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The Exodus According to G: A Unique View of the Biblical Story

Fiction, by Albert E. Gilding, Sr.

From the author of the soon-to-be-released The Bible is a Parable, comes a new version of the Book of Exodus, told through the eyes, mind, and heart of a slave. Midwest Book Review says: “God was wrathful in the Old Testament, and much has been written about one of the major stories of the Bible--the Exodus. The famed tale re-told by Albert E. Gilding, Sr., tying Moses’ exodus from Egypt into the destruction of Jericho and Thera being swallowed by a volcano, Gilding brings much thought to the table, telling a thoughtful story that should not disappoint on the avenue of thought, history, and more. Midwest Book Review also states, “The Exodus According to G is a read that shouldn’t be missed for those with an interest in Biblical times.”

The Universal Sign

Fiction, by Siamak Akhavan

Join the quest to unravel Earth’s “lost history”. Learn about the cataclysm that ended the last ice age, the Biblical Flood, the survivors’ struggles and myths…and the events that have since shaped the world. Learn the ancient origins of alchemy, religion, heresies, empires, wars, humanity’s historical amnesia, and the true causes of our world conditions. Uncover the real identity of Earth’s historic rulers, ancient gods, “God”, and the true nature of creation and its “Source”. This ambitious odyssey of epic proportions explores all such perplexing enigmas. Mysteries, whose origins lie in antiquity. A forgotten…lost history of Earth!


Human beings, according to French thinker René Girard, are fundamentally imitative creatures. We copy each other's desires and are in perpetual conflict with one another over the objects of our desire. In early human communities, this conflict created a permanent threat of violence and forced our ancestors to find a way to unify themselves. They chose a victim, a scapegoat, an evil one against whom the community could unite. Biblical religion, according to Girard, has attempted to overcome this historic plight. From the unjust murder of Abel by his brother Cain to the crucifixion of Christ, the Bible reveals the innocence of the victim. It is on this revelation that modern society unquietly rests. Girard's ideas have influenced social scientists over his long career as a writer and teacher.


"Our choices at all levels-individual, 
community, corporate and government-affect nature. 
And they affect us."

David Suzuki
Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar.
you're gonna go far, fly high,
you're never gonna die,
you're gonna make it if you try;
they're gonna love you.
well i've always had a deep respect,
and i mean that most sincerely.
the band is just fantastic,
that is really what i think.
oh by the way, which one's pink?
and did we tell you the name of the game, boy,
we call it riding the gravy train.
We're just knocked out.
we heard about the sell out.
you gotta get an album out.
you owe it to the people.
we're so happy we can hardly count.
everybody else is just green,
have you seen the chart?
it's a helluva start,
it could be made into a monster
if we all pull together as a team.
and did we tell you the name of the game, boy,
we call it riding the gravy train.

Have a Cigar
Pink Floyd

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks about the Earth's lost history.  Excuse me while I KISS this guy, AH through misinterpretation.  So how far back do you wish to go to investigate this and how does it relate to us today?  From "In the beginning..." of Chapter one of Genesis I suggest was written with the latest theory of the void seemingly postulated by Democritus ca. 400 B.C.
DemocritusLeucippus and Democritus
[Abdera, 460 - 370 BC]

With the work of Leucippus and Democritus ancient Greek philosophy reaches its zenith when the initial question of Thales after the true nature of matter culminated 180 years later in the subtle concept of atoms, which bears an amazing resemblance to the twentieth century's view of chemistry. For this reason, Leucippus and Democritus have undoubtedly deserved the first price for the best guess in antiquity, as far as natural science is concerned. Unfortunately their contemporaries did not share their views with the same enthusiasm.

Leucippus is a very shadowy figure; his exact dates are unknown, some even say he never existed, but it is likely that he was a contemporary of Empedocles (around 440 BC) and that he came either from Miletus or from Elea. Democritus, who was a disciple of Leucippus, is a more certain figure. He was born 460 BC in Abdera in the north of Greece and died at the age of 90 years, after leaving an expansive work elaborating his philosophy including the atomistic theory in great detail. Democritus has written approximately 70 books and hence overshadows his master by far. Unfortunately none of his writings remained intact, but a great deal of what he said has survived in Epicurus.

Leucippus and Democritus did not care to refute the Parmenidean paradox about the void, instead they simply ignored it, which proved to be useful, because it let them constructively explain motion and change. Change, they explained, is an observation that does not deceive the senses; change is real, it happens on account of the recombination of more rudimentary substances.

So hats off to Roy Harper, nearing the conclusion of the chapter which I think we can't ignore is a curious note, 'herb seeding seed,' lost in translation as another singular exception that stands out to me, and could just be Mother of necessity quote, "there's an exception to every rule."   Where are you  when it's all in My MIND.  What's news to you is nous to ME.  Then is it just another one of the Genesis' Creation stories told in an epic mini-series of backlogging to get to chapter 9 which holds us in a meat mystery new sensation?  Then from a mini-me series of backlogging to what makes us think the way we do when we pray for answers to come from such inconsistencies, in it all is a fruitarian existence and when we look at a strange occurrence of broiled fish and honeycomb forever and ever etched in yore mind.  I'm all over the place with the story so I'll get back to Chapter two and how it reveals a new character called Adam or man and a three part concept of God in parcel for a helper to the cause, his wife and they were naked and were not ashamed.  But the past errs have made all to lose their real faith in the Word.  For shame.  Forthcoming from a Mother Earth version of things today, we fast forward to a scenario which has to deal with a society that likes to dabble with every concept, never accepting any particular viewpoint as valid in religion.  Yet all science can be classed as a religion too, and to look at entropy as paramount to this religion of change.  Didn't you realize that science was just one topic, but now it's subdivided into numerous field of study.  In general, No one could follow such a storyline, because it is the mosaic of "Tessera" what is the number "4" in Greek, "τέσσερα".  'Cept one.  Holding that much concentration on a premise is literally implausible so you would always diverge from what was written and keep six.  So there you have it gentlemen and the so called gurus, when practicing their religious prostrations.  Quite astounding, when human psychology is placed before you to learn it their way or the highway philosophy if the history of real figure heads begins when, "peace be to the prophet Mohammed," is a battle cry. Getting back to the way we evolve a theory of yore history,  we only see missteps of the ego so that you can put that in your pipe and smoke it, as Native Americans once did as a rite in a ritual of peace and thus they interpret 'The Creator' in a cut and dried religion.  So even I had to dabble with that fuddle duddle of "eat your greens" and the many other concepts of creation lore.  However when I met up with the guy who claimed to be from the void, then I even tried to use the omniscience he postulated but he said, "you try to hard" which is still intriguing the secular society with inner space travel.  But I'm tripping the life fantastic or in other words, riding the astral plane of the music now.  Hey teacher, leave us kids alone.  Now teacher I ain't fully aware of yore rules, but everybody knows smoking ain't allowed in school.  And why not?  I'm Free.  I mean, no one had the GUTS to leave the temple filled with the smell of incense.  'Cept one like me with this ineptitude of the chosen few reference along with there's always HOPE.  Isn't there?  Who reads between lines, or in a more simpler context to reference, no one has to get hurt doing this realizing the essence of Raw D.N.A.  Pollution is not only causing OUR beloved Earth to fall into a shambles, but is such a stress on the fragile environment of the biological living body which you should come to grips with.  But that pollution creates for us all superficially the conveniences we receive, and a special rendition of a new found land of a true Hygiene concept coming down the pike.  We are dealing with all creatures though, and you are subject to that folly of the delusion of yore grandeur, so humans beings suffer accordingly living in a superiority complex in a perceived lap of luxury.  But it's a give and take society, where ladders give and snakes take, but without the music of maximum ROCK 'N' Roll it is a SELF realization you are avoiding. YOUR body is giving you clear signals to follow, but you choose to do everything contrary to what the Dove is showing to you as the first FrienD-ov-earth.  Abraham then was the Friend of God, and the patriarch to the descendants of Israel.   Then Jesus became the Son of God.  The choices you make are only hurting you if you fail to see the words and what they create in imagery.  This happens to be this/that way as part of the consequences of karma for every natural tendency to be inquisitive and then to form around you something preposterously vaguely familiar.  I'll keep yore memory vague.  If you like to read my MIND then you'll probably be apt to think, "He's the worst writer to come down the pike in a long time."

