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Hello fruit lovers,

today I wanna talk about whether it's possible to get sick if you are following this lifstyle 100%.

What Does It Mean To Be Fruitarian?

That means you are getting sufficient calories from fruits, vegetables and maybe starches, you are sleeping before 9 o'clock for at least 10-12 hours, you are drinking enough so you are always urinating clear about 10-12 times a day and few times per night, you are spending at least 2-3 hours outside each day and you are regularly engaging in your favourite activity that involves endurance training for at least half an hour tree times a week.

When Can You Get Sick?

I can tell you that it is ALMOST impossible if you listen to your body carefully and are not overdoing it with the exercise. I get sick only maybe once per year and it' s usually little few with little bit of headache and running nose. And this is usually the period where I can' t get lots of quality fruit in me and I subsited my calories with cooked starches.

Prolonged Suboptimal Functioning

And we all know that cooked starches are often not the best for getting in your vitamins mainly vitamin C which is very important for strenghtening your immune system. When you add few late nights and stress to it you create sickness.

My Recent Story

I will tell you now a story that happened to me yesterday. So after a few days of not eating much fruit, but eating more starches and having few late nights and stress from travelling I found myself feeling suboptimal with little bit of headache and running nose.


This was before a weekend when I was planning to do a half-marathon race on saturday. I thought I would sleep my symptoms off the night before the race. I was wrong. The night before the race was pretty bad, because I couldn' t sleep much as my symptoms got worsen.


Despite all of this I woke up next morning and decided to go to the rice, although I had a headache and didn' t feel my best. I came to the race and soon I was standing on the start line with all the other runners. Somehow I felt more energized from all the enthusiasm from other runners. The gun went off.

Initial Good Feeling

I felt SOOO good at the beginning, I was running with front group, a group that was aiming for 1:10 - 1:15. My goal was to go just under 1:30 as my last half-marathon was 1:33. I didn' t even have a watch to measure my time and speed as I forgot it home. But I felt so good I could run at this speed forever.

I should have listen to Durianrider' s advice about pacing. For the first 5k of the race I was still feeling like winning the race and I could still see the front pack. However after this point my pace dropped down little bit.


I got also frustrated because I didn' t look on which kilometer there will be an aid station with water. I was slowly getting dehydrated and more and more runners were passing me. I think it was not until 10k when there was a first aid station. But it was too late. I could feel quite dehydrated and you know what happens then.

It doesn' t matter how much water you drink after, once you dehydrated the race is pretty much over. Despite my attempts to rehydrate myself my pace was still slow. I got little bit better, but not even close to my potential. I ran another 7 kilometres at this suboptimal pace and then it hit me.

Painful Finish

At around 17k mark my pace started dropping down dramatically. I felt like quitting the race even though I had only 4k to go. It was painful, my trapese hurt a lot and felt overall miserable. I just wanted to finish the race I didn' t care anymore about going under 1:30 because I knew it would be impossible at this pace.

Recovery Routine

It was 2k to the finish and I felt like this was the hardest race of my life. I was going maybe jogging pace. Finally I came to finish line at 1:35. Not bad for such a drastic slow down at the end. I laid down and couldn' t do anything for few minutes. Then I of course drank a lots of water got my juice with sugar, bought 6 kilos of bananas.

Bad Evening

After the race I felt kind of overtrained, but not too bad. In the evening we decided to go for a mushroom picking. I started to have more headache and as the time went by I started throwing up. I threw up mainly the orange juice as it was probably too acidic for the body. When I got home I was shivering and cold. I went to sleep around 6 p.m.

Next Day

The next morning I felt much better, only had running nose, felt weaker and sore from the running. I ate mostly bananas for the day, with some steam veggies in the evening. We went for slow recovery walk on the sun and I felt much better. Then in the afternoon I just laid down on the grass and relaxed. Now I feel much better and will remember to always listen to my body especially when it comes to doing high intensity prolonged exercise.

Take Home Message

You really need to be in the top form, hydrate yourself properly throughout the race and most importantly pace yourself according to your goal using the heart rate monitor or GPS watch.

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So if you are smart it is indeed very hard to get sick on this lifestyle. And even if you get by taking wrong actions like I did in 1-2 days you are back on track.

I hoped this helped you, train smarter vs harder, stay tuned for more inspiring info and I will see you in my next blog post/video.

Thanks for reading,

Fruity Vegan Adventurer.

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