30 Bananas a Day!

30/30-day challenge - the outcome!

Good evening dear silent followers!

Tonight's my last post for this challenge and it was mostly a good one for me. Let's start with my day:

Breakfast: 1 C spinach + 2 oranges

Snacks: 8 bananas + 100g plums

Lunch: 5 Medjool dates + 1 big apple

Dinner: 28g cashew nuts + 3 zucchini + 1/2 head of lettuce + 15 Deglet Noor dates

2366 calories 87/7/5

Exercise: 3 hours brisk walking around Paris

Sleep: 7 hours

Water: more than 3 litres

Feeling: AWESOME!!!

Now here's the outcome of this little experiment. I think I did quite well, apart from a few days when my choices were far from being wise. Other than that, I followed the plan and this is what made me feel my very best.


I had only fruits and veggies, very little coconut and some nuts almost daily.

I'm very happy because when I started out, I was only eating about 1500 calories, which was very low but I was used to eating this way. Now I'm way over 2000 (2366 today - woohoo!) and aiming to eat the recommended 2500 calories (or more!) per day by the end of my new 30-day challenge.


I always drink more than 3 litres a day - this is the amount I need daily.


I always seem to sleep between 7 and 8 hours.


I mostly jogged, walked a lot as usual and did some stretching before bedtime.


- finding out what works best for me (namely staying on 811)

- my family unexpectedly taking part of this experiment!!!

- feeling so great


- having enough calories a day especially when I still had my old mindset

- stocking up and having ripe fruits handy at all times

- going organic

- forgiving myself when I couldn't stay on track (people sometimes matter more than food)

- suddenly feeling drained of energy when I didn't have 2 Tbsp of nuts a day.


1. My body

- my body fat has decreased from 29 to 27%

- my weight has gone from 59.6kgs to 56.6kgs - a 3-kg loss.

- my waist used to be 73cm - now 70cm

- my hips were 104cm - now 101cm

- my thighs were 57cm - now 55cm

- the eczema on my tummy I got when my beloved cat passed away is now barely visible

So overall: WOOHOO!!!

- I also learnt my basic metabolic rate (1341 calories) + my usual daily expenditures = 2107 calories absolute minimum for me.

- I run faster my usual 20-minute loop.

- Strange fact: my hair is very straight but I've now got this weird CURLY wisp of hair on my forehead!?

2. My mind

- I'm more relaxed.

- I've got fewer mood swings.

- I'm less shy.

- As long as I'm eating 80/10/10, I'm feeling happy.

- I'm more open to change (I've finally made up my mind to move and leave Paris).

3. My family

- My baby daughter and my son are more open to taste freggies now they're surrounded with them.

- Hubby went from being worried about the number of bananas in the house and being skeptical of organic produce to a budding vegetarian! So amazed and proud of him!!!

4. My kitchen

- I got a spiralizer which I absolutely love!

- I've fallen in love with the Vitamix blender even if I can't afford one yet.

- I've made 3 kitchen recipes I'm really proud and fond of.

5. My food

- my sense of smell and my taste buds have evolved too - I now want good produce, even if it's not the cheapest.

- I've beaten my chocolate cravings - when I've got enough fruit in my system I don't even think of chocolate (I used to be a BIG chocoholic). I'd even forgotten to write about this!

- I tasted my first dates ever and I especially liked (read: LOVED) the Medjool ones.

- I now know how to cut a mango and a pineapple. Not so scary!

- I've learnt to shop smartly: I now buy a 10-euro fruit and vegetable basket from Bio-C-bon several times a week, plus 2 10-euro fruit baskets on Wednesday (one being Le Campanier). I also buy my organic bananas from Dia, the discount store. I now use the 'end of market day' produce regularly - they're ripe and cheap.


- Food: I want to be consistent everyday.

My aim is to reach 2500 calories a day.

I also want to try to buy in bulk.

- Sleep: I'm aiming for 9 hours a night. Can I do it?

- Exercise: I want to keep walking, running and stretching.

I'd also like to add some strength training because I miss it.

- Challenges: social gatherings (I've got an Indian restaurant outing planned) + getting 9 hours of sleep.

That's it! Thank you for reading the longest blog ever - sorry about that! Please feel free to add your comments if you wish.

See you around,


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Comment by Minium on June 27, 2012 at 12:48am

Thank you so much, Janna Bannanna! Imagine what I'm going to learn in the next 30 days!!! How you joined the challenge too?

Comment by Janna Bannanna on June 26, 2012 at 8:25pm
Well done! You've come so far and learned so much! All the best with the next 30 days :)
Comment by Minium on June 26, 2012 at 5:32pm

Matt Bell, I just googled it - there are lots of websites that make it easy to estimate when you add your weight, height... From then on, you add the usual daily expenditures. Very eye-opening!

Comment by Matt Bell on June 26, 2012 at 4:26pm

how did you find out your basic metabolic rate?

Comment by Celia C (Ana) on June 26, 2012 at 7:58am

Congratulations! I was wondering what recipes did you come up with?


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