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My little cousins, 5 and 7, are sleeping over for the weekend and my mother and I are having a weird power play over what they eat. I HATE but can more or less handle the occasional jibe that my fruit isn't "real food." But denying that my cousins prefer fruit over cooked flesh is delusional.

They arrived yesterday evening and until dinner today, my mom was unsuccessful is giving them her meaty stew. I didn't even start anything intentionally - last night I prepared a large meal of grapes for myself and that was all they wanted. I had about 10 pounds of grapes and the three of us ate it all.

This morning she managed to give them a cheesy sandwich when I was in bed. When I woke up and prepared more fruit, they immediately came to me and we shared the meal again. I had to go out and buy more grapes because we ate them all and they wanted more more more! :) The 7-yr old went with me and in the presence of all the candy, she had eyes only for the the fruit!

That was when my mother started making snide comments. She was worried that grapes were all they girls wanted. She actually ordered me to give them only three. THREE? What the heck? If a child asks for FOOD, I give it to them! It's not my fault when the girls ask for cereal and milk and they barely eat three spoonfuls before asking for fruit again.

What really angered me was this: When I was peeling oranges for myself, my mother actually told me to not show the girls before she offered them "food." My mother got a bowl of the meaty stew and got the younger one to eat. I entered the room and minded my own business with the oranges. But as soon as my mother rose to get seconds, my cousin went straight to the fruit and wouldn't eat any more soup.

These little humans clearly innately know what is best for them. The worst part? When I was peeling those oranges, the small one that ate the stew first smelled the oranges, came running to me, and asked me every few seconds if I was finished peeling so I could give her some.

It saddens me that most of the world thinks we're the crazy ones when it's actually the other way around. They think it's normal to fed children cookies and pizza. My parents have actually ordered pizza for tonight and they think this is OK. I won't even stay in the room, I have to cool down and browse 30BAD to retain my sanity.

I had to get this off my chest.

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Comment by Dutchie on October 4, 2010 at 5:02am
My son (6) completely dislikes fruit, unfortunately. When it's a good day, he will eat some bananas and apples.
Comment by The Phantom Watermelon on October 3, 2010 at 11:15pm

I'm not sure if when/if I have children I will let them near my father. I'd probably keep doing what I'm doing; live in another town and see them about twice a year. And when my parents were near my children, i'd be taking care of my children 24/7 to make sure they don't get screwed over by them.
Comment by jesse james krebs on October 3, 2010 at 7:36pm
I have 4 kids. I cant tell you how many times other parents of young children have said to me my child would only eat fruit if it was up to them, or I cant get them to eat anything but fruit. I always reply yeah they know whats good for them and that they should encourage it, It baffles me too how parents would rather see their child get stuffed on a bunch of crap wwith little or no nutritional value. It just goes to show you just how far humans have strayed from the laws of nature.
Comment by ednshell on October 3, 2010 at 4:43pm
Really your story is a joyous one. I love to hear about kids going for the fruit! What a great experience you gave them to eat that much fruit in one sitting and not just once but several times so far. Also for them to see and hear what you are doing in your eating, what an impression they will always have to carry. You have significantly altered the path of those little brain connections for those sweet cousins of yours! You must be feeling pretty excited about their enthusiasm for fruit. So your Mom thinks fruit is not real food? Ask her if she has ever heard of someone being told to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables for health. Then ask her if she has ever heard the same advice being given about eating stew or whatever. Ask her to pinpoint her concerns and you will show her the data supporting the nutritional health of eating fruit. It's also normal these days to be obese from eating pizza and cookies, is that what they want? Be sure and set your alarm for tomorrow (take a nap later) and get to those kids before she does, lol. Keep them filled with fruit so they will not eat any "real" food. Ask your Mom where she got her nutritional information? Commercials on T.V.? Weight Watchers? Tell her all the books of M.D.'s you have read or at least know of that support eating all raw.

I feel for ya! :) Just try to keep focus on those lucky cousins of yours. Tell us another story about it too if you have time. :)
Comment by pradtf on October 3, 2010 at 12:57pm

you are already sane. it can be difficult to deal with others who just don't know or refuse to acknowledge the reality that is so obvious to you. however, sanity is made up of many parts. one of these is patience and the other is persistence and a third is integrity. you have an abundance of all - so don't sell yourself short!

you are doing the best in a not so easy situation - eventually others will realize this.
(even my parents, after years of harsh nastiness and accusations, finally acknowledged the necessity of veg and have been that way for more than a decade.)

in friendship,
Comment by Ellen on October 3, 2010 at 12:14pm
I have to cool down and browse 30BAD to retain my sanity.

LOL sounds like a plan!

Maybe your mom is feeling hurt because they won't eat her food, food she prepared for them. I could see that. Maybe a suggestion that if she prepares a fruit plate for them, that would work for her? Anyway, I see your point totally (and agree with you) but can imagine her's too.


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