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Calorie Restricters are soooo annoying....a rant about the dullness of people who dont eat enough

It is funny how as I soon as I started to really make sure that I never restricted my calories, always reaching for low fat carbs when hunger hits, I notice everywhere else, that people around me are severely undercarbed!!

I work at a vegetarian cafe, and it seems everytime I turn around one of my coworkers is going off about starting to eat fish again, or taking fish oil, or that their naturopath said something was missing in their diet, or how they crave lots of fats and think high fat is good. A lot of my long term vegan coworkers complain of having cravings for animal foods.

I have a hard time relating as I havent craved animal foods in years and years and I would never listen to someone who told me I had to eat animals to be healthy. But it does have me thinking what the reason is that they all struggle with issues around their eating.I can only think that the reason I dont crave anything that dense is because of not calorie restricting/carb restricting and because of my ethical dedication to the animals.

The one thing they all seem to have in common is calorie restriction in some form. Not totally directly calorie restriction, but something that ultimately causes them to eat less carbs than their bodies need.One will say that she thinks she is allergic to sugar, including fruit. Another will say that they just need more protein and fat. One of my coworkers is doing some kind of leptin response thing where he only eats once a day. He is always hungry and interested in food. He lives out of supplement bottles. I love him to death, but his diet is straight up silly!

On another note in my own personal diet I have been craving a lot of juice lately, from fruit to root to green and have felt like embarking on a mini juice feast of sorts to just honor the draw to it and cherish the bounty of citrus season we have now. I have done 3 days on tangerine with some celery juice before and it was lovely. I felt like I was seeing the world in techno color by the end, very vivid colors to the world.

The only problem is when I do some searches looking for inspiration from others who have embarked on juice feasting it is all with calorie restriction. Like 1500 calories a day!! Blah! I can eat 1500 calories for breakfast. It is B.S.

Then these so called feasters mix it up with bee pollen, msm, and enemas. Yuck, yuck and double yuck! If I do a juice thing for a week or whatever, you better believe I am doing 3000 cals from juicy fruits and roots, plus lots of greens. I am just drawn to the extra fluids now. Likely because of spending lots of time in heated buildings. Even though I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of water dense food already I feel still dehydrated from the winter.

So yeah, calorie restriction and restrictors are freaking boring and annoying. I never want to hear anyone I knows bs about not being vegan. Yeah we are all a bunch of broke college brats. It is called bulk rice and beans and bananas. Less than a buck a pound each. Pack em in and get going with your life, not whining about fish oil and why you "cant be vegan"

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Comment by James bananaman Bailey on March 10, 2012 at 11:24pm

...also that really bugs me, ' i just couldn't eat any more'!!  - so instesd im having cake!! - WTF!!  - JUST EAT!! - whats the problem??! ggrrrr

Comment by James bananaman Bailey on March 10, 2012 at 11:13pm

i was going to chim in but sofie has said it all far more eloquently than i could!  - ive been doing alot of juicing over the last year and really value them. having read norman walker's book on juicing, (his diet was sort of low in cals, although he brought this up by adding alot of cals derived from fat by what he ate and then reached the needed level using juices. i leave his no-vegan diet alone and stick to his experience on juices!!) i previously had medical issues that were unresolved, and using this book i particularly had/have been targeting the liver, kidneys and the lymph. in an effort to clean out the parts of my body that are responcable for cleaning out the rest of the body. i started doing this before even going veg, as such the positive effect was very noticable. as my diet has improved ive been doing the juices all the way though, and the positive effect is still there, i love them! :)  i have had periods where all i 'ate' where juices. i did this when i wasn't working, (builder) and as such was not needing to leave the house all day or need as meny cals. (still aimed for about 2500/3000 cals a day - 5:11 my weight is low right now, at 12 stone). at the time i had a little weight to lose. (14 stone, some where around a stone of insulation and the same-ish as muscle). at the same time as this i also went for a series of colonic. which at the time did alot for me...with energy levels and more.. i attribute these to enable me to finally leave dairy, (only cheese at that point) alone. when eating 100% raw, (never bothered with gourmet raw) i noticed the cleansing effect the diet has. i think if your coming from a place of ill health and just years of bad diet choices colonic can be very, very helpfull. once the systerm is clean and your diet is also clean they are not really needed. - if you wanted to check though all you have to do is go do one!! - if youve ever had a colonic, you'll know what im talking about!! but juices are rock n roll! - i use them as part of my diet, i love them just before exercise - if you want to do juices only for a time, you just must make sure you juice enough! if you ever feel hungry, have a juice! a big one!! :)