yore (uncountable)

  1. (archaic) time long past
    This word comes from the days of yore.
  2. Common misspelling of your.
  3. Common misspelling of you're.

Usage notes

fossil; not used outside the phrase of yore, especially the idiom days of yore.


Not even the best Natural Hygienists will live on the edge of Fruitarianism.  These so called self proclaimed Doctors of Natural Hygiene have got it in the same way the gurus do.   As an example I use Dr. Doug Graham who has the notion we can eat the tender green leaves of plants in his trademarked low fat raw vegan (LFRV 811) lifestyle.  He stresses that, because it fits exclusively to his theory of Natural Hygiene.  But I see it does more harm than anything good and to reject YOUR true life's calling of eating exclusively the fruit of pleasant sweet tastes and go to eat salads, well that's yore business isn't it.  I have a simple idea of wordplay to get out of the common traps the false power of suggestion has set up for you.   Let me walk you through a little of what is out there.

Waking suggestion

Suggestions, however, can also have an effect in the absence of a hypnosis. These so-called "waking suggestions" are given in precisely the same way as "hypnotic suggestions" (i.e., suggestions given within hypnosis) and can produce strong changes in perceptual experience. Experiments on suggestion, in the absence of hypnosis, were conducted by early researchers such as Hull (1933). More recently, researchers such as Nicholas Spanos and Irving Kirsch have conducted experiments investigating such non-hypnotic-suggestibility and found a strong correlation between people's responses to suggestion both in- and outside hypnosis.

This is the far sighted approach and you're so far away from me, you need some focusing in on the subject.  All other notions are myopic in nature and diverge from the real point Raw Natural Hygiene means to ME.  Referring back to the herb which I think is our true choice, one in all being all for one of the exceptions to the stated rule of eating only fruit, societies rules have also rendered off limits the humble plant to be cultivated by the current local laws that govern the land.  Didn't you realize we are coming from a raw concept for life, given for an exception to the established rules, and find an even more fantastic way about the Wordology lOl.

What is wordology? 
Here are some definitions.*

wordology n, pl wordologies 1 the science of developing and organising words relating to a specific subject matter in an informative, easy-to-read and intelligent way. 2 the art of assimilating and disseminating any information in the written form, in an original and logical manner.

wordologist n 1 a person who writes text mainly for advertisements, brochures and sales literature of various descriptions etc., esp. as an occupation. 2 a talented individual with the ability to react in a positive, speedy and proactive way to any client brief. 3 one who has the necessary expertise and experience to compile a combination of appropriate words in order to convey a selling message succinctly and accurately. 4 a writer who prepares concepts, headlines, straps and text in the form of a memorable promotional message in any medium.

russ the wordologist n 1 a unique person who is more commonly known as Russell Hood and who considers himself to be a bit of a wordologist, not least by inventing a couple of words that do not appear in any of today’s recognised dictionaries. 2 an easy-going self-assured chap who performs his tasks on time and at reasonable cost.
3 by definition, the first person you should contact next time you need a good freelance copywriter.


 We are in need of some essential facts.  New words registered into the regular standard dictionary are lol, FYI and OMG.  Not to pluck leaves is just one straightforward interpretation if you come around a problem that plagues society from a backward look at things.  So I write stuff down to get it out in the open as my way of communication to you.  If you like to discuss Who gets their feat dirty with an etching in the urban dictionary?  Take a word in My doctorate thesis and expand from what we take freely from Freelee the Fruititionist who likes to play with U.  So do I or I couldn't be bothered to make up my theory of words for U to read and then practice them with the boxed views defined by either a definition or book outlined.  


Hi there!!
I am now available for mentoring. I have just completed my ebook which you will receive once you sign up. There are lots of tips, recipes and inspiration to keep you motivated on your LFRV journey.

Investing in my program is US $650 for the 30 days - this includes an independent online running coach (don't worry very basic!), unlimited emails, 2 x half hour skype calls during the month, access to my private mentoring site - 'The fruititionist', my brand new 50 page mentoring ebook and continued support post mentoring!

Please email me on freelee@30bad.com and let me know where you're at and when you are able to proceed with the program.  I choose to only take on 4-5 clients a month to ensure each individual receives the best quality attention.

When I read about ME and U in my way it thus takes two to tango.  One of these days I'll dance to the music, and go away with OUR unique individuality.  And the current example is part of a Utopian heredity of NOW.  I can't soon trademark my MIND because it is bound to evolve something that is always changing.

Midnight Oil - Beds are Burning

Out where the river broke
The bloodwood and the desert oak
Holden wrecks and boiling diesels
Steam in forty five degrees 
The time has come
To say fair's fair
To pay the rent
To pay our share

The time has come
A fact's a fact
It belongs to them
Let's give it back

How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep while our beds are burning
Four wheels scare the cockatoos
From Kintore East to Yuendemu
The western desert lives and breathes
In forty five degrees 

"Beds Are Burning" is a 1987/1988 worldwide hit single[1] by Australian rock band Midnight Oil, the first track from their album Diesel and Dust. This song was the second from the album to be released as a single, and is among the band's best-known songs outside Australia.

