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Who is Serious about being in an affordable micro community of health conscious raw vegans living in healthy warm climate??? ( No need to pay $70 000 like the Hawaii community or even pay $200/day like the woodstock fruit festival )  I am talking about going to Mexico or Costa Rica in November to April and renting large homes and sharing them with a community of 8, 10 or  12 people.  Sharing a car, food, time together, and wisdom.  Having a blast living life to the fullest even though the cost would be just $20/30 a day if we lived naturally and enjoyed more of the free natural entertainment which nature has to offer.  I have a list of wonderful locations throughout Mexico  and CR & Panama.  Lets finally make this happen:

AFFORDABLE RAW VEGAN COMMUNITY IN TROPICS.  do you want to be stuck in the rat race of are you going to be part of a community even if just for few week that can make you realize the important aspects of life. For those interested email me at Lukas_Ircha@yahoo.com

for those who want to be mentally sane & balanced, I got to say that it is mandatory to match your climate with your raw vegan natural hygiene diet / lifestyle.  One can go crazy living in the cold winter in isolation from healthy nature, friends, and sunshine.

Who want to be part of a community like this?


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Comment by Dasha on July 24, 2013 at 10:40am

That is a great idea, our small family is going to Valladolid which is in Yucatan region, about an hour drive from Cancun. We just bought tickets and will be in Mex from October 29th till the end of March, feel free to join us and would love to get together if you will be around! We started another threat before we found this one (thanks Danny:) ), you can check out more about our plans here! :)

Comment by Lukas Ircha on May 21, 2013 at 2:43pm

The best way would be to fly from Cancun to Puerto Vallarta using a domestic flight.  Driving or busing that would take too long.  Tell us why you want to go to the Yucatan region?  For the beauty? I like that region of Mexico also, including south of that the Chiapas region is actually one of the most lush and green regions.  Just be careful as there is a zone in the south west yucatan and north Guatemala which i eternally rainy, no dry season.  Might be ok for some but I am not a big fan of cloudy days, I do prefer it bit dryer with sunshine. 

Comment by Lukas Ircha on May 21, 2013 at 2:33pm

Amanda, jobs in Central America pay $10 to 15 a day and there is a shortage of them.  It would be much better to work up north as long as you can or to do some over time during the summer & fall and to save up that way.  Even doing business is challenging because people have little money in Central America and often they can't pay or they expect cheap prices.  If we can figure out how to make a part time business that would generate income of even just $50/day we would be set.  It can be done in the tourist season in Puerto Vallarta I imagine.  We could sell tickets to attraction events to tourists but it is challenging as everyone else is doing it too.  I think we could do something else, offer coconut juice fasting & or offer water fasting or raw food mentorship to North Americans who want to escape into warmth and get basic education about this lifestyle.  Offer room and board and education for say $99/day.  Higher rate than the raw vegans because they would get 2 or 3 hours of teaching per day.  Maybe you can brain storm some ideas yourself.  Marketing is the issue.

Comment by Amanda Leigh Nama on May 21, 2013 at 12:48pm

I'm not sure when I will definitely be able to get down there, but my family and I are planning a vacation to the Yucetan in December so I feel like that would be a perfect way to get there. I just wonder, since it's on the east side, if I could easily get to the west coast of mexico from there. also I think I will be one of the tent and hammock livers cause I don't care as long as it's warm and nice :) although sleeping inside would be nice too sometimes; just gotta get lemon balm oil and nets for buggies. and do you think it would be easy to get some kinda job down there?

Comment by Lukas Ircha on May 21, 2013 at 10:03am

Hello Everybody, - I have listened to fair bit of peoples input and it looks like our needs are going to be best met by renting a modern/nice and large house of at least 3 bedrooms and lots of outdoor living space like a large patio, large balcony, a palapa / rancho where we can have 1 or 2  people stay in tents and hammock and share the common indoor areas.  This type of house will run us $500 to $1000 a month ( only $5 to $15 per day if we get a hand full of people)  We will have internet as this was a need for few at very least there will be a high speed internet store in a near by town.  Cell phones are easily available in Mexico so no issue here.  Southern Mexico has a nice lush tropical climate and the best thing is that the people are so kind, and open hearted people you will love it being there.  The plan is to have a pickup truck, bicycles, ocean close by and in a safe and hot climate with abundance of fruits and coconuts.  Open to all 100% Vegans, High Raw, High Carb, High kind loving and respectful people.  Natural Hygiene way of life & nutrition is going to be the theme of this micro community.  We will share a large house, our wisdom, our support, our food, and all our strengths and weaknesses.  The idea is to have a healthy, good, and educational time during the winter and coming years.  There is not much support out there which is affordable and realistic for the natural hygiene so this community will be like a natural hygiene college and you choose how long you want to vacation with us. (Total cost of $25a day for foods, accommodation & some transportation)   It is time for more support for those who are newer to this way of life, but even good for those who are seasoned raw vegans.  In numbers we have strength and better time.  It is time we helped each other out in what ever way we can and therefore strengthen the 811 raw vegan community.  To help us plan things out right please book with us at least 6 weeks in advance, starting for Nov. 2013.  Also check out the photos section of mine over the coming days I will be putting out pictures of southern Mexico semi paradise Tropics.  I will do my best to get to southern Mexico early so I can find a nice house for us, I will also try to look for one via internet since I have recent travel experience in this region and know what the macro regions are like.  Trust me I will be trying to get a bargain price, and a nice location which is not too far from the beach yet far enough so we are not in the salty air zone, a nice quiet neighborhood, far enough from a major town so we have peace and fresh air but close enough so we can drive, bike, or bus to it to get entertainment, services, and goods.  A few hundred meters elevation would be nice so we have a touch or pinch of break from the hot heat of the sea level.  I will try to make connections with fruit and veggie trucks so that they stop by our house daily resupplying us with fresh fruit daily or every few days.  If this sounds like a good plan to you then your support would be much appreciated.  We need people to be serious and save up for a flight ticket to Puerto Vallarta plus a extra $1000 - $3000 depending how long you want to vacation with us.  The cost is now projected / estimated to be $25/day includes room and board and short trip transportation costs.  It would be nice to have some extra spending money too, you don't need much but is always nice to have for longer trips or things to buy.  Also please spread the word so more people hear about this natural hygiene college / community, trust me I have no issues with renting even 2 houses and negotiating in Spanish to get a good deal.  Also we need early commitment so I know how many people are coming. 

