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I come from a modest life. I work hard, I earn my living, I am dedicated to my investments. Every once in a while I enjoy some adult beverages to ease the tension a bit. I realize intending to optimize my well-being subsequently defies my ability to self-medicate with alcohol. Recently, I decided my need to "manage my stress" superseded my engagements to my health. A mere 3 heinekens and my morning started off with nausea, a minor headache, and guilt. I'm aware of my errors and plan on omitting alcohol from my life, however I reach to others on this matter for some advice on specific questions.  1.) Scientifically speaking, why does my body react so much more harshly to alcohol now than when I ate a standard diet or even a cooked vegan diet? 2.) How do I break from the alcohol scene when I have been raised around it and developed all my friendships with it as the foundation? I'd appreciate any feedback.

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Comment by Jacob Hauptmann on September 17, 2011 at 3:31am

I appreciate the feedback. It's nice to be have insight from health conscious people. I definitely have thought many of the things mentioned on my own. However, as Discus Thrower said... the changes are not effortless.

I still feel love for my friends dispite the unhealthy foundation. These are people who have leant me things, been there for me, and share some great sober memories with me. So do I subject myself to situations of abundant alcohol and excessive consumption just to cling dearly to my past in hopes of possibly liberating a few of my more hopeful friends from their unhealthy habits? How do I consider them a bad investment? Aren't their lives equally as important as mine? Those are questions for everybody.

Health is a very individual conquest but I feel that lumping ourselves into little posses and detatching from the majority is an ineffective practice in a movement that needs mainstream advocation.  Health should not be a status, it should be normal. And right now "normal" people are in a horrendous state of existance.

I know I won't drink anymore so pressure will not deter me. If they outcast me for my choice then I will react accordingly. But if there is a small chance I could make a difference with at least one of them... I think it might be worth it. But I could use a few new friends.

Comment by Discus Thrower on September 16, 2011 at 7:13am

Derek, Jennelle - A bit of compassion here would be nice. I mean, I could have easily just said: "Put down the glass of wine and pick up a glass of green juice!"


 I mean, make new friends or move. Seriously? I really find these comments not really honest or not helping and encouraging at all for the person receiving it. Perhaps if you never had alcohol attached in your life as an anchor or if you don't think too much, it pushes you to put simple and obvious comments like these. I am not sure ...


It reminds me of the woman from a blog video I just watched, she had lost 120 lbs. She said at multiple occasions that it was done effortlessly on LFRV. For people struggling with their weight and their willpower to make the right choices, it is definitively not encouraging at all. I mean, true effortless is all around us with the fat and the junk foods, and look at the results. If it was that easy, why not all peoples are super healhty, and done it effortlessly. Of course your body can gain or lose weight with no effort required on your part per se, but the decision making process and lifestyle changes that lead to that good result is definitively not effortless! 


Again I am pretty sure Jacob was asking for constructive feedback and experiences to help him make choices in his life, not just the Make-New-Friends black and white comments ;) 

Comment by Jennelle LeMoine on September 16, 2011 at 3:54am
if they are your friends, then they should understand and support you if you dont want to drink anymore. otherwise, make new friends :)
Comment by Discus Thrower on September 15, 2011 at 3:14pm

Hey Jacob,

Thank you for sharing this post. It is great to read honest feelings, concerns, and trust me you are not alone with these specific questions regarding alcohol!

I cannot answer these questions from a scientific stand but let me share my experience with you as I come too from an alcohol scene (and a lot of abuse for 15 years) and from where too it was the foundation of many aspects of my life. As you know alcohol is often experienced as both social and physical addictions, which makes it harder to break apart. 

"1.) Scientifically speaking, why does my body react so much more harshly to alcohol now than when I ate a standard diet or even a cooked vegan diet?"

One thing that I have experienced while attempting to stop boozing, especially while vegan (even with cooked and higher fat %) was that I was drunk faster and with much more less quantity. My wife was like: "What is wrong with you?" As she knew I could drink a lot more when I was on the standard junk diet. My theory is that the liver is cleaner, healthier from the vegan diet, thus it becomes more efficient breaking down the alcohol and processing it. I would say that LFRV is accelerating this process even more.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the healthier your body and mind become, the more accurate their feedback!

"2.) How do I break from the alcohol scene when I have been raised around it and developed all my friendships with it as the foundation?"

You kind of answered the question by talking about foundation. If you want to change the foundation of anything in life, there is a risk of also breaking what was built on top of it and having to repair or rebuild on the new foundation. Unfortunately, there is no middle when it comes to alcohol. Again from my experience, when I stopped drinking, especially at the beginning (it is still a struggle for me but it is getting better), I had to make choices to help me succeed in my goal. Over time, in a kind of a progressive and natural way let's say, I've lost friends but I made new ones. And even if it is regarding 3 beers or 12, when it comes to stop drinking for the benefit of your own health (body and mind), it is the same challenge, especially when it is part of your life for so long. Like Dan McDonald was saying in one of his blog, sometimes you have to go from an extreme to another extreme, in order to find your middle or balance.


One thing for sure, is that I don't regret the effort it took me to make this change of "scenery" in my life. I departed from friends with destructive behaviors (including with alcohol) and associated myself with healthier friends and I really enjoy this "new" life. We go mountain biking every weekend and it is great! A bunch of guys riding the trails like crazy in the woods, what else can you ask for? LOL (I did not have the willpower to exercise consistently while boozing). Also, I really believe that it is the best long term choice for me, my wife, and my 4 year old daughter. I need a clear mind and a strong body for when she is will turn 16 :))


Thanks again for posting this blog, as it did me some good also to share with you my thoughts about this.


Be well.



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