30 Bananas a Day!

30 Bananas A Day And The Quality Of Fruit

Hello fruitbats,

so today is kind of cold outside so I am making a video inside. 30bananasaday.com is a very good website if you want to strenghten your information, conviction and believes about this lifestyle.

You can also meet many fruitarians in the area you are currently at or just make more friends, ask questions, join different groups, watch videos etc. They promote eating bananas and dates and other fruits a staple of your calories as I do.

Bananas Are The KEY!

That' s why I am always trying to stay stocked up with RIPE bananas. The best way to always have ripe bananas around is to buy in bulk, at least 2 boxes per week. Let the other one ripen while you eat the first one.

Ripening Tips

The best ripening technique is to put your bananas at the warm place like near heather otherwise they will not ripen properly and taste blend. You can tell that your bananas are ripe when they have black spots on them, are firm at the touch and the stem is yellow or black, but definitelly not green.

99% Of The Fruit Is Low Quality

The problem with today' s fruit is that it is not high quality and ripe. 99% of the fruit in supermarket is bad quality and not optimal for consumption. That' s why 99% percent of people fail on this lifestyle UNLESS they know some tips and techniques to make it work.

Eat Bananas And Dates First

First tip is to eat your bananas and dates. They are easy to tell when they are ripe and ready to eat. If your bananas don' t taste sweet when they are ripe, you should add cane sugar to them to make them more sweet and eatable.

Why Is The Fruit So Bad?

The reason why the fruit today is such a poor quality is because the sellers are not focusing on quality, but on the quantity sold. They are using the same soil again and again and depleting it from nutrients. They use pesticides and chemicals so the fruit looks the best, but the taste is sour and blend.

It Gets Never Ripe

And what' s the worst is that they pick it up before it gets ripe. When the fruit gets pick too soon it doesn' t have time to accumulate all the important minerals and nutrients it should have.

Add The Sugar To Make It Eatable

Only some fruits can get ripe after picking. One of them are bananas and dates. But even then bananas that are ripe can be pretty bad quality. That' s why I am promoting adding unrefined cane sugar to your banana smoothies.

That way it will be much easier to eat more of them because they will be more tasty and you will hit easily your calorie intake target. You won' t have a need to fuel up on fatty foods such as animal products that will put your health so much down.

Do Your Best To Live It 100%

Therefore I encourage you to do your best to get high-quality, sugary sweet, organic fruits and vegetables that taste amazing. If you live in shity place and don' t have enough money to move and buy the best fruit here is a link where you can create your income by blogging an including this link in your blogs like I am doing right now. You will earn 100% comissions.

If you are not ready or don' t have resources to get the highest quality produce than add the unrifeined cane sugar to you bananas. Hope this helped, thanks for reading and I look forward to the next blog post.

Raw Vegan Adventurer.

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