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Acne Free Diet – Why Are The Best Foods to Eat Bananas and Dates?

Hello there,

as promised yesterday today I am taking another action to help you overcome your acne condition by providing you with more powerful information and tips on how to be consistent every day in doing the 5 core commitments.

Today I have another very important tip on what is the best foods to eat on this lifestyle. In my previous blog posts where I was talking about diet I wrote that this diet should be based on high quality sugary fruits and vegetables. If you can´t get that go to sugary juice and dried fruit and then to starches such as potatoes and rice.

Why So Many Calories?

You should aim for the calories that you figure out from cronometer.com, usually it´s 2500 for women and 3000 for men but can vary according to your weight and activity level. You need to get sufficient calories every day for the getting in sufficient nutrients and sufficient energy to function properly. Also getting in enough calories from carbohydrates is important so that we don´t binge on fatty junk food that makes your skin break out.

Eating sufficient calories every day from sugary fruits, dried fruit, sugary juices and starches is therefore one of the 5 commitments that you need to follow consistently to achieve clear skin and peak health. 


The Best Sources of Carbohydrate Calories

I mentioned sugary fruits as the best calorie source for a reason. Dried fruit is the second best, sugary juices 3rd best and starches 4th best. Sugary fruit take the least time to digest and create no toxicity in your body, in fact they quite help with detox effect. They provide you with valuable vitamins and minerals that the other carbohydrate sources can´t provide. Also they are simple sugars therefore quick energy release.

We are naturally fruitarians and anything other than whole fruit is not 100 percent optimal for our health and thriving lifestyle. We don´t live in fruit friendly society, the fruit is usually not very sweet and bad quality and if it is, it´s usually sky rocket expensive. Therefore I provide 2nd, 3rd and 4th best option to follow and still achieve clear skin and optimal results.


Do the Best You Can

However try to experiment eating few days 100 percent fruits and vegetables and then add some cooked starches and see the differences in how you feel. Therefore I promote trying always your BEST to get your sugary fruits in you. You will feel amazing, achieve clear skin earlier and that will increase your motivation to eat more and more fruit.

Bananas and Dates

Now after you know that you should always do your best to eat more fruit let´s talk about bananas and dates. Why am I promoting these 2 fruits so much? Well they have some advantages over other fruits. First of all it is quite easy to get enough calories from them than from other fruit. For example to get 3000 calories you need to eat 30 bananas or 1kg of medjool dates, which is about 45 dates.


On the other you would need to eat 50 peaches, 4,5 kg of grapes, 45 oranges, 9 honey dew melons, 12 kg of watermelon, 180 apricots, 80 figs, 30 pears to get 3000 calories from these fruits.

Another big advantage of bananas and dates is that it is easy to tell when they are ripe. Dates are almost always ripe and sweet if you buy the fresh kinds and here is a picture of ripe banana. If you buy yellow bananas it takes about 3 days until they are ripe. Other fruits are usually not ripe or not sweet enough to provide enough nutrients and satisfaction.


Another advantage is that bananas and dates are available all year round, unlike other fruit which you can usually find really ripe and sweet only in certain months (melons in summer, citrus in winter etc.)

And finally advantage is that bananas and dates are cheapest option per calorie than other fruits, meaning you get more calories for your money.

More Successful Tips With Bananas and Dates

The key to succeed on eating enough bananas and dates and achieve the best results is to always have some of them around your house. The easiest, most convenient and sometimes cheapest way to always have ripe bananas and dates is to buy in bulk. You should visit your local fruit and veggie wholesale and buy always enough banana boxes so there are always some ripe ones in your house. The same apply to dates and if you like them better than bananas buy more of them.


Banana and Date Smoothies

Banana and date smoothies are excellent way to get calories in if the quality of these fruit is not optimal meaning they are not sweet enough. You can put as many bananas into your smoothies as you want. I put usually 15 with little bit of water and as much cane sugar as I want to make it tastier. The same you can do with dates just put more water in and make a datorade.

What About other Fruits?

After understanding that bananas and dates should be a staple of our calories, I wanna clarify that over the course of the year you should eat also a variety of other fruits that are sweet and available such as mangoes, papayas, melons etc. to get enough other nutrients that are not in bananas and dates, and also to not get bored of these 2 fruits.


However these fruit can cost you more than bananas and dates and to be honest if you wanna get the highest quality organic mangoes or papayas it is gonna cost you some serious money. Therefore I invite you here to join my team where you can earn money by blogging or promoting this page some other ways like videos, facebook etc. Pretty easy and you can earn some serious money. I also offer free consultations if you need to clarify things.


Thanks for keeping up with me,

you are awesome, if you have any questions don´t hesitate to write them down below and I will answer them shortly. Hope that I will see you next time with more tips on clearing up your skin FOREVER.

Healthy Adventurer.

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