one of the quicker healing portions of the body. The microvilli in the small intestines will be the last portion to heal but the ulcerations go away very quickly.

The body will heal itself once we (Transition based on our current health) get out of its way and give it the proper nutrition, rest, and lifestyle.

Please make no mistake that I am some self professed genius as I am only standing on the shoulders of far smarter people. My thinking is not simplistic and I am only combining successful diets that have allowed people with most kinds of dis-ease known to man to recover. I also modified the SCD diet that originally suggests keepin certain dairy foods and other meats with Dr. Shinya's no dairy, little or no meats other than fish, and slowly transition to the more ideal 80/10/10 diet although I will likely eat small amounts of nuts, seeds, avocado's and experiment with other foods as well, just as our biological bretheren the chimps do.

I don't like the unneccesary killing of animals, or the environmental damage being done anymore than anyone else, but unfortunately it was a necessary evil to help me reverse the damage I had done with a prior lifestime of poor eating habits.

I look forwards to sharing more of my amzing journey and am open to comments, feedback and suggestions from others with experience. Anyone can read a book and dispense advice, but I value people with hands on life experience the most-Thanks again

Jeff G

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Comment by The Phantom Watermelon on October 3, 2010 at 11:01pm
PS avocadoes are GREAT for crohn's disease. Whenever I had pain it would get rid of a lot of it. Perhaps its the fibre or its incredibly soft consistency.

If I were to have to do it again, maybe I'd try your transition diet but base it off avocadoes instead of fish?
Comment by The Phantom Watermelon on October 3, 2010 at 11:00pm
Very interesting! Thanks for posting this Jeff!

I got over Crohn's and transitioned to 811 slowly and without any sort of plan. I first went vegan and cut out additives, soy, peanuts, coffee, the worst of my tea habit, most chocolate, etc. Then I tried raw foods for a long time, and had mixed results. I guess because I ate too much fat to start. Some fasting probably helped and after 1 year and a half of being on and off 811rv I got it to stick, and here I am. Now I would say I'm cured, though I have a very sensitive stomach if I eat anything which isn't in line with nature's intended diet.


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