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I'm not going to lie, going Vegan was easy for me. The physical transition away from animal products was solid. Like boom, your Vegan! Meat dairy eggs and fish, won't ever touch my fork again. I don't even like sharing a fridge with a meat eater. If pork belly so much as nudges my vegan shelf there will be tears. Socially there are epic challenges and I'm fighting painkiller addictions with frozen peas under my Beanie. It's not a legit headache cure but I am determined to detox and let food be my medicine.
I was born Vegan but forced to eat horror smoothies made from offal..Mum got the idea from nutritionist who must have been writing a book on animal and child abuse. Said nutritionist ironically died from liver cancer. I became an Olympic grade projectile spitter of anything that was not mashed banana.
Between age four and nine I was placed on a dairy free diet because another nutritionist correctly prophesied that dairy aggravates ear nose and throat conditions, which I suffered chronically. I was at the mercy of the dark arts of 1980s soy based cuisine but emerged a healthy but skinny teen with a distaste for dairy, and soy. The only animal products I consumed before my Veganisation were chocolate, a little milk in my espresso and a tiny portion of chicken, which was a misguided attempt at procuring protein. Chocolate clung to my taste buds like that crazy ex you want to shake. I've finally found a replacement . Combine carob nibs, almonds and coconut milk, and have more dates.. Nothing tastes as good as doing the right thing feels. Going Vegan is the right thing even if your flying solo.

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Comment by Deyan Asenov on November 2, 2015 at 7:00pm

It wasn't difficult for me. I went straight to vegan when I heard that you could eat with no limit and still keep weight down. 10-15 bananas smoothie with sugar before a long race and after the race- a half kilo tin with green peas and a 250g tin with corn all by myself- I love this lifestyle :D

Comment by Clark on October 5, 2015 at 6:48pm

I found going vegan very easy, I don't know what all the fuss is about :p But I know I can be very disciplined. All I needed was the right information to make the right decision and keep me motivated. That's where the china study and many hours watching Dr Gregor videos helped out. For me the ethical reasons came later and now they are just as important.

my word offal smoothies sound horrific :(

Funny you mention the fridge, my fridge is basically empty these days apart from some greens and maybe some water in summer. And I've stopped using my freezer all together. Yet my bench is covered in fruit, veg, potatoes, rice, beans etc... I do tend to buy things and use them fresh that day instead of storing in the fridge.

on the chocolate thing, I found that walnuts, dates and goji berries together kinda tastes like chocolate... A discovery I made when I made my self a snack bowl and the ingredients combined in my mouth :p ive been meaning to maybe try and make them into a bar of some sort to see how it would turn out.

Comment by Bella Rosebery on October 5, 2015 at 12:05pm
I noticed that 'too hard' attitude from the people Freelee interviewed in Adelaide. If it is too hard to tolerate the extreme suffering of not eating carcinogen flavoured rotting flesh then meat addicts need a reality check. Hard is living in Guatemala on $1 a day or fighting cancer or cycling across Australia in winter. Hard is being an animal caged in fear and pain to be whacked Macked or juiced. Vegans are Champions because we care enough to do the right thing.
Comment by Peter on October 5, 2015 at 11:25am

Going vegan by many people is perceived as a 'difficult' thing to do but too many people make it more difficult than it needs to be. I think much of this is due to the attitude that is adopted by the person going vegan. My attitude when I first became vegetarian (then later vegan) was 'look at all the delicious and healthy foods that I can eat' and not the opposite attitude 'Look at what foods I can't eat'.

I have never had a craving for meat or any type of animal food in my time as a vegan. Why would I when there are so many delicious plant foods?  Many people ask me 'don't you miss meat?' thinking that I have some sort of desire for meat, eggs, milk or the like - I don't and never think of eating such foods.

Comment by Bella Rosebery on October 5, 2015 at 9:03am
More proof that we are not carnivores, my mother got the whole carnivore/herbivore paradigm sincerely wrong when she made me feed my kitten minced up root vegetables and legumes. Exactly what I should have been eating. Books by undercarbed nutritionists are like loaded weapons in the wrong hands. Society is receiving some really sketchy information and a lot of people get obsessed with the sugar is evil and protein deficiency crap that's being served up by pseudo intellectuals who sell meat and dairy sponsored health and fitness
gimmicks. The China Study should be standard issue reading..
Comment by ednshell on October 5, 2015 at 8:35am

Olympic grade projectile spitter of anything that was not mashed banana.

Interesting because my husband as a new born infant could not keep anything down but banana flakes made into a milk.  The doctor told his mother to just give him that and that is all he ate for his first 6 months of life and he grew healthy in every way.

Comment by Bella Rosebery on October 5, 2015 at 6:15am
I agree, it shows how we are naturally born with an aversion to meat, just as the 101 reasons to Vegan suggests we have a natural inclination to pet the lamb and eat the apple in the crib analogy. Society is what corrupts us in my opinion. I would like to know if anyone did feel a natural desire for meat as a child. My blog is just proposing that for some the physical change can be easy. I had not expected how strange and isolating going vegan would be socially though. Having a different opinion to 90% of the population here in New Zealand (where there is a quote qualifying farming dairy and sheep as backbone of this country) is difficult. Trust me when meat munchers are suddenly ordained with honorary nutrition degrees and the arrogance/ignorance to challenge my decision to be Vegan I find it very hard to restrain myself. The said meathead is almost always metaphorically fighting with a butter knife and it takes strength to just let them rant. Tis invariably in an environment such as in a break at work when arguing is not productive or provoked. I will write about this, and my difficulties detoxing from prescription pain relief for my brain tumour (which qualifies as a serious medical issue) in another blog. I would like to thank you for reading and being interested as it motivates me to write more. Peace✌️
Comment by Made on October 5, 2015 at 3:04am

Glad to read that you found it easy to become vegan. Many people have health problems that become better after gonig vegan. I also think that many children are born with a lack of interest in meat.


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