It reached No. 1 in the New Zealand and South African charts, No. 2 in Canada, No. 3 in the Netherlands Top 40, No. 5 in the France Top 50, No. 6 in the United Kingdom charts, No. 11 in Ireland, No. 17 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, in Sweden and Denmark.

It is one of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.

It is named #95 on VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 80s and #97 by the Triple J Hottest 100 Of All Time in 2009.

Diesel and Dust is ranked the #1 Australian album of all time in Toby Creswell, Craig Mathieson and John O'Donnell's book, The 100 Best Australian Albums, which was published in 2010. The runner-up is AC/DC's 1980 classic record Back in Black.


"Beds Are Burning" is a political song about giving native Australian lands back to the Pintupi, who were among the very last people to come in from the desert. These 'last contact' people began moving from the Gibson Desert to settlements and missions in the 1930s. More were forcibly moved during the 1950s and 1960s to thePapunya settlement. In 1981 they left to return to their own country and established the Kintore community which is nestled in the picturesque Kintore Ranges, surrounded by Mulga and Spinifex country. It is now a thriving little community with a population of about 400. (Kintore and the town of Yuendumu are mentioned by name in the lyrics.)

Midnight Oil performed the song in front of a world audience of billions at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The whole band were dressed in black, with the word "Sorry" printed conspicuously on their clothes.

So what has the phrase of 'less is More' contributed?   NOW If you dig for it as you will a picture of 'VEE-gun' or 'VAY-gin' as some circles of a phonetic spelling suggest, as they have used for a fresh terminology in the imagery it creates in the thinking brain.  So to speak of vegan is to spark creative imagery in the mind.  But the word vegan sprung forth from a history of a passive sense and should be pronounced likewise, passively and simply just 'vej-in' out in this manner.  Thinking outside the box of good morgen is truly the only way to go. The witness tree is leading us to a truth, which is a true north strong and free, and may have glowing heart, but that's another story when the 'southern man don't need him around anyhow' is more appropriate to some of those who are fit to live out the whole experience and come back to the Reality of what's in a name anywho, and talk about it.  That fits in nicely with trying to make a dove's tale join to wit in the message of Word.  'Why do we scream at each other?  This is what it sounds like when doves cry.'  'Lovely disguise, read between the lines,' and then what are you to believe when the sky is just another disguise?  First you have to be the creature to believe in the leaf nation.  Go, Leaf's go to the indigo nation.  Lead's Nobody likes a con.  See the errors of their ways when you should know the inner workings of the corporeal mind to control and dominate a marketplace of economics, or pervert everything and take this for that (quid pro quo) out of context.  Tit for tat is fast becoming archaic vernacular when we really should be saying 'qui pro quo.'
qui pro quo
  literally qui instead of quo (medieval Latin)
Unused in English, but common in other modern languages (for instance ItalianPolish and French). Used as a noun, indicates a misunderstanding.  
All the such when the word Frutitionist is fraught with a definition straight from the Urban Dictionary:
 A person who is an expert in the field of fruitrition or a fruit-based lifestyle. A Fruititionist recommends a diet of at least 95% fruit, the rest consisting of greens, nuts and seeds. In order to obtain maximum nutrition a Fruititionist insists that all foods are to be eaten in their raw uncooked state.  A Fruititionist believes fruit is the most perfect food for humans and that we are designed to eat as much as we care for and as a result will gain vibrant health. Not only do Fruititionists recommend large quantities of fruit (min of 2500calories for females and 3000 for men) but they place particular emphasis on other important lifestyle factors like getting enough sleep, water, exercise and sunshine.

Apparently the English language has a lexical gap – it has no good term for ‘the end of a 95%

 I've been on 110% on a discovery mission, yet when I do the math it doesn't quite add up to the right amount.  My uncle Jim told me this thing where he deduced it out in agreement of and made a suggestion to me when looking at the famous equation Einstein wrote and I'll agree also with the notion it was probably wrong.  So the solution would be something like it, plus one.  

An ante-hiatus?  Straight out of the past Pi day (3/14)

So corruption comes in the many laws that govern most nations, and makes it seem like there is no HOPE for me to express my point across the great divide of space between the grey matter of minds.  And the pursuit of happiness to me just means I won't commit suicide, therefore to stay busy I am on this quest to show you how to reach the ultimate of conclusions straight from the fruitarian-nirvana anals. Those who are against My Raw understanding of NOW and prevent the uniqueness of one's religion to grow hemp for seed without a special license are in the business directly against me and my ideal society of the in-Dig-o Now-topian Actualization (DNA), as formerly stated with the dashes as the imaginings with humble beginnings of the 20th century boy of going to Pi for pure understanding of SELF-ishness, but finding a new home of Solartopia.
T. Rex » 20th Century Boy
Friends say it's fine, friends say it's good
Ev'rybody says it's just like rock'n'roll
I move like a cat, talk like a rat
Sting like a bee, babe I wanna be your man
Well it's plain to see you were meant for me, yeah
I'm your boy, your 20th century toy

Friends say it's fine, my friends say it's good
Ev'rybody says it's just like rock'n'roll
Fly like a plane, love like a car
Hold lots of hands, babe I wanna be your man - oh
Well it's plain to see you were meant for me, yeah
I'm your toy, your 20th century boy

20th century toy, I wanna be your boy
20th century toy, I wanna be your boy
20th century toy, I wanna be your boy
20th century toy, I wanna be your boy

Friends say it's fine, friends say it's good
Ev'rybody says it's just like rock'n'roll
Move like a cat, talk like a rat
Sting like a bee, babe I wanna be your man
Well it's plain to see you were meant for me, yeah
I'm your toy, your 20th century boy

20th century toy, I wanna be your boy
20th century toy, I wanna be your boy
20th century toy, I wanna be your toy
20th century boy, I wanna be your toy

Diverse, Sustainable and Socially Just

The 8 Green Steps to Solartopia


The noble vision of a Solartopian green-powered Earth is at last upon us.

Our eco-future is defined by the four Great Green Truths: we have a global crisis, it has a solution, the solution is winnable, and winning requires a "middle path" of action that is both non-violent and non-stop.

There are technological solutions to the crisis, but they demand political action. Together they comprise the Eight Green Steps to a sustainable world:

1.BAN WASTE AND WAR: Nothing may be produced that cannot be fully recycled or that will not completely bio-degrade. This includes weapons whose sole purpose is death and destruction, and whose manufacture and use must be ended by a global community that knows war to be the ultimate act of ecological suicide.

2.MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY & CONSERVATION: From energy to building materials, food to fiber, water to paper, our resources must bepreserved. Our unsustainable consumption and wasteful industries must be made appropriate and efficient, starting with a reborn mass transit system and complete preservation of all remaining virgin land and waters.

