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Are ALL vegans university drop outs and hippies or do we simply know better?

Hello. So I made a Tumblr post earlier today and thought about posting it here, it seems very relecant after thinking about it for a while. I do ramble a lot but if you are vegan for ethical reasons and believe in creativity you might geel a little of what I felt whilst writin this, I kind of found out my purpose in this community.
As I grew up, attending school as it was expected from society, I had teachers encouraging me to follow my “passion” – whatever that may be – but to find financial stability, a degree that will give me employment…
I chose “Art” over Chemistry when I was true to myself at the age of 12 without any further thought. I chose a lesson that I was going to enjoy, whether I was talented at it or not (I wasn’t at the time). As the years of high school went by I actually discovered that I was indeed “good” at art. I dropped it though. My father believed that it wasn’t going to contribute to my education and so I chose history as a replacement.
On the second last year of school, as I disposed myself to continue my education in the absence of art I ran into my art teacher – the one person who has believed in my abilities – and told him how I was a little dubious about dropping art. Instantly, he told me all sort of university courses I could flourish in if I decided to take art on board as one of my IB subjects. He didn’t really “have” to convince me, he just gave me a little push. So I continued developing my art skills in my last years of school.
I finished my IB studies over five months ago. Of course decided I wasn’t going to “do” art or any creative course at university level. What kind of future would that give me? I opted for “International Relations and Business Administration” – sounds good right? Mhm, not really… I informed the university in Summer that I wasn’t going to be joining them in the fall.
My desire to learn, empower myself with knowledge and broaden my perspectives on what I know at a given point in time has always been incredibly vast. I truly enjoy understanding the world around me.
But I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy doing such thing through my own experimentation – “trial and error” in science, or “experimentation work” in art. I don’t like it when people tell me that the water is freezing. I would much rather plunge my feet into the ocean. What does that tell me about myself? I am creative “enough” to pursue my passion. But of course, my only passion isn’t to paint, or to sculpt for that matter. In fact, the first time my art teacher saw one of my drawings he asked me if I had ever been to a drawing lesson – which of course my response was “no”. But does that really matter?
In an ever-changing world, with ever-developing technologies – does “knowing” how to draw make you a successful artist? The last time I checked, the world of the Arts is incredibly subjective. Art isn’t purely about aesthetics. Creativity, the core of any masterpiece, is the passionate belief in something that doesn’t exist in the human world, and any “nonexistence” is whatever we have not sufficiently desired to create. Creativity is a synonym for passion.
How many people do you know are passionate about their careers? If you said any number that isn’t “cero” then ask yourself, how many people in that group are understood by any other human who doesn’t share their passion? The significance of passion by the Oxford Dictionary is, “a state of outburst or strong emotion”.
So… is it possible to make a stable income from something that “outbursts” and provokes a “strong emotion”. Something that suddenly releases a stream of creativity will unlikely flow steadily. It will spark some days and vanish others. That is what makes it worthy - the larger the risk of something the larger its reward. Which is why taking your passion on board and creating what signifies so much to one is essential to find the essence of life, not to become excruciating wealthy in society’s eyes, but to develop a sense of purpose and self-actualization, to give something back to the world. As cheesy as these words sound they are true in my heart and will likely be true at a different level in yours.
Will I pursue Art if I decide to go to university? I don’t know at this given point in time. What I do know is that spreading a message by visual communication makes me feel understood.
So, technically, the only thing that we are certain of as individuals is our mind – we perceive the world through our eyes and draw our own conclusions through reasoning. Whether the colour blue is seen exactly the same by your friend or not is something you cannot be certain of because you cannot introduce yourself in the minds of other beings. Which is why visual communication is so essential to keep me mentally sane. How else could I explain my perception of a topic I am passionate about to my surroundings? Visually communicating with people who do not comprehend my motifs when creating a certain art piece, or choosing to do something through X or Y, allows them to understand the premises that I followed to reach my conclusions.
So does this mean that I am passionate about drawing? Or painting? No, not at all. Replicating an image using brushes and liquids does not excite me at all; in fact, it results me tedious and requires too much patience – because I am not passionate about replicating images.
However, researching a topic which I find absorbing, finding things that others don’t know about, constructing my own understandings on certain events by reasoning and visually representing my thoughts – that I do find thrilling. Is this any better than what I said before? No. It simply means that I am passionate about seeking, finding, adventure… But not about any new topic – about ideas worthy of stirring up societies values, norms - Ideas that force people to jump right out of their comfort zone. Whatever they may be. World hunger. Obesity epidemic. Poverty. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Melting caps. Unsustainability. Terrorism. Never ending desire for power… You see a pattern here.
Am I crazy for investigating such negative topics? Am I a pessimistic? No, in fact, I am an idealistic. I am one of those people who won’t jump into the arena until is fully prepared, when in fact you don’t “dive” into the arena, you get thrown into it. But my personality improvement issues are not the focal point here. It is about art. Making negative topics the spotlight of my work make an audience react, put themselves in my eyes, my skin, the skin of those affected.
Painting an exact replica of a beautiful woman may be worthy because not many people are capable of doing so – but does it instigate emotion? Change? Desire?
To me, art doesn’t have to be aesthetically pleasing. It has to be terribly uncomfortable. To look at something and get goose bumps. To see through the eyes of the creator what he/she saw. That means the creator has been successful. And that is beautiful. The fact that I may have a very different perception of what art should be than you do. Subjectivity makes this world diverse. I don’t even know where I am going to with my writing. I guess I am shaping my thoughts to discover the purpose of creativity. And I think I may have found it. Incite change, the one that our planet so desperately needs.
I guess we are all here for a reason, besides surviving, reproducing and dying, of course. Apparently the human animal is “different” to other earthlings because we have “more” desires than non-human animals. We comprehend some things they do not comprehend, and within those things there is compassion. Shouldn’t the feeling of compassion be instigated in order to make a positive change? Maybe that is the reason I am here. Visually communicate what you can’t see because you have been blinded by propaganda since you were born. Or maybe I just end up making aesthetically pleasing paintings. Or maybe I end up being an art teacher. We’ll know in ten, twenty, thirty years time.

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Comment by Edd on October 14, 2015 at 8:58am

Hola Marta,

I have just retuned from Malaga, didn't meet many (any) vegans. I do love Spain, my mother is Spanish and I am sure I will return one day soon to live.

But the Spanish really do love their Sea Food, so you have a hefty challenge on your hands to enter their imagination and be the force you so eloquently suggested.

A very heart felt and inspiring post, thank you for sharing. For such a young head you seem very wise and thoughtful, so I hope you become the power for good, you currently threaten us with.

So.... what was your conclusion? Are you going to Uni, are vegans 'hippies'?

Comment by ednshell on October 10, 2015 at 2:50am

Nice! :)

Comment by pradtf on October 6, 2015 at 11:17am

greetings marta! and welcome to 30bad!

you have made many sensible points here which delineate the essential difference between "training" and "education". you have also correctly identified yourself as an idealist! it is important to remember the truth of the phrase:

"there is nothing so practical as idealism"

only idealism will stir up society's values and instill them into its inhabitants.

so may your journey be typically companioned by integrity and courage.

always be happy, but never be satisfied.

in friendship,



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