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3 days water & juice fast, my experience

Hi everyone,
First blog post! I apologize in advance for my broken english, as I'm not a native speaker...

Soo... This week, I decided to go for a little 3 days-fast for two reasons:
1) I didn't eat very well the past few days
2) I wanted to see how my anxiety disorder goes when I have no potential "anxiety-provoking stimulants" in my body

I had already done a 6 days fast 2 years ago so I knew more or less what to expect but it's always interesting to reproduce the experience...


Huuungryyyy all the time and ALWAYS thinking about eating and about how long and boring those three days are going to be...
Not much change in my energy level. 2-3L of water during the day.


Tired... I had some grapefruit juice for lunch to keep me going through the day because I had tons of things to do. I've noticed that, during my both fasts, grapefruit and fresh OJ are the juices I craved the most.
I didn't think as much about eating as during the first day.

Not hungry anymore and no cravings during the day. Feeling awesome!
Around 10pm though, STRONG craving for a good smoothie!! 


I woke up knowing that I could eat but strangely... I was not hungry at all and not feeling like eating anything! I weighed myself: I had lost 5 kilos!! Dammnnn
Although I thing I could easily have fasted longer, I didn't want my body to get used to the "starvation mode" and to become a fat storer so I made myself the smoothie I had been dreaming about the past few days and it felt good :) No digestion problem.
Later, I had a light cooked HCV meal (stuffed pepper with rice, tomatos, garlic etc) and another smoothie and now here I am, writing this blog post and feeling good :) 

This fast definitely was a good idea as I feel much lighter and better buut... it hasn't solved my anxiety problem at all so I guess it's not related to food but only to psychological reasons. 

Go for a little fast, people: it feels really good to regenerate your cells and your immune system :)



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Comment by Lustu Cru on October 7, 2014 at 3:23pm

Thanks! You're 100% right.
Actually, the fast itself was anxiety provoking: I was always thinking about eating and about not falling off the wagon... completely counterproductive!
But actually, food in general is a source of anxiety for me. I've had quite severe eating disorders a few years ago and now, being healthy is a very big deal for me every day. I think about food way too much and it has to stop. 
Anyway, next time I'll follow your advice and try banana island instead of juice fast...

Comment by GardenGirl on October 3, 2014 at 6:14pm

Alright.. let me try to debunk your reasons for water fasting. Keep an open mind, ok? :)

Admittedly, HALF of your reasoning for going on this juice fast was because of your anxiety disorder management.

I can tell you that your anxiety is a result from your responses (the FIRST being your perception) stimuli of your environment.

Let's go over some things we KNOW as Fact:
The brain needs even more glucose (therefore more calories; equating to more energy) when going through stressful, traumatic, *high anxiety* times. Your brain chews through so much more of its fuel, which you are not putting into it at this juice fasting time. This is your first and most severe mistake.

"I wanted to see how my anxiety disorder goes when I have no potential "anxiety-provoking stimulants" in my body"

Interesting. Are bananas anxiety provoking stimulants? No. Is garlic, onion, hot pepper? Sure. Are peaches? Watermelon? Oranges? No, no, and no. Fruit will not stimulate your anxiety..because they are easily metabolized and send sugar to your cells nearly instantly. This is the sugar you are REQUIRING to manage your anxiety. :)
So, I ask, why not the Banana Island? Why Juice fast > Banana Island??

Without calories, you are more prone to get skittish, feel faint, and foggy, make poor judgement, etc. This is not very beneficial to one who has an Anxiety disorder. ;)

Additionally, on all 3 separate reports of your Juice fast days, you make no mention of your psychological state or progress/lack thereof to be made. If anxiety reduction was 1 of 2 of your goals in this "experiment" of yours, make sure to mention that component!

At the end of your post, you write:

"it hasn't solved my anxiety problem at all so I guess it's not related to food but only to psychological reasons. "

How did you deduct this, given no baseline, or noted progress during the 3 days?? 

My final point: "it hasn't solved my anxiety problem at all so I guess it's not related to food but only to psychological reasons."

Psychological health is DIRECTLY RELATED TO the THINGS you put INSIDE of your body!!! To see results in your anxiety over time, you need to STOP depleting your body by juice fasting, and give yourself the ENERGY for your mental health to benefit. You're going backwards here. It is imperative you change your perception of your anxiety problem being related "only to psychological problems"; that is circular logic. You have Psychological problems because of your nourishment. Carb up, calorie up, FRUIT up, and REST up for ideal mental health.

Comment by Lustu Cru on October 3, 2014 at 1:56am

Yes! I've done a 6 days juice fast 2 years ago and it went allright but it was during the holidays so I didn't have much to do and could just sleep all day! The only bad thing is that my appetite DOUBLED after the fast :/ And I think the same thing's happening this time again: my appetite has no limit! Kind of annoying. I think my body's like "ook let's store as much calories as I can, just in case she decides to starve me again". Nature is perfect -__-'

Comment by Cassy on October 2, 2014 at 11:29pm

have you done a juice fast before?

Comment by Lustu Cru on October 2, 2014 at 9:58pm

I think I could definitely go on a long juice fast! But water fasts are too boring for me :)

Comment by Cassy on October 2, 2014 at 9:08pm

short water fasts or longer juice fasts are great! as long as you do this consciously, juice fasting is amazing or watermelon cleanse! 


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