Comment by AnarchoFembot on March 1, 2012 at 11:04am

I have only tried a colonic once and an enema a couple of time before that. Shitty (pun intended) each time. Not bad as in a "wholly cow I'm full of crap" kinda way but in a "this is uncomfortable, ineffective, unnatural and all around icky" It actually made my digestion feel worse. I only wanted to try it just to say I did, but honestly I have always had excellent digestion since becoming vegan, with the exception of when I recovered from parasites I got in Thailand. I was drawn to it as a weight loss thing and I dont feel like it helped me at all, and I would not try it again. I know that damage can come from excessive use of it too and I also wonder if there may be short term damage to the colon as well. I say try whatever you want, but personally I think they are a big waste of money and an experience that is just bad all around.

The thing with solid bowel movements and juice feasting is that juice doesnt take out the soluble fiber only the insoluble which adds bulk to stools amongst other things. I imagine if you did a juice feast with over 3000 calories and lots of blended juicy drinks like cactus pear and kiwi juice and orange juice with pulp and blended melons, you would get quite a bit of fiber. My draw to it is not really for fiberless reasons, but more just the juicy watery quality. Just drinking more water hasnt feel quite enough and I am just turned off by dates and bananas at the moment. I think I OD'd on them the last few months I was broke. I am sure I will be wanting dates and bananas again after a few days of juicy stuff. I wont be able to stay on juices for more than a week or so in terms of affording the calories, and will have to go back toward dates/banana shakes again. At the moment though Trader Joes 1.99 bags of blood oranges are rocking my world.

Comment by Sofie Kovalenko on March 1, 2012 at 5:42am

i agree! 

but i think colonics and enemas can be good for people who are very seriously sick or have been on SAD for a very long time, as it can clear things out easier, loosen the hardened stool on the sides of the intestines, and help detox to flow faster and easier .... 

it has been shown that raw food (including juicing) and low fat combined with daily colon cleansing is more effective in treating cancer than simply raw food alone. 

mostly because people are SO backed up. angela stokes monarch (dont agree with her diet but she knows a bit about colon cleansing ..) did a 92 day juice feast and she was still passing solid stools 60 days into juicing. wow. and she was already raw for a few years prior to doing that i believe (gourmet raw - she mentioned how she was feeling slugish from eating too much raw restaurant food) ... 

 so for someone who is extremely toxic/ill .. i think colon cleansing would be a wonderful supplementive treatment .. for a while .. to help speed out cleansing 

Dan Macdonald has said that in order to build healthy tissue and to gain weight properly ... the system should be clean first ... 

which is why i dont see anything wrong with allowing the body to take a rest from massive amounts of calories from time to time .. so that you can give it a break and then it will be able to absorb nutrients and calories even MORE efficiently because the arteries, cells, muscles, bones, digestive tract is cleaned out and not covered in fats/mucus/calcifications, etc. (Which for people who where born and raised on SAD may be the case...)

I think the body will naturally clean itself out on HCRV eventually, but it just may take a longer time ... depending on the persons age, weight, and beginning health and mental state at the beginning of going raw ..  :)

so in those cases, it wouldnt be about calorie restriction, but more like a fast to give the body a break. fasts or "feasts" on juice are temporary and for a certain purpose, not trying to imagine that they would sustain you for life :) 

thats my opinion and i would like to try colonics one of these days :)

nice post! 

Comment by AnarchoFembot on March 1, 2012 at 4:44am

Totally Sarah!

Comment by Sarah BoBara on March 1, 2012 at 2:20am

ha preach!

yeah every time i think oh man juice feast sounds really awesome right now- all you find is the calorie restrict-errrrrs!  i was totally one of them too, thank god i broke out of that quickly before a lot of damage was done...well a lot of hair was lost.  every time i hear someone say fish oil or msm I feel like shoving a banana in their face or gallons of orange juice.

I should shake 'em and say: come on guys really?  your skin will look great, if you, like, you know hydrate!  and you won't have deficiencies if you like uhh what do you call it?  F-ing eat something!


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