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I can now say goodbye to the cholecystitis I was dealing with!! Hooray!!! Happy Dance!!!!! I went to my amazing Doc yesterday and she did her kinesiology work on me and I passed the bacteria test and inflammation test. Last week I said the pain was at a six, yesterday I said it was at a three... I haven't had a fever in five days or so nor have I been dealing with any major pain!! As of now the gallbladder is not an issue but I will remain on the fat free ~ low fat diet and continue to take my meds she gave me since there is still sensitivity in the GB.

While the Doc and I were talking, the fact got brought up that I am up multiple times a night using the bathroom... I thought it was because I stay plenty hydrated during the day and was quite proud of peeing frequently! Lol... but turns out, your body is meant to hold on to minerals at night while you sleep, with the exception of one potty break at night but the rest of the time should be for sleeping/rebuilding. We did some tests and found that my adrenals are completely turned off. My body wants to be awake at night and sleep during the day, hence my low levels of energy in the day time. Finding this out is a big plus! I'm really excited!! I homeschool both my girls, and am very busy with both them and the household and it stinks when 2pm rolls by and I want to crash for the rest of the day. Or after a kickboxing class, I'm wiped out. I should have more energy than that. and now I will. correcting my adrenals will be great!! 

Anyone else dealing with hyper adrenals? I'm hypothyroid and hyper adrenal... both no good!! Lol

I love and light!


She Fit Vegan

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Comment by Ray on September 30, 2014 at 7:53pm

hahah love it! yeh nanas take about a week for me too this time year. ur right we r definately lucky in uk to get great tasting n cheap nanas all year.  yeh i have the same experience with other fruit too, sometimes u get lucky, sometimes u dont, and yeh not much is organic and what there is i find is usually old and really overpriced.  i hear u... 'staying tuned, sleeping long, enjoying' ...me tooooo. Good luck on everything... peace :D

Comment by Venia on September 22, 2014 at 9:07am

hahah.. well they didn't ask me anything but the delivery men seemed amused lifting bananas bag after bag. :D It took a whole week for them nanas to ripen and now I'm rewarded for my patience. They taste amazing. Agree with you tho, I can't have only them 2-3 days longer, start longing for other fruit or starch. But yeh, as I still haven't done this many times yet it feels a little funny to eat bananas drinking banana smoothie, heh. 

The fruit markets are awesome, but the cheapest stuff tastes usually crappy, like those mangoes I bought one day 3 for 1 pound hardly could eat them blended in smoothie with god knows how many bananas. Also organic doesn't really exist. But much of not the very cheapest is tasty! : ) ...variety is very welcome long term indeed. But at least we have those cheap bananas, without them would be even worse.

Staying tuned, sleeping long, enjoying. Have a great week!

Comment by Ray on September 15, 2014 at 2:21am

Venia..oh really? Yeh the fruit markets in london sound great. But thats sucks you still cant get them.  No markets where i am just supermarkets. Hhaha i do that lol...asda's max is 141 lol, so i do that a lot. Tesco is 25 lol. sainsburys dont seem to have a maximum. I love it when they deliver them and ask what im going to do with all those nanas...er eat them! Yeh ive tried nana island few times but never make it past 3 or 4 days, makes me feel insane having just nanas. love mono meals but thats as far as i go really.

Comment by Venia on September 11, 2014 at 7:06am

Raychil, it might be true the fruit quality. As I come from Finland this seems like a fruit paradise to me though. Back at home we have hyper expensive tropical fruit, a few pieces in shelf and all wizened and moldy.. in London I have the same fruit seller where I go at the market and he tells me which is the best tasting. I've been happy, though in reality all I really can afford is bananas. Just ordered 150 from Sainsbury's home delivery hahah. ;)

Now I've been back to pasta and rive noodles for a few days.. feel truly lethargic overall. As my order arrives it's going be bananas. I thought bout joining the banana island with you, She Fit Vegan, but didn't have the courage. You've truly inspired me. Good luck with it! :)

Comment by Ray on September 8, 2014 at 7:11am

Thanks She Fit Vegan :) what nice gals on this post :)

Comment by Ray on September 8, 2014 at 7:10am

Venia.. im in UK too.  Im fully raw and feel totally amazing on it when i get good fruit. But its hard to get good fruit here after the summer, at least where i am. When i have experimented with cooked food again i feel awful - tired, lazy, negative, 2nd rate.  So for me i try to make raw work as best as i can here, using good old banana and dried fruit as staples, but my body doesnt like the lack of variety.  I think once your body gets used to running on raw it resists going back and thats y ppl feel crap.  Some ppl seem to do okay going back, i guess the body can get used to it. But it sure is hard  staying raw when u cant get good fruit so i totally get y ppl do it.

