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Long, but it's like a movie or a fairy tale. :]

I've never been conventional. I don't believe in marriage because I don't believe in letting the government declare your love for another person. Love is personal and shouldn't be mandated. I also, obviously, don't eat a Standard American Diet. That sets me apart as well. And I never had the typical teenage high school career- no parties, group outings, or slumber parties. Those were over by freshmen year, when I became a vegetarian and started volunteering, both of which set me apart from my classmates.

Tonight is the infamous high school prom for my school. Pretty much all the seniors that are going, as well as some underclassmen attendees, left school half way through the day to begin preparation for the traditional rite of passage. I, however, did not leave early. I stayed the whole day because I WASN'T GOING TO PROM. I got a lot of looks and questions, such as, "ARE YOU CRAZY?! YOU'RE NOT GOING TO PROM?!" Even underclassmen were harassing me. I just told them what I thought at the time: proms are more like orgies than dances, the average price my female comrades paid was about $600-$700 for ONE NIGHT, and I don't eat anything they serve at the dinner.

After a long day at school, I got in my car and headed to work. I was driving down 495 when I realized that this is perhaps my LAST CHANCE to get somewhat of a normal teenage life. No one's going on the senior cruise and I'm at a leadership conference the weekend of the senior breakfast. I'm skipping the senior cookout because I can't stand the stench of grilling meat. So prom was it. I realized that as much as I had told myself (and other people) that I wouldn't regret not going, I WOULD. So I called the school and asked if I could get in last minute- the principal said YES! Now the problem, getting off of work. We don't have enough staff to cover every shift, so finding a backup would prove difficult but my coworker Felicia stepped in and took my place for the night. PROM NIGHT WAS COMING TRUE! (Owe this to the indelible Law of Attraction).

Last minute, where am I going to find jewelry, shoes, and a dress? Well, it just so happens I had all of the above lying in my closet. I had heels in my bag for Goodwill (they're bad for your feet but I can't resist!). I also had bought a black cocktail dress for my trip to D.C. that I never wore. I threw on a pearl necklace and earrings that my mom had bought me for her wedding 5 years ago. I jumped in my car and headed for my mother's house. She loaned me a bracelet and ring that match beautifully. I paced around for a while; I was so nervous!

Then we left to go take pictures at Amber's friend's house. We stopped to pick up her corsage and, lo and behold!, my mom had bought one for me too! I used to work at that florist and she HATES last-minute corsages but, two hours later, she had made one that matched my ensemble PERFECTLY. The roses were red and the ribbon black with white sparkles. It was gorgeous. We then arrived at Noelle's house and everyone looked fantastic. The guys looked sharp in their tuxes and the girls were stunning. Their gowns were incredible- and I felt out of place in my knee-length, black dress! I also felt like I was intruding on their prom pictures but Amber's friends have always been very kind, loving people and they welcomed me as a part of the group! Amber was going stag, so we took a picture together during the "couples op."

So now I'm sitting here, typing this. Part of the late-entry agreement was that I miss the promenade and dinner and come just in time for dancing. That was fine with me since I only really wanted to dance! I am anxious though- I want to be dancing already!

I'll let you know how the limo ride to the after party is, who I danced with, and what everyone thought when SURPRISE! I showed up at prom.

Peace, Love, and Happiness.


The prom was amazing. The instant I steppy into the hall my best friend ran over and jumped on me because she was so excited that I was there. I really shocked everyone. :] I got to dance the entire night, including a slow dance with one of my friends. I sure didn't have the most beautiful gown in the room, but my dress was pretty classy! I got a lot of compliments on it. And they played a ska song, so we made a giant skank pit. My dress almost fell off. :X Haha. The after-prom was fun too. There were caricaturits, henna artists, a palm reader, a masseuse, games, and raffles. It was so much fun. And apparently I'm a natural at singing on Rock Band.

I got my palm read and this is what she said: "You have a big heart. It is likely that, if asked, you would give the shirt off your back. You do not follow the same path as others; you make decisions for yourself. You are quite introverted. You would rather stay home and read a good book instead of hanging out with other people. You would make a great advocate for the underdog, perhaps in social work. And you must keep your sense of humor, as that will set you apart from everyone else. Help others to find the sense of humor in everyone situation."

I wasn't too sure how palm reading worked but she is GOOD. I WOULD give the shirt off my back, I obviously don't follow the same path as others (see above on marriage, prom, and diet/lifestyle), I used to be an extrovert but now I really do prefer to read a good book and spend time alone, I'm going into social work to become an eating disorders therapist, and I usually laugh when something bad happens because it makes it easier to handle.

All in all, I'm really grateful for the last night. I owe a lot to the OG for letting me cancel work at the last minute and to my principal for granting me permission to attend the prom. It was definitely a night to remember.

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Comment by ednshell on May 24, 2010 at 6:45pm
Nice! :)
Comment by Indigo-moon on May 23, 2010 at 1:40am
This made me so happy to read.
Everything works out perfectly!
I hope you are having fun!
Comment by Jess on May 22, 2010 at 1:40pm
yeaaaa 495
Comment by Paula (analogies) on May 22, 2010 at 1:13pm
Yayyyy Shannon! So that's why the universe didn't want you coming over today ;)

I really want to see pictures! Aww, I bet you looked adorable and glowing with that great big smile of yours. Have fun groovin', girrrl, and remember to eat all the bananas you care for tomorrow to replenish your body from all that groove!

What time do you work tomorrow? Maybe I'll just come in with Jason (at 1) and chill around for a little bit. Holly along with all the gorgeous birds, chipmunks, wild turkeys, and squirrels keep me company all day but I need some human playmates too! I'd like to get a library card.. there's so many books I am LIVING to read ;) and unfortunately J doesn't have the most reputable record at the library. I guess I'm going to have to get a Mass ID.
Comment by Bristol on May 22, 2010 at 12:29pm
I wasn't going to go either, but my friend convinced me. I do love to dance and so it turned out to be quite fun. Not a blast for me, due to other things, but fun and definitely something I am glad I experienced anyway.
This story is like a fairy tale! The way everything worked out last minute! Have fun and dance the night away! You will have to fill us in on the other half of the story upon your return :)
Comment by Ellen on May 22, 2010 at 12:01pm
How fun, Shannon! Good for you and I hope it was great!


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