3.TRANSCEND FOSSIL/NUKE: King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes & Gas) must take its place in the compost heap of history. Our addiction to filthy, finite fossil/nuclear fuels has led us to the brink of economic and ecological collapse. In the new green millennium, we either kick the habit, or it kills us.

4. CONVERT TO RENEWABLES: Solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, ocean thermal, wave, current, sustainable bio-fuels and their green siblings are proven, profitable and have time on their side. Each has its imperfections, and no single source will dominate. But union-made renewables sing in economic and ecological harmony, and are the ultimate job-creators.

5. GO ORGANIC: Factory farming, genetically modified crops and chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are unsustainable. Diverse, community-scaled, reliably organic agriculture is the key to a future fed by food that's fit to eat.

6. TRANSFORM THE CORPORATION: Our most powerful---and destructive---institution claims human rights without human responsibilities. Corporate charters must require social service, ecological accountability and establish a barrier between capitalism and cannibalism. "Green" corporations whose legal mandate still remains limited to accumulating profits will make a mess of the planet as surely as all those that have come before.

7. ASSURE SOCIAL DEMOCRACY: Universal hand-counted (recycled) paper ballots and curbs on the power of money to sway elections are the essence of global democracy, as is the demand for social justice. Until all humans are assured the basics of life---food, shelter, clothing, health care, education---democracy and freedom are shallow illusions.

8. EMPOWER WOMEN / CONTROL POPULATION: Where enfranchised, educated, fairly paid and in control of their own bodies, the natural union of women with Mother Earth brings us the children She wishes to support. On a healthy planet, birth rates find their natural level when all children are loved and wanted, which is where Solartopia starts.

This list follows the form of Buddhism's Four Noble Truths and Eight-Fold Path to Enlightenment. But all religions at their core call for universal harmony between people and the planet.

Solartopia is diverse, sustainable, and socially just, the necessary, possible vision of a civilization in which we can all survive and thrive.

See you there!

Harvey Wasserman has been writing about atomic energy and the green alternatives since 1973.  His 1982 assertion to Bryant Gumbel on NBC's TODAY Show that people were killed at TMI sparked a national mailing from the reactor industry demanding a retraction. NBC was later bought by Westinghouse, still a major force pushing atomic power. He is the author of SOLARTOPIA! Our Green-Powered Earth, A.D. 2030, is atwww.solartopia.org. He can be reached at: Windhw@aol.com 

I can't tell you why the wind blades are part of the Solartopia, because I think we can do without turbines.  I intend to move away from things that kill in a literal sense, but figuratively I think it's open territory fit for exploration where no man has gone before.  Those blades of wind turbines are known to kill about 8 birds a year due to collisions...Collisions are imminent with unnatural settings.
A passive solar panel seems to be the only viable option today.  Safety first.  Safety is no accident.

"Shimmer" by FUEL 

She calls me from the cold
Just when I was low, feeling short of stable
And all that she intends
And all she keeps inside, isn't on the label
She says she's ashamed
And can she take me for awhile?
And can I be a friend, we'll forget the past
But maybe I'm not able
And I break at the bend

We're here and now, but will we ever be again
'Cause I have found
All that shimmers in this world is sure to fade
Away again

She dreams a champagne dream
Strawberry surprise, pink linen and white paper
Lavender and cream
Fields of butterflies, reality escapes her
She says that love is for fools who fall behind
And I'm somewhere in between
I never really know
A killer from a savior
'Til I break at the bend


It's too far away for me to hold
It's too far away...
Guess I'll let it go 

Then in a process fit for the emperor child, being the one true Fruititionist walking the planet, I bring to thee a humble hemp seed which is reduced to it's rawest component.  Hulled of it's outer protective casing, the hemp seed is softened of the hard exterior, to be creatively called 'Hemp Heart.'  So now it can be blended raw with the free gift of an evolutionary process in the story of the what the dove offers to Noah, in a leaf with humble beginnings.  And that makes for my interpretation of the largest nut fruit to come forth in an evolutionary experience here on earth, which is picked early before it becomes a mature seed.  Yes I am meaning the 'Young Coconut,' for yore information or how else would they join up with an olive coloured backside of this specific leaf in question? 
The fruit thereof each have a picture perfect taste so amazingly medicinal for an ailing nation in fruitrition.  This was my gift, 'twean an infant child.  How did I come up with this plan?  It was a million dollar seed idea maybe that was planted in time waiting to evolve into something nous. (Are you going to figure out YOUR subconscious thought?)  Before this I was grappling with what's the deal with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Who am I?

King James Bible
And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which [is] upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which [is] the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

Rest in Peace performed by Extreme

Let's talk of peace,
Sounds so cliche
A novelty,
Catch phrase of the day
Middle, index,
Sign of the time
Just as complex,
As water to ...

Someone said
Give peace a chance
And, that's all that we're saying
While we're sitting
On the fence
Our hearts are in the right place
But, your face
Shows a trace of,

Don't tread on me,
Now you can see


Let's not pretend to justify
Rather amend,
Where treasures lie
Straight through the heart,
Peace can be found
That's where you start,
Not all around

Someone said
Give peace a chance
And, that's all that we're saying
While we're sitting
On the fence
Our hearts are in the right place
But, your face
Shows a trace of,

Don't tread on me, boy
Now you can see

From the album:  Extreme Ill sides to every story
Clearly the most underrated band ever to come out of Boston...III Sides To Every Story  was the third album released by the Boston funk-metal band Extreme.

Their most ambitious work, it is structured as a concept album in three sections labeled as "sides" — a play on the notion of "different sides to a story" and that of "sides" of an album (in LP and cassette media). The sides, mentioned in the song "Cupid's Dead" as "three sides to every story" are named "Yours", "Mine" and "The Truth", and each features a distinct musical style and lyrical imagery. The band considers it to be their best album.

Yours is made of hard rock songs, the guitar-centric style which the band had explored the most on their previous albums. Their funk-metal tendencies are present in tracks such as "Cupid's Dead", which also features a rap section performed by guest John Preziosa Jr. As a whole, this side deals with political subjects: war ("Warheads"), peace ("Rest In Peace"), government ("Politicalamity"), racism ("Color Me Blind"), media ("Cupid's Dead"). Summing up these matters, the side closes with "Peacemaker Die", a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., which features a recording of his famous I Have A Dream speech.

