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Recently I asked a friend of mine, a lady with considerable knowledge of all facets of pregnancy both personally and via others' experiences, for her take on this vital process of life and on how a mother might best meet with success for herself and her little one. 

So impressed was I by her wisdom, that I asked her to write her thoughts down.  Given the positive reception the few times I've shared it, it's time for a larger audience to have the opportunity to benefit.  

Mothers, please use whatever tips resonate with you.  Everyone else, keep it in core storage for the future, or feel free to pass it on to another current or potential mom who might benefit. 



First of all:  CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family regarding the birth of your new and precious baby.


Below are suggestions from a female reader who has experienced three pregnancies:


Giving birth is a unique and extraordinary experience that will propel you to new heights in life.


A female’s body goes through many changes and challengers during pregnancy and after pregnancy.  A person has to allow the body and its hormones to gradually go back to normal by observing the body’s needs.  Your baby also has to adjust to this new environment and he/she, too needs proper rest, nutrition and care.


l. It is important to rest, relax, and recuperate after delivering a  baby/babies as your body requires this even though you may not” feel” like your body needs the rest.


2.  Limit yourself to anything that taxes and/or stimulates your brain, causes stress,  and fatigue, such as: texting, e-mailing, cruising the internet, typing, telephoning, watching television, heavy exercising, heavy lifting, over-working,  or eating foods that contain too much fat, spices, oils, sugar, caffeine, or gluten,  anything artificial or over-processed.   Avoid artificial drugs that are not prescribed by your doctor.


3. Recommend consuming simple, nutritious foods that are fresh,  natural, organic, colorful and delicious.  This includes fresh juices and fresh water. 


4.  Have a good female mentor who will allow you to vent your emotions without judgment of any kind; someone you like and respect and who will honor your time and commitment to your new baby.


5.  Engage your husband in helping you care for your baby in order to encourage both of them to bond.  This will also help you take short breaks of rest.  Include your other children if this applies.


6.  Rest as much as possible; nap when your baby naps; sleep at night as much as possible as this is a natural sleep that helps your body recover best. 


7.  Spend quality and quantity time with your newborn in order to help the bonding process for both of you.   Listening to soft, beautiful  classical music is beneficial to both of you.


8.  Embrace this time with your newborn as something very vital and special and treat yourself to this unique enjoyment.   Babies grow very quickly and before one knows it, they are off to school.



9.  Keep those people away who bring negativity and unwanted advice to you as they will tend to tax your brain and emotions and you are attempting to be joyful and full of life.  Encourage those who love you and your family and who have your best interests at heart to visit for a short time when you are rested.


10. Maintain a journal of your new experiences and your baby’s daily reactions.  If you write poetry, this is a good method to express emotions.


11. If you are a praying mom, this is vital as it helps you lean on Someone much bigger than yourself.   Reading the bible and other uplifting books is helpful.


12. Have few visitors; again, rest is vital. 


13. It is helpful if you have a loving and caring  mom,  mom-in-law, an auntie, or another close female who can come to clean your home, go shopping, run errands, or prepare meals.


14.  Spend quality and quantity time with your husband discussing uplifting topics and expressing true emotions.


15.  If you are employed outside of your home, take at least a six-week respite and this includes not taking phone calls or doing any work sent to you.   If you work at home, again, take a respite and rest from that, too. 


16.  Remain at home as much as possible and avoid trips, shopping sprees to malls or large department stores or supermarkets.  This does not mean that you have to remain indoors.   If you have a good outside porch or patio, it is important to get fresh air and some sunshine.  In time you may also take short healthy walks.


17.  You may acquire a new hobby such as crocheting, knitting, quilting, game board playing or anything else that brings you joy and fun.



18.  Make every moment with your newborn count.  Treat yourselves  with tender loving care.  This is such a special and unique time which will pass quickly for both of you.


19.  Do not allow yourself to feel guilty if you cannot have a clean home;  or if you think you are not doing enough for your baby; just do what you can do, release the rest and forgive your shortcoming.  Prioritize your schedule to allow time for yourself and your precious newborn.   Maintain a healthy dialogue with your gynecologist and discuss these suggestions with her/him if you would like.   You will probably take your new baby to “baby-well” check-ups.  While in the waiting room, you can discuss baby issues with other moms.


20.  Above all,  enjoy your baby to the fullest.   Words cannot express the joy that a newborn adds to a family.  Look for ways to bring joy to yourself, your husband and if applicable, your other children. 


These 20 items are suggestions only; embrace those that you can use and leave the rest.  Common sense will be your best guide.


I am very joyful for you, your family and your new baby.


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Comment by ednshell on January 7, 2015 at 7:46am

And this video is a must see for anyone and everyone and doubly so if you are expecting a baby in your family: http://www.birthintobeing.com/bawki

Comment by PK on August 27, 2011 at 9:47am

Excellent post Windlord and I will use this as a reference, and perhaps impersonate a link in the banana wagon tour:) 

It is also great to see members of our community meeting, falling in love, and well, what comes next is babies;)

I would like to add that ladies continue to eat a low fat diet.  High fat diets cause increased risks of gestational diabetes, high blood sugar, candida and yeast infection problems,  and or big babies. 

With time, pregnancy will cause an increased need for calories, so if one is eating 811 lfrv, their protein and fat intake will automatically increase as the calorie intake increases. 

Peace, PK


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