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Hey guys. I have had to go back to eating high carb raw vegan after trying starch solution for a third time. I might try eating cooked carbs at night in small amounts...idk. But I run into problems with cooked starches, like rice, potatoes, and pasta. They really !@#$ with my digestion. I don't like it because I want to be rawtill4, but can't seems to stomach the amount of carbs I need when they are cooked starches. I can eat lots of fruit thoough so that is what I have gone back to. But still want to be rawtill4...has anyone else experienced this or know why this is happening to me? I get bloated and constipated when I eat cooked carbs, and I always drink lots of water so it can't be that...help?

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Comment by Gwendelina on March 4, 2015 at 9:59am

Yes I agree that obsessing over diet is unhealthy, and a waste of time. I loved cooked starches, I am just concerned for my digestion. It doesn't seem to work right yet! Eating the raw foods seems to help it, thats all :) But like you said, I suppose it just takes time to heal, and exercise is very important as well. And yeah I completely agree there are a lot of important things to consider in the world besides diet, and giving all your attention and energy to diet is stupid.

To be honest I was probably more excited the times I tried out Starch Solution because I felt relieved. I was relieved to know I would always have good healthy food on hand without having to worry about ripeness and what not. I wish it had played out better for me.

Thanks for the reply! I agree with what you have said for sure. I just want to help my digestion get better. I don't know what my body is doing, but I hope it is healing well! 

Thanks for leaving yourself open as well, I will remember that if I have any more questions! You seem like you are very knowledgable so thanks so much!! 


Comment by Chris Rosati on March 4, 2015 at 4:07am

Sure, in the beginning I was all super excited. All raw, living foods, natural hygiene, 811, cooking damages nutrients….  etc… etc.. But. To have enough SWEET, RIPE fruit on hand 24/7 is nothing short of a 2nd job in my experience. Perhaps that is mainly due to my location on the globe(Northeast USA), but in any event, I grew tired of the constant energy being directed towards attaining and storing my food. I would rather get energy FROM my food, then freak out and have low calorie days, and stress, and eat crappy tasting fruit just to "stay raw". I love bananas, and I still eat many, many of them every day, I just don’t want to eat ONLY bananas and dates, and again, it’s hard work to keep enough ripe ones on hand to assure that every meal of every day is covered. Plus, I really love the easy to access, healthy energy I can get from starches. You can get so many cheap low fat calories in to fuel your life. It’s such a gift.

The whole "fully raw" thing is just a big fantasy in my eyes. Do you have any idea how incredibly healthy you can be on a low-fat, high-carb, plant based diet high in fresh fruit?? To think that 100% raw status is going to somehow push you over the edge into this magical state of health is honestly just naive, and usually comes from inexperience. I think that placing so much of your well-being in the hands of your diet is a lack of responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, diet is huge, really huge, but not in the nitpicking “raw vs. rt4” sense, more in the “processed food + meat + dairy + junk vs. whole plant foods sense.” Look at the incredible things people in this world are able to accomplish physically, mentally, conceptually, artistically… are all these people on raw diets?? They may have current or future health struggles if they are not lfhc vegan, but again, a lfhcv diet high in fresh produce is all they really need for that. Their achievements come mainly from effort and courage and commitment to goals and hard work. So imagine if we all put this much effort into our lives while also consistently carbing up on plant based vegan diet?!! Can you imagine!!  Look at some of the posts by folks on this website. Just look at the undue stress they are putting on themselves by paying so much detailed attention to their diet. As If when they finally “get it right” whatever that means or if it’s even possible, they’ll suddenly have succeeded. Some of the things I read on here are just so crazy and so orthorexic that it’s sad. It’s only food!! For goodness sake the website is titled 30 bananas a day! Doesn’t get much more simple or healthy than that.