Lukas Ircha  

Comment by Lukas Ircha on May 21, 2013 at 8:57am

Hi Sun,  Yes what you said makes sense, we should all ideally live in our natural species climate, tropics or at very least in warmer climates.  We have no power to defy nature's laws and consequences when we live so far north close to the polar shadows, regions where no sunshine reaches for part of the year and even in the summer the suns rays are shallow and weak.  We thrive best in the moderate wet tropical climates where you have a comfortable mix of sun rain clouds and warmth. 

Comment by Lukas Ircha on May 21, 2013 at 8:49am

Hi Kati,  thanks for your input, yes Southern Mexico is beautiful.  Fruits of many type grow here, papayas, mangoes, jack fruit, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, also fresh coconuts, chico sapote, mamey sapote, etc.  Sure in most places where people go you will have some garbage as to be honest the people of Cental America have a mentality of littering, but at the same time they do keep some places clean via daily sweeping and such.  Ataulfo Mango does grow in this climate but it does have a season but don't worry there are few other varieties available.  The southern coast of Mexico south of Puerto Vallarta is situated far enough south that even in December /January it has a hot climate and close enough to the equator shielding it from the cold fronts coming from the north.  The water and air is always warm or hot.  Ok so you prefer a smaller village and don't mind being farther away from the entertainment/services/retail of major towns or cities. That is good to know, looks like this is what most people agree on. Ok this gives me reassurance of what I was thinking that most people would like, being in low density semi remote areas will also give us cleaner air more wild life, more nature and less noise and traffic.  Thank Kati, any other input, desires, ideas you have to share.  EG. what sort of activities you would like to have available in our regions.

Comment by Lukas Ircha on May 21, 2013 at 8:22am

Audrey, Nice input so we know that Puerto Rico is similar in cost to Mexico, Panama and most of Central America.  I my experience the price varies the most depending on the micro location, in tourist traps or next to the beach it always is higher price than being even just several block away from the beach or center of town. Considering that we plan to have a vehicle, bicycles, and healthy bodies that can walk several block, not to mention the desire to vacation / live in more quiet more nature dense location this is in our favor as this means we will be on the outskirts of towns, small villages or several minutes drive away from town in the forests.  This should favor us in terms of price, but still I believe if we want internet and a larger 3 to 5 bedroom house with patios and perhaps a rancho / palapa then it would be more realistic to have a budget for 500 - 1000 dollars a month.  This way we have security via nice fence, a nice garden with flowers, probably a green lot of grass, and plenty of outdoor balconies patios and palapa space to live outdoorsy. 

Comment by Lukas Ircha on May 21, 2013 at 8:09am

Hi Frugiaurus, Ok I hear you, you don't mind any decently nice and safe place just as long as we have abundant free or next to free coconuts. It definitely means Hot climate as coconuts thrive best close to the coastal regions where the temperature is hot during the day and warm during the nights always above 70 deg. F or 20/22 deg. C  It is so comfortable in the evenings, nights, early mornings, and even mornings that you can live topless with fresh air on your skin and rarely a sweater or jacket is needed. Ladies can be in sports bras and men in light button shirts year round.  Papayas, mango, and bananas grow well in this climate. Once a person gets use to this climate they realize how nice it is.  If we have a vehicle we can always be 10, 15, or 20 minutes away in the hills 400 500 600m high where the temperature is a touch less hot yet still warm even at nights.  Thanks for your input, yes I like the idea of having nice tents in verandas or ranchos or large balconies or patios. 

Comment by Frugisaurus on May 21, 2013 at 1:27am

I dont mind anyplace, but really want to be close to the free coconuts, so that means wet&hot right?

I will probably also need internet for work.

The cheaper the better, I also like the idea about camp on the veranda :)


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