Mine, in total contrast, deals with introspective subjects. In accordance, the band departs from its guitar sound and experiments with different arrangements on this side, with Nuno Bettencourt playing keyboards in addition to (and in some tracks, instead of) the guitar. The side opening song, "Seven Sundays", is a slow waltz with prominent keyboards and no guitars. "Tragic Comic" is a mostly acoustic track telling a light-hearted love story. "Our Father" is sung from the perspective of the child of an absent father (although many interpret the song to be dealing with God as The Father). With "Stop The World", the album starts to delve into more philosophical questions, expressing existential doubts — a theme that leads to religion, with "God Isn't Dead?" (written with the verb form as an affirmation but with a question mark — the chorus says "Please tell me God isn't dead... I want to know") and "Don't Leave Me Alone", a dramatic plea. The latter was not included in the CD version because of lack of space; Nuno Bettencourt recalls leaving it out "was like cutting off my arm". [1] Despite not being bound by the limitations of the CD format, the version of the album downloadable from iTunes also omits "Don't Leave Me Alone".

Finally, The Truth consists of a three-part opus, titled "Everything Under The Sun", ending the three-part album. This side nods to progressive rock not only in format but also in musical style, with changes in time signature and an intricate arrangement, featuring a 70-piece orchestra. Lyrically, the spiritual theme set up in the end of "Mine" is further developed and Christian imagery is very present. However, no final single "truth" is given — instead, the album builds up to a grand finale where the listener is left with a question: "Who Cares?".

I was listening to my Uncle Jim and his theory of what the bible might be saying about killing.  He said he would have a salad everyday if his wife would make it for him.  But he knew she wouldn't.  So it would probably be steak and potatoes tonight for him.  But he was trying to stress on me the concept of vegetarianism.  I was not a true vegetarian, and he was trying to emphasize that point to me.  It was something to me to be put in a hole by an argument he knew I was not going to win.  As the bible quotes go I grasped for straws and picked, "the meek shall inherit the earth."  He quipped back faster than I knew what to do with his words of surety, "No they don't!"  
Years passed and I met the man from Mars, who caught me in the word game again when he suggested the notion of true vegetarian was being a vegan Zealot.  Let's just say in this story his story begins as ZAC the man from Mars and a poem was made about him and I am J.  O, no poems exist about this active J.  But Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids, and there is no one there to raise them if you did.  I've painted this room at midnight.  So what can I do when I can't bear to see the children suffer as they do today?   Without anyone being able to directly tell me what's the story, morning glory, I had to take that seed and grow it for MYSELF, with society literally taking us away from an herb seeding seed religion in their divergent style.  Sometimes I subscribe to distractions but I'm always trying to learn more about someone's who's too cool to be cool or be mentioned by a name change, because that's what ZAC did.  But the song remains the same nonetheless.  I said what I said, and it comes to "That."

When your brain is starving for nutrition and the information isn't coming YOUR way, what do you do when yore screwed, glued and tattooed in a Picts' house?  l'll grab for anything but the handles which are turned inward for safety don't ease the yore of My high anxiety.  Not reliant on the facts until I think about how they truly do fit into the developing picture, I tend to use things to an verbally abusive state because without the proper words to fit into their proper place of what I want to say exactly I either stutter or pick an expletive.  Unless the hygienic handles are placed right before you to take hold of you are lost from the start.  So you put me off to the back burner and you go back to the shelf and you pick a box of gobbledygook of "Bureaucratese" (it is one form of gobbledygook), rather than developing a picture which makes sense for you.  You turkey lip.  
I am not reaching you when I'm on a journey to arc tangents using such abstracted concepts as a blog to establish one lip again, which I get back to for a short while thinking about a twist to come from searching for the special star of the little dipper.  However the full moon is going to be the closest it has been to the earth in 18 years.  You would rather be swayed by the charm of the lesser light rather than wishing on a star.  So we wind up arms up in the air walking away looking back to see you stationary down on the corner arms akimbo.  You'll try to make stuff up along the way and say it works for you, acting like you know what you are doing every step of the way.  Say, didn't you know you just can't get omega-3 and omega-6 in the right proportions from the natural environment except from the lowly Hemp seed?  And nothing better compliments the uptake of those essential nutrients quite like the Young Coconut which in itself is a treasure trove of nutrients.  We have been stripped of the most important part of our inheritance, the inner peace of evolution's foundation, and to be naturally at peace with the contentment of being fruitful.  Taken away with what seems to be an exception to every rule, I've configured my thinking around this one simple annual tree as an abstracted gift to us, starting from the Holy Bible as a reference point to the Western world's music.  But most hearts become hardened in abstract thinking, so the story goes, and because there is something missing in the body and brain connection, the disconnected are frying, so you cannot function peacefully for very long.  The resultant fact is a complacency toward war and a shortened lifespan. There goes any HOPE to prove we are here to live out the full hour, and as such you give up not even getting yore 15 minutes of fame.  Give your head a proverbial shake and remove the cobwebs.  Must be the season of the which to switchfoot and go goofy style, and a nearing to a better understanding of a peace symbol.  

Olive branch

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The olive branch is a branch of an olive tree. In Western culture, derived from the customs of Ancient Greece, it symbolizes peace or goodwill. The original link between olive branches and peace is unknown. Some explanations center on that olive trees take a very long time to bear fruit. Thus the cultivation of olives is something that is generally impossible in time of war.[1] Another explanation could be, since olives are among the first crops, offering an olive branch establishes camaraderie, and maintains peace, through the exchange of cultivation knowledge.


In the Book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible, a dove carrying an olive branch is a sign that the Great Flood had ended. In order to find land, Noah released a dove three times. On the first trip, the dove returned with nothing, indicating that the waters had not yet receded. On the second trip, the dove came back carrying an olive leaf in its beak (Genesis 8:11), which informed Noah that God had taken mercy on humanity and caused the flood to recede and physically showed there was some earth now above water level:

And the dove came in to him in the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf plucked off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth.[2]

On the third trip the dove does not return, showing the waters have abated completely and the dove has found a home of its own to reside. God then caused a rainbow to appear in the sky[3] as a symbol of his covenant with mankind never to destroy the earth by water again.

This story has been often been identified as representing peace, although the Bible never mentions either the dove or the olive branch in connection with peace. The olive branch as a peace symbol derives entirely from Classical antiquity, being associated with Eirene the Greek goddess of peace (Pax in the Roman pantheon) and sometimes with Mars Pacifer, the Roman god of war in his manifestation as the peace bringer.

PREPARATION FOR BREASTFEEDING.  I'm not giving you the gears, but if you want to grow it yourself, the humble seed of the marijuana plant is easier to access nowadays on the internet than hemp seed.  But keep it between YOURSELF and God.  You're consciousness has been sabotaged and here in lies the rub.  Society tends to frown upon a person who is caught in the endeavour of the cultivation of a noble plant without a permit, regardless of one's intentions.  Entrapment is a common technique used today, and the hassles they will invoke by the interpretation of banana laws and subsequent denial of YOUR right to life and religious freedom are based in the secular system's economy.  Those who keep you away from the right to plant a seed and watch it grow cannot uphold the constitutional law.  It's truly the new thought to see a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and have some fun with it if you can't be good.  I'm not going to smoke the plants resins, and I won't be chewing the leaves either, because I investigated this message of the Dove's LOVE.  NOW I can't see any reason to eat a leaf ever again, and I'm not a Low Fat Raw Vegan either.  I'm beyond macrobiotic's sprouts too.   Just Eat Fruits and be fruit-ful and tell someone about this:  "The Hemp Heart is the exception to the rule you impose on a free fruitarian.  And now overt fruits are off limits too, save one, the Young Coconut, because it is simply the best overt."  
Developed by a well meaning Neuroscientist's complete brain analysis - Free.