Personally I’m more concerned with preventing disease, feeling really good, looking really good, and not hurting animals or destroying the planet. My adherence to these goals happens to include eating a ton of fruit and vegetables, sure. But it also includes dedicated fitness training, positive mental attitude, opening my heart to others, taking the time to research facts about the world and sciences, and opening my mind to learning new concepts and information. Stressing about staying “fully raw” just doesn’t fit in. And I’m a single full custody Dad to my two year old son. I work full time and own a home. Don’t exactly have time to chase down wholesale fruit and store it etc.. Sorry for the long reply, just thought you might like to hear a different perspective, and hopefully I can save you some of the stress and confusion that typically comes with the early phases of the raw vegan adventure. J

Feel free to message me or post on my wall any time. Happy to help if I can.



Comment by Gwendelina on March 3, 2015 at 8:27am
Yeah, I understand. I wouldn't let myself starve. Thanks for your help. My lack of running the past month has made me kinda sad, but I am not stressing over it because that would be even worse for my health. I do t think I will get obsessed over being to clean, I hope not at least! But yeah I don't think having a couple sweet potatoes in a week would mess me up too bad :) I am just curious, how come you went back to cooked foods? Was it to get more energy, or because you liked them? Just wondering :)
Comment by Chris Rosati on March 3, 2015 at 1:32am

If you feel better in raw then YES!! Do it!! Especially if you have the means to aquire enough fruit and have ripe fruit on hand 24/7....

My suggestion regarding exercise is not necesarily "intense" exercise daily. I am saying that exercise only 2 days a week is rather sedentary and not exactly optimal. Even just breaking a sweat in some form 5-6 days a week is good! Again, your history speaks volumes about the issues you might currently be facing. Calorie restricting while training hard for an entire year will definitly take some time to heal from. Especially in the metabolic sense.

I wan't really recommending banana island, just giving an example of how simple a days food can really be.

As someone who was raw for 3 years and has been RT4 3 years since, my biggest suggestion regarding "fully raw" is that you eat enough calories every day(2,500+), and, should you ever run into a situation where you don't have enough fruit, and you're hungry, don't let yourself starve. It just isn't worth it, and it isn't healthy behavior. Don't get too caught up in the "purity" and "raw living perfection" mumbo jumbo. Just do your best as a health conscious Vegan. Only you know whether or not a couple sweet potatoes are going to ruin your week. But I'm guessing they wont. :)



Comment by Gwendelina on March 3, 2015 at 1:15am

Yes I have been buying bananas buy the case since going vegan, so no problems with that. But my parents help me out with that, so I can't really demand enough bananas for a banana island.

My digestion is better on raw. It is much better this morning after being raw for 2 days. I have tried starches at least 4 times since going vegan. First I was rawtill4 for 3 months, that was awful. I went to Starch Solution for a whole month, and since then have tried it twice in 2 week increments. In between those periods I have been eating raw. I have given starches a good chance, and my running has only decreased the past couple of months due to to extreme cold conditions. Eating all raw is the only thing that helps my digestion. When ever I eat starches I get a lot of problems with my digestion. Not just that it is slow, but bloating, horrendous frequent flatulence; fermentation. There are girls my age who have amazing success on Starch Solution and don't exercise at all. Everyone is different.

I have taken a lot of advice from long term raw vegans who have the same problems (TANNYRAW, 40BelowFruity) and they have success with raw food and do not need to do intense exercise everyday, they just do what they enjoy. I overexercised while calorie restricting for almost a year before I went vegan, and now realize I don't have to make myself run every single day to be healthy. The weather is finally starting to warm up here, so I will definitely be running at least 5 days a week again now, but won't be stressing over it like I used to. Honestly, if I feel better eating raw, I think that's what i should do. Maybe starches will be okay in the future, like for Freelee. But she was even raw vegan for 5 years before she began eating cooked food.