Comment by LouLou Luvv on September 5, 2014 at 12:11pm

Raychil ~ you're doing great!! and you're a positive example!! keep the smiles!! xoxo

Venia~ you're young and are on the right path of health. good for you!! that's very inspiring for others your age!! I'm happy for you and your  benefits on the raw diet :) 

I have noticed more energy on both the all raw diet and the RT4 diet. as long as I eat my meals in mono meals, then I have great energy. when I combine food, my digestion gets all funky and I bloat and get tired. So for me, mono meals are my go to... hence the banana island approach for the month of september... trying to correct my digestion and metabolism :)

HUGS all around!!


Comment by Venia on September 5, 2014 at 11:41am

Raychill, so happy for you too for finding this lifestyle. :) It must have allowed you to turn a whole new page.

Yes, It's a very positive side to have found it so young.. only 19. I am grateful for that. And also yes, I must be wise and give my body what it needs and stop over-thinking on it. Time to have the basics rebuilt to have a sustainable base for the healthy future. 

Your story gives me hope! I've been only abusing myself through mind and diet, not much poisons. But low carb really is horrid! It makes you so prone to depressed feelings. But we can say - never again - and look to the future. And not give a hard time to yourself. ;)

I've tried going back to fully raw from rawtill4 for a while again now being back to UK, and coincidence or not I've been feeling much better. So many people say it doesn't make any difference but sure it's individual. Snacking on fruit all day keeps me energetic! Being back on the supplies of cheap delicious dates, mangoes added to basic bananas has made it very easy to stay fully raw. Happy and grateful for that. Do you feel difference in your feelings of tiredness compared with the 2?

Thank you for all the compassion and encouragement ! It means a lot. xx

Comment by Ray on September 2, 2014 at 7:25am

Thanks for telling me ur stories.  It has helped me immensely to realise I wasnt the only one..now i realise how ridiculous that sounds lol.  Im so sorry though that u've both had it so rough though.

She Fit Vegan, u said it so so nicely. Mental note to self - love more and live in the now (so simple, so true but I forget it aaaaall the time) :)

Venia - Ur story was really moving. I cant imagine what that must feel like, especially being so young.  Ur body has been through a lot of abuse, but I truly believe u can heal.  I know what u mean about it affecting brain growth.  Well from my own experience at that age I had a really messed up life, and the side effect was I did a lot of drugs (age 12-23) and drinking and smoking, and i honestly cant even remember eating, i was too distracted lol, maybe id squeeze in a cheese sandwich or a cheeseburger and coke every so often, i was extremely thin...but my mind want concerned...wasnt on my radar.  At 23ish (9 years ago) I quit drugs and cigarettes (still binge drank excessively each week) and started looking to improve my health but i was extemely slow.  Like u i got lost along the way in horrible things like paleo (didnt know it was paleo i was doing at the time)...and would eat full fat yoghurt with ton aspartine lol , similar to u! so grose and so bad for u! It is only since 2008 I have been vegan (but still drank excessively each week and started smoking loads when drank too).  Then at the beginning of 2012 I had the traumatic experience, and with that i went raw vegan, stopped drinking and became serious about my health. I shut myself off from the world so was for the first time out of the party scene and finally had the space to get healthy like i had wanted for years but loved the scene too much. From then onwards ive been a health fanatic.  (I also had another similar experience the following year which made everything a ton worse). ANYWAY where am i going with all this lol?! Well basically after tons abuse Ive done to my body and mind, the worst was in my teens, and well i feel like my mind has survived pretty well tbh. Im just as crazy as before I started all the destructive stuff ;) No but seriously i dont think its had any permanent negative affect to my mind.  My body - yes. But in the last 2.5 years of getting really serious that has miraculously improved.  Id say dont worry about it, no one can tell you its not possible, they havent had ur exact life experiences and circumstances and are not u.  But i think if u do ur best, and give ur body everything it needs to heal, it will amaze u... and tbh what r the alternatives? ur body is the only one that can heal u.  A nice way to look at it is that u r really lucky to have found this lifestyle so young... a lifestyle where u can finally eat all as much as u want, get healthy beyond ur wildest dreams AND super lean too. I feel so blessed to have found the path to health... most ppl never find it.

Peace and hugs xxxx


Comment by Venia on August 31, 2014 at 8:42pm
Haha, Raychil at times I feel like an absolute mess right now!
I've had a lot of trauma in past 7 years, deaths in family to start with. I've been into my hobbies in a competitive set and been very harsh and strict to myself, also at school world.
I was a very unlucky 14 year old to discover a book of pale style diet. I 100% believed in everything written on it starting from "even carrots should be avoided for their sugar"... I know right! This author was called Michel Montighaq or something. I developed anorexia and almost cried when someone put me eat potatoes or rice. Even though I recovered the worst quite quickly, I profoundly avoided potatoes until finding this diet.. My protein belief led me eventually eating 1kg of fat free quark with aspartame or so to avoid carbs. All this madness not even a year ago. So I understand my body has A LOT to heal. I am the most grateful to find this lifestyle.
Btw, what do you think, as I've had my eating disorder years in my teens when the brain develops, having starved my brain from glucose, is there a possibility my brain has developed incorrectly due to malnutrition and disordered thinking? :D And as I'm still in my early twenties, when the brain still develops, does it also have the ability to recover better from the abuse.



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