(ō-vûrt', ō'vûrt'pronunciation
  1. Open and observable; not hidden, concealed, or secret: overt hostility; overt intelligence gathering.
  2. Of, relating to, or being military or intelligence operations sanctioned or mandated by Congress: overt aid to the rebels.

[Middle English, from Old French, past participle of ovrir, to open, from Vulgar Latin *ōperīre, alteration (influenced by Latin cōperīre, to cover) of Latin aperīre.]

Less is More:
Adjective: Done or shown openly; plainly or readily apparent, not secret or hidden.  More is Saint Thomas More, was an English lawyersocial philosopherauthor,statesman and noted Renaissance humanist. He was an important counsellor to Henry VIII of England and for three years toward the end of his life he was Lord Chancellor. He is recognised as a saint within the Catholic Church and in the Anglican Communion.  Less is More coined the word "utopia" - a name he gave to the ideal, imaginary island nation whose political system he described in Utopia, published in 1516.
Now-topian realization supposes we can cut through the garble and come up to wit a feasible plan to take us out of the darkness of going backwards and finally go forward into something with what has been accepted as the only real live way about the subconscious fact of reaching the infinite end.
And they'll tell someone, and so on...There's yore times table in a nut shell.

the radical potential of nowtopian struggles

Nowtopia is a term that attempts to describe the myriad efforts to reclaim and reinvent work against the logic of capital. Nowtopia identifies a new basis for a shared experience of class. Specifically, the exodus from wage labor on one side, and the embrace of meaningful, freely chosen and “free” (unpaid) work on the other. No longer can our waged jobs be assumed to define us, and no longer can they be the primary basis for politics. Precisely because so many people find their work lives inadequate, incomplete, degrading, pointless, stupid and oppressive, they form identities and communities outside of paid work—in spaces where they are not working class. It is in these activities that people, who are reduced on the job to “mere workers”, fully engage their capacities to create, to shape, to invent, and to cooperate without monetary incentive. They “work” or “labor” in a way in which the particular substance of their activity is meaningful. These communities may not look much like the working class organizations of the past two centuries, but it is important to recognize that in this topsy-turvy period of system breakdown and transition, new political forms are emerging to reshape the endless struggle between capital and humanity. In the face of widespread dismissal of nowtopian movements as “lifestyle” politics or irrelevant “dropout” culture, we argue that they are in fact new political forms that are addressing directly many immediate problems of capitalist society.

Chris Carlsson discusses the thesis of his book, Nowtopia, for the Antipode journal:

“Social revolution is not much talked about these days. The last great outpouring of revolutionary rhetoric was ultimately silenced by the failures and co-optation of national liberation movements, the demise of Soviet-modeled “socialism”, and the defeat and partial absorption of radical movements by a resilient capitalist world order. In the oppositional vacuum that appeared in the wake of (self-proclaimed) triumphant liberal capitalism, initiatives to change life that were borne of dissatisfaction and alienation went underground, burrowing into the interstices of daily life, where they are slowly raising their heads under the aegis of a broad range of autonomous initiatives.

Working for a wage reduces work’s purpose to an empty, abstract monetary reward. Work done for its own sake is fundamentally different. Defined by the person doing it, deemed good and necessary on its social and/or ecological (rather than financial) merits, un-waged work fulfills and confirms a multidimensional sensibility, providing a whole range of feelings and experiences beyond the narrow instrumentalism of work for money. Work that is not coerced through the need to make money is always more satisfying to do, when the reason and reward for your work is not the ultimately empty abstraction of money, but comes from the multiple, complex intimate connections that we maintain and create through our work, our creative activity. The quality is “better” too, because everyone does their best work when determining their own purpose and pace.

Dissent may erupt into direct insubordination, but the nowtopian exodus from capitalism’s hollow “choices” often amounts to non-subordination. Nowtopic social movements are not creating alternate systems of “self-valorization” as much as they are removing the mediator of value from their engaged practices in the world. These movements go beyond hobbies like working on your own home or car (activities that remain within the logic of individual consumers). Community gardeners, alternative fuel innovators, anti-consumer bicyclists (to name a few of the nowtopian movements visible today) are producing communities and collectivities that embody a different sense of the individual and the group. Also, they represent technological revolts that have a more accurate and nuanced sensitivity to ecological practices and their relationship to local behaviours, because the goal is not obscured by the demands of the market or a boss. Taken together, this constellation of practices is an elaborate, decentralized, uncoordinated collective research and development effort exploring a potentially post-capitalist, post-petroleum future.
I was the black sheep of the family.  I got lucky and had a few hockey dreams during the long nights when living my subconscious thoughts were easier to remember in the light, and my darkest days, they chased me down and I got boarded, but I passed the puck so you could score...
Title: Switchfoot - Meant to Live lyrics
Fumbling his confidence
And wond’ring why the world has passed him by
Hoping that he’s meant for more than arguments
And failed attempts to fly, fly

We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves? 
Somewhere we live inside
Somewhere we live inside
We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves? 
Somewhere we live inside

Dreaming about providence
And whether mice or men have second tries
Maybe we’ve been livin with our eyes half open
Maybe we’re bent and broken, broken

We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves? 
Somewhere we live inside
Somewhere we live inside
We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves? 
Somewhere we live inside

We want more than this world’s got to offer
We want more than this world’s got to offer
We want more than the wars of our fathers
And everything inside screams for second life

We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves? 
We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves? 
We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves? 
We were meant to live
We were meant to live

 Wouldn't it be amazing, waking up everyday and doing what you LOVE.  The Karma comes down today and even #87 will never be the same because of it.  We eat what sustains us and is sustainable. It's just a living concept of our lives in a pretense.  I think I just might still be doing that little thing again, when what I really want to do is this.  We are bound in boundless space.  This shouldn't be so complicated.  Just touch me in there.  And how we will be bent, to wheat, corn, rice, as the founding fodders.  Will work for fodd-'errs.'  Just who are the founding fodders of this country anyway?  I haven't tried as hard to explain to you the feelings I have and for that I am truly very sorry.  Does this become a vain attempt in my quest for the Holy Grail or the fountain of YOUTH? I made a resume for a good JOB done, to be a lively spirit with a demon to vex. I have seen the grandest valley and listened to Martin Luther King's, "I have a dream," speech. I found it welled me to an emotional wreck, but so did this:  "Soylent Green is People," and left it behind me. My unique path, led me to, 'should not have gone on this flight tonight.'  And it's a bittersweet symphony.  Don't make it a race because all we have here is time.  My Dad said he ate an ant and I woke him from his deep sleep in another dog day afternoon watching a baseball game on the tele.  Could it be, I am to take the persona of the little ol' ant that could reincarnate himself from the big giant's belly.  OK, I reinvented MYSELF incarnate.  I'd like to walk with my Dad through Elysian Fields forever, but I ROCK the magic plane with no abbreviation.  YEAH B-U-T...there's at least one exception to every rule, and somebody had to play the bad man.