Comment by Chris Rosati on March 3, 2015 at 12:53am

Hi Gwendelina,

After reading how little you exercise, it comes to no surprise that your digestion is less than optimal with regards to the consumption of non-hygenic foods. In order improve your digestive system's ability to break down and assimilate nutrition from cooked starches, it would help if your body were in greater need of those carb calories. Aka you need to ramp up your metabolism through increased and consistent exercise/training. This way, cooked foods can be more easily worked upon by your digestive system. Because your body will be HIGHLY prioritizing the consumption and assimilation of carbohydrates/calories/energy. By under-exercising, and then starting this blog, you are essentially questioning why you are not getting 100% results while only putting forth 75% effort. I highly recommend you move your body in a way that is challenging and fun 5-6 days a week. I would recommend this even it you were 100% raw. Heck, I would recommend this if you were a SAD dieter!! Additioanlly, I saw on your page that you've only been Vegan since around July 2014, and 2014 would be the summer which you said you were doing your more consistent running. Well I would not expect that, while transitioning to Veganism for the first time, your digestion would be very good. Though things improve when you go vegan, it takes time, and your body was likely still performing under the effects of your prior non-Vegan diet. It is likely going to take your body a year or two to clean out the old junk and become more efficient. This process will obviously be greatly aided through lfhcv, water, and exercise. But give it time. Btw congrats on becoming Vegan!!!

Also,I'm not sure how much water you are drinking, but I recommend trying 3-4 liters a day, and at least 16oz. a bit before eating a cooked meal. Proper hydration improves digestion and elimination incredibly as well.

Another suggestion I would make is to maybe try simplifying your approach with regards to diet(the website is called 30 bananas a day for good reason :) )

Purchase bananas by the case so that you always have enough on hand. Perhaps try 10 bananas per meal 3 times per day for a while. Throw in a little lettuce a few times a week. If you're feeling good, and low on banansas, maybe experiment by replacing your bananas dinner with 700-1,000 cals sweet potatoes. Ya really gotta get that consistent training in though. It is paramount to feeling and functioning top level, no matter what your diet consists of.

Best Wishes,


Comment by Chris Rosati on March 3, 2015 at 12:17am

Hi Brina,

Even with non-hygenic foods, or perhaps even more so being that fruit digests so easily, exercise greatly effects digestive efficiency. It is basic science. For example: Look at the amount of calories heavy training bodybuilders can eat, and the hunger they almost constantly feel even in light of the massive amounts they consume. It's certainly not because they are eating meals of easy to digest fruit. :) The same goes for any high level athlete. The food just gets burned up in the ol furnace when your metobolism and body functions are top. I personally notice that ease/frequency of bowel movements and digestion are markedly improved when I am consistently training hard(weight lifting,running,snowboarding). It's great that you run a mile per day btw. Good for you! Do you ever consider ramping it up or doing anything additional? Ya know, testing your athletic limits? Just curious.

Best Wishes,


Comment by Gwendelina on March 2, 2015 at 11:35am
*given not aided
Comment by Gwendelina on March 2, 2015 at 11:34am
I spoke too soon...the potatoes, which were plain and I ate them with vegetables, have aided me the same anguish:( it just wasn't apparent right away. I ended up with (and still have) gas and bloating, constipation and diahrea :( So yesterday and today I have been eating raw. And today I am having flu like symptoms. Whenever I switch from eating starches to raw it takes a good few days, sometimes a week before I am "cleaned out" and things begin to go nicely. Sad to say, but my digestion cannot handle cooked starches, or any starches really. Which explains why I have had issues, horrid ones, with zucchini as well. I have been researching and discovered info on SIBO, and it seems to be what I have in some form. I know there are raw vegans who solve this issue with their raw diets, and I do not get issues on raw like I do on cooked. So my body has spoken, again, and says raw is the way to go for me.
Comment by brina on March 2, 2015 at 11:10am

makes sense. . .  but still, some things aren't really meant to be ingested and so no amount of exercise will really remedy that (my main point, but could have been made more clear by saying it, rather than saying there's not a correlation. of course there is. . .  our body is a system, based on wholistic, interrelated organic mechanisms)


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