The path I have taken was fraught with pitfalls, dangers, and the scariest of warnings.  And skipping my bio for the sake of 'row the galley come what's next for the son of gal-lee-FREY?  (coming soon to a theatre near you)
Pretty laities all in a row.   I would like to point out, to be on the other side you could even write this in the vein of the ante-Christs' design of all who followed similar paths and have died before their time to be recognized for what is real. They have all fallen by the way side caught in the void of the waste land.
Pretty Maids All In A Row-Joe Walsh

Hi there,

How are 'ya?

It's been a long time

Seems like we've come a long way

My, but we learn so slow

And heroes, they come

And they go

And leave us behind as if

We're s'pposed to know why

Why do we give up our hearts to the past?

And why must we grow up so fast?

And all you wishing well fools

With your fortunes

Someone should send you a rose with

Love from a friend,

It's nice to here from you again

And the storybook comes to a close

Gone are the ribbons and bows

Things to remember places to go

Pretty Maids all in a Row

Oh, oh oh, oh......


Words and music by Triumph 

I've known girls all around the world
I've met every kind
You say  you're something special to me
But honey never mind
Everytime you say you  mean it
I whisper something, oh yeah, I can't repeat it
Everytime I'm  sorry to say
Baby don'tcha understand

It takes time baby it takes time
To make time baby it takes time
It takes time to make time with me

You say that you wanna settle down
Yeah I guess we might
But we'll be on the road for 90 days
Yeah we leave tonight
All the time you been  schemin'
To try to trick me, oh yeah, you must be dreamin'
Once again I'm sorry to say
Baby don'tcha understand


Alright now


Oh woh wohooh, ow
There she stood in the street
Smiling from her head to her feet
I said: "Hey, what is this now baby"
Maybe, maybe she's in need of a kiss
I said: "Hey, what's your name, baby
Maybe we can see things the same
Now don't you wait or hesitate
Let's move before they raise the parking rate", ow
All right now, baby it'sa all right now
All right now, baby it's a all right now, oh my wow
Let me tell you now, uh,
I took her home to my place
Watching every move on her face
She said: "Look, what's your game, baby
Are you tryin' to put in shame"
I said: "Slow, don't go so fast
Don't you think that love can last"
She said: "Love, Lord above, eh
Now you're tryin' to trick me in love", ow
All right now, baby it'sa all right now
All right now, baby it's a all right now, oh my I said
come on come up
Let me tell ya what is about now
Right now
Took her home yeh to my place
Watching every move on her face
She said: "Look, uh what's your name, baby
Are you tryin' t`put me in shame"
I said: "Slow, don't go so fast
Don't you think that love can last"
She said: "Love, Lord above,
Now you're tryin' to trick me in love", ow
All right now, baby it'sa all right now yeh
All right now, baby it's a all right now,
All right now, baby it's a all right (now), yeah
All right now (baby it's all right now) baby baby baby, it's all right
All (right now), yeh
It's all right, it's all right, it's all right, yeah,
All right now, baby it'sa all right now
Yeah, we're so happy together, ow
(Baby Baby Baby it's all right
It's all right, now yeah alright

 Human frailty is wrought with victims of medical care prescriptions to drug you numb, a justice systems rehabilitation process of learning a lesson in jail, societies standard of social structure of sophisticated slavery.  As a Fruitarian living with a Raw Natural Hygiene interpretation of health, I am as well as can be expected although I've being a disgruntled student by the education system and eventually had to wiggle my way out of hospital scenarios to do further tests.  I feel things aren't right with the ways of the wrld but had to dummy down so much of this thought that by some accounts it could be said even I sold out to stupidity.  Low Fat Raw Vegan cronies on 30bananasaday.com are waiting for the day that I slip up and then they can conspire to character assassinate me.  I believe there is a reason for everything.  I am adding my perspective to the many viewpoints out there, and I HOPE this one makes sense to you.  But I hold no quarter, just dimes right now, at a pay-phone booth that's broken because there doesn't seem to be a coin slot anywhere.  Oh, you rhyme to reason too with the 'Plastic people' and stick with those who have invented a money based society that doesn't work.  I have reduced my experiences with many food choices to create a new diet to the point that I think with a convincing argument I am a free spirit without a heavy addiction, or a heavy tab at the grocery store.  I have yet to meet anyone who has the mindset that I have created out of thin air.  Excuse me while I Kiss the disguise of Kaija my mom, but this is the oldest feeling in the good book.  I'll look up at the sky on behalf of Her and be thinking of U, because of what my mama said.  For this cause I LOVE Fruit and I LOVE it when the Fat laity sings in a telephantasuomia, just scratch and sniff.  Smell.  What does it smell like? At a distance it looked like something else.  How come there isn't a fly in Siberia during the winter?  Good thing we don't step in it.

All of the heavy addictions are of the world's concoctions are just a part of my journey to discover this or that, so I've kept in touch with all thought continuing that recollection.  The wind brings me to the stories where I'm living with something that just ain't heavy.  He ain't heavy, he's just my cousin who takes of that. The people that I commiserated with on the other hand are of that, but the earth was a little full of itself.  Some had stomachs bulging that have caused so many problems for them.  I cringe whenever I try to think about how I almost got caught in that mindset.  Yes, I have been where no one wants to be with pain too.  I have made it back from there to lessen my discomfort in a proverbial road to recovery, but this is such that happens through the deadly obstacle course of wrong moves and not wanting to be doing that.  Somewhere along the way I made a few right choices, and Young Coconut is the most unexpected conclusion to make of them all.  

I am not harping enough on the plight of the Coconut Palm.  How can I?  I could point out a LY (Lethal Yellowing).  We are at the crossroads of life when we lose another species of life to pollution.  Frogs are a prime example also.  I have no money to speak of to start a campaign so all I can do is blog, because receiving a monthly set amount of money from the government means no luxuries and  I just get by.  I don't have a computer, so I come to the library for an hour of use a day.  I have searched out my feelings and found things on a net full of ill design.  But I have seen what almost no one else ever will. If I was anything it was relentless, just like that ant walking up the giants hand not knowing the ultimate outcome. I just didn't give up. I never let the dying feeling around me thin my resolve to continue. 

If only I wasn't feeling like the ant that got swallowed by the giant, then I could even see the Karma that awaits the shark who finds a cat in the ocean as the wind shifts in the story of a Lonesome Dove.  Then it would be Eagle versus Shark that would beckon the losers.  In the time of chimpanzees I saw a little monkey.  Now, as the ant that could believe, I walk as the explorer who was looking for the Promised Land, but I settled on the blues and Heavy Metal ROCK as one who has been there and seen it in many visions through song storytelling.  I want to tell all the other ants about it. I want so much, but I was swallowed up and find myself in the belly of the giant.     
 I get nowhere but here.

East Jesus Nowhere Lyrics
Artist(Band):Green Day

(*radio stations and static)
And we will see, how godless of a nation we have become!
^^^Not sung^^^

Raise your hands now to testify
Your confession will be crucified
You're a sacrificial suicide
Like a dog that's been sodomized
(Stand up!) - All the white boys
(Sit down!) - And the black girls
(Stand up!) - You're the soldiers
(Sit down!) - Of the new world

Put your faith in a miracle
And it's non-denominational
Join the choir we'll be singing
In the church of wishful thinking

A fire burns today
Of blasphemy and genocide
The sirens of decay
Will infiltrate the faith fanatics

Oh bless me Lord for I have sinned
It's been a lifetime since I last confessed
I threw my crutches in the river
Of a shadow of doubt
And I'll be dressed up in my Sunday best

Say a prayer for the family
Drop a coin for humanity
Ain't this uniform so flattering?
I never asked you a God damned thing

A fire burns today
Of blasphemy and genocide
The sirens of decay
Will infiltrate the faith fanatics

Don't test me
Second guess me
Protest me
You will disappear

I want to know who's allowed to breed
All the dogs who never learned to read
Missionary politicians
And the cops of a new religion

A fire burns today
Of blasphemy and genocide
The sirens of decay
Will infiltrate the inside

When am I going to win the lottery, or be struck by lightning, because I saw HOPE in the hopeless, because the odds of me realizing this R astronomical. But alas, there doesn't seem to be any other antes with me down here with a nous form of lower criticism, so I come out the other end in good time.  In that I HOPE so many others will come to see what I found. Does no one believe me?  It could happen to you and I'll write more.  Am I that uninspiring and repulsive? Do I look like a liar? Am I a pariah dog?  I know where IT is. I'm coming out "No Limits."  How come no one will come to really see it? I have yet to see the Grand Canyon.  That can always be something to look forward to, but I have patience to wait.  Come look at this. It's EZ, and you can see it too, One FINE Day, but not today. This is not something you want to miss.  We only have one life. If you take one voyage, one vacation, or one risk in your life, you just might regret it, but given the chance you still have got to see this. It is like nothing you could ever imagine. Trust me. I am the ante that could truly be MYSELF.

"London Calling"

London calling to the faraway towns 
Now that war is declared-and battle come down 
London calling to the underworld 
Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls 
London calling, now don't look at us 
All that phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust 
London calling, see we ain't got no swing 
'Cept for the ring of that truncheon thing 

The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in 
Meltdown Expected, the wheat is growing thin 
Engines stopped running, but I have no fear 
London is drowning-and I live by the river 

London calling to the imitation zone 
Forget it, brother, an' go it alone 
London calling upon the zombies of death 
Quit holding out-and draw another breath 
London calling-and I don't wanna shout 
But when we were talking-I saw you nodding out 
London calling, see we ain't got no highs 
Except for that one with the yellowy eyes 
The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in 
Engines stop running and the wheat is growing thin 
A nuclear error, but I have no fear 
London is drowning-and I live by the river 

I live by the river

Even so, I don't go around throwing stones at glass houses.  It's more like a glass onion we are trying to peel away the veneer and passing through every level, we are getting closer to the core which is not there.  But each protective layer is so fragile and must be handled with care.  
Boredom breeds an active imagination, but that can go in any direction it likes, because there is no responsibility for the self.  For me it wasn't boring to live and watch and investigate with a thoughtful presence inside.  I would see the truth of a lie, for the sake of ease, or comfort.  
And my imagination was developed through the pain of reconciliation with my thoughts.  There has to be an answer to the questions I ask.  My Dad was the kind to give an explanation with his insight to form an innocent child.

AH, clap for the wolf man Jack, he's going to rate that record HY.
Because the house that Jack built from a stoned foundation
still stands erect, with ivy vines to support IT.

Hit the Road Jack Lyrics
Artist(Band):Ray Charles
(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.)
(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.)
What you say?
(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.)
(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.)

Woah Woman, oh woman, don't treat me so mean,
You're the meanest old woman that I've ever seen.
I guess if you say so
I have to pack ma things and go. (That's right)

(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.)
(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.)
What you say?
(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.)
(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.)

well baby, listen baby, don't ya treat me this-a way
Cause I'll be back on my feet some day.
(Don't care if you do 'cause it's understood)
(you ain't got no money you just ain't no good.)
Well, I guess if you say so
I'd have to pack my things and go. (That's right)

(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.)
(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.)
What you say?
(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.)
(Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.)

(don't you come back no more.)
Uhh what did you say?
(don't you come back no more.)
i did not understand it
(don't you come back no more.)
i came to talk it over
(don't you come back no more.)

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Comment by Behind Blue Eyes on March 20, 2011 at 5:28am

 Happy Jack written by Pete Townsend performed by The Who

ho-Happy Jack wasn't old, but he was a man
He lived in the sand at the Isle of Man
The kids would all sing, he would take the wrong key
So they rode on his head on their furry donkey

The kids couldn't hurt Jack
They tried and tried and tried
They dropped things on his back
And lied and lied and lied and lied and lied

But they couldn't stop Jack, or the waters lapping
And they couldn't prevent Jack from feeling happy

But they couldn't stop Jack, or the waters lapping
And they couldn't prevent Jack from feeling happy

The kids couldn't hurt Jack
They tried and tried and tried
They dropped things on his back
And lied and lied and lied and lied and lied

But they couldn't stop Jack, or the waters lapping
And they couldn't prevent Jack from feeling happy

(I saw YEAH!)


Comment by Behind Blue Eyes on March 19, 2011 at 5:13am
I'm a work in progress, trying to break out of my shell.  It's my call if I want to be called Jack's son.  Probably won't be done this blog till the end of the month.  Mockingbird can't you see, little girl's got a hold on me in